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Hello everybody, salutations, hope you're all doing well today, because I have a very important announcement. You ready?

After plenty of work behind the scenes, I have now released Death Valet's official Patreon, to help support its creation.

:iconpatreon: :iconpatreon:

My artists, Ignacio Anibal Di Meglio AKA IADM and Neal D Anderson AKA Phobos-Romulus have been doing some pretty good work in creating the pages of Death Valet, and now it's finally time to start showing pages of the story.
While I plan to make Death Valet's official release be either next year, or in 2020 if I can't make a big enough backlog in time, I hope that this Patreon can make the creation of the series I've longed to see made for years a little easier.

On this Patreon, I'll be showing exclusive content you won't be able to find on any of my other accounts, including such items as the aforementioned comic, plus text stories, and other content that helps construct and explore the world of Death Valet.
I have plans for three text stories at the moment, but thus far only have one out so far, “The Reptilian Torpedo” which depicts Alistair Garth on a mission to catch an explosives obsessed leprechaun.
For some of the higher tiers, you can get special credit...and free art from Ignacio.

There's even other content I hope to supply it with, such as minicomics, essentially short stories told as a series of comic pages or even adaptations of the text stories. In addition to stuff like audio recordings, which are also something I'm looking into making.

Due to this project finally getting off the ground, naturally the intake of purchased commissions is going to slow down. But while the commissioning will slightly slow down, it won't completely stop either.

At the time of typing, Ignacio has produced fifteen pages of lineart thus far, and with Phobos' (who does colors and shading) help I have about five finished pages to display on Patreon.
Because I currently don't have too many pages available for content, I will be giving some previews of Death Valet's lineart for upcoming pages, right here:

Folks, I have wanted to be a writer for years, and I have been working carefully as I can in achieving this dream of mine...I cannot draw to save my life, and I need help in order to get this made. Even a one dollar contribution is good all on its own, because if we can slowly build it up, I can tell you this story I've been dying to tell for quite some time.

On a couple of other notes, I would like to formally announce a couple other writing projects that I hope you'll be willing to support, as well as my Patreon. These two are a pair of text stories, one of which is The Lost Tales of Fantasia, and the other is League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Diamond Dogs. Both of these are fanfiction, but should be quite exciting :)
The first is a continuation of this fanfiction by my good (who I sadly haven't heard from for a long time) friend StrangePointOfView… and its sequel It's a Small World University.
The second is a fanfiction based on Alan Moore's the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. I named it The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen: Diamond Dogs Set in 2018, and focusing on a modern League's adventures.
The chapters for both of these will be released on here, as well as

Anyways, I hope that you'll check out my Patreon, and that you'll enjoy its contents :) I love releasing stories for people to read and enjoy. Especially Death Valet itself, and now its pages can be read, so as I say again, I'm very pleased.

Thank you for reading this :D

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Hello there folks, it's me again, with a trio of announcements/promotions I'd like to give.

First and most importantly pertains the issues my friend :iconralphbear: he's an internet reviewer who makes the Ralphbear review videos, which you can find here… in general he's quite skilled at reviewing, and is quite funny too, as one of his most recent works helps indicate… he's even branched out into overseeing dubs of various comics, in particular his take on "I Hate Fairyland"…

Now why do I bring this up? Well sometime ago his computer bit the dust :( yeah, I imagine any one of you out there can imagine how bad that sucks, especially those of you who create videos and art using their own computer. Now last I checked he's got half the dough he needs for a new machine...unfortunately he still has three hundred bucks to go last time I checked.

But a friend of mine, who's been trying to help as best as he can, and he started up this campaign… to help out poor Ralph. So if you have any coin to spare, I implore you folks, send some his way. Please.

The next announcement is a petition that same friend asked me to promote, this here,… the petition is about Bronycon, and is a statement of protest against people involved in the scandal regarding the brony figure known as ToonKritic. As it happens, he had multiple friends who either swept his perversion under the rug, or even enabled him. So if you're outraged over this scandal and those who helped that jackass, I'd advise signing, just as I did.

Now the last bit is unrelated to those above, save that now I am proud to say that I have now gotten the creative talents I need to make Death Valet.

Firstly, after some discussions, I have found a man to do Death Valet's lineart and inking, Ignacio Anibal Di Meglio AKA :iconiadm: while the coloring and shading shall be handled by Neal D Anderson aka :iconphobos-romulus:

The two of these have for the most part agreed to help handle the comic...however, I still have yet to get them to sign contracts, or have the needed contracts drawn up. I'm hoping to have these settled in the next couple weeks. But I'm sure that won't take long.

Now this being said, I would like to announce that I will need help in funding Death Valet and its production. Each page will in total cost $80 each...and I need a lot of pages made. But that being said, I do have a job and a couple means of making money, but not enough to really get the comic easily and consistently made. And that's why I will be needing some help.

I will soon be preparing my Patreon account for a campaign designed to help make funding for Death Valet easier, so I can release it in full next yet. Still working on figuring out reward tiers, though among those I have in mind so far involve early access to the lineart and finished pages prior to their official release next year.

However, because every little bit helps, here's a little tool I recently established to help Ko-Fi
Yes, I gave myself a Ko-Fi, I am trying to make a webcomic after all, and it might be able to help me out in paying for the pages.

I hope you all have had a good night :) and I'll see you all later.

Also, for those interested, here's a Discord server I've been hosting
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Last year I released a journal on another site I frequent regarding 'single awareness day' hoping to encourage others not to despair too much over it...and was also kinda depressed over the fact I was single, and essentially stuck in that situation as I can see no chances of that changing at all.

During the course of that same year however, I wound up experiencing some profound changes. Which is part of the reason I'm writing this. Mostly for myself to be honest, sort of like a monument to how far I've been able to triumph over past issues that've hurt me since 2009.

Thanks to a couple of friends, I've stopped brooding over my inability to get a girlfriend, seeing this situation of being single as something that's to my advantage (no offense to those of you who're in relationships).
I mean being single allows me to keep my spending down, in addition to granting me a lot of personal freedom and prevents too much of my time from being consumed.
Time I can spend much better writing, and having content produced that everyone can enjoy.

I am not completely opposed to dating mind you, but I'd be lying if I said I planned on trying to find a GF or a date in the near future, as it happens I never plan to go after either one. But this is just based on my present situation.

I would like to say that my outlook on dating is something I reserve purely for myself, because it works for me and I like being as I am. I will not shame other people for having relationships, or think dating is foolish for everyone, I just simply realized this thing does not work for me, and I then realized the benefits of my situation actually outweigh the problems.

Upon developing this outlook, I tell you I've felt free :) truly free from something that's bugged me for a long while, like I actually gained wings for real, and could soar like a bird.

I have various other problems in real life, true, and I intend to deal with those soon enough, but the fact I've been able to deal with this means I can handle those in due time.

So if you have a girlfriend or boyfriend, and actually like this holiday, then enjoy it, I insist you do. For me though, I really don't care about it, while I'll accept platonic valentines, I simply don't see this as anything other than an ordinary day right now.

Like I've said, I'm not opposed to dating, because quite frankly the monk lifestyle is for the birds (there's a good reason I hate the MGTOW movement, aside from their atrocious degrees of sexism and connections to the Alt-Right), and I certainly don't mind masturbation. But I can stay single the rest of my life for all I care, as long as I can make my dreams come true.
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Hello there everyone :) As I now begin to type up the first actual journal I have made this year.

There's a couple of topics I'd like to discuss, one of which has immediate significance and the other will show up next month, hopefully.

So now, I, Alex Foix, am proud to present to you today, my Discord server

That's right, for those who've enjoyed my characters, I have created a place to discuss the story, characters or...anything you want, really.
I got into Discord last year, and over the past few months I've enjoyed this application very much, enough that I've toyed with the idea of starting my own server. So now, I'm prepared to unveil it, so I hope you'll be able to join in :) enjoy.

Now, the other news is of my Patreon.

As I've mentioned previously New Years SoliloquyWell friends and watchers, 2017 is in its last moments.
Within forty-five minutes, a year of mixed feelings for just about everyone in the country is going to be over.
Myself I set multiple goals for this year, several of which I failed to accomplish, but some I was actually able to pull off handily, in other senses I was actually able to figure out resolution to some problems I've had in the past. Things that've been bugging me for a long time, and with these problems dealt with I feel freer than I've been in the past.
The fact that now I'm very close to getting Death Valet, the comic I've been preparing for four years, drawn out and released.
However, I'll still need to carefully plan out how I get this accomplished next year. And I have some ideas on how to accomplish this, which is why next year I shall be putting together the steps required to make a Patreon. All the proceeds from said Patreon will be utilized to both fund the creation of Death Valet and also to commission more ar
I've been planning to make a Patreon in hopes of gathering more funding for Death Valet, something that I imagine I'll need to obtain within the year, provided the careful plan I've set for this very year goes off without a hitch. Of which Patreon itself is a vital part...well, not the most vital element, but it's still important. Very important.

See, I have multiple ideas of just how I'll raise most of the money for Death Valet's first volume, and by sticking to this plan, I believe I can achieve good results with this. However, it's mostly supposed to cover the lineart and inking for now. Once I have an actual pricetag, I can start making plans on how to get the money for that.

As for what I'd like to offer on the Patreon itself, it's true I have little to no drawing skill of my own, something I plan to fix this year...I mean it'll take me a while to learn how to draw well, so once I start actually practicing don't expect to see any results this year.
So, what will I offer?

What I hope to offer on my Patreon, is access to multiple creations made, and here's a couple examples.
See this year I hope to write out and release a lot more text stories, to tell more about the world of Death Valet and its characters, help to expand the world prior to its official release next year, plenty of these will be Patreon exclusives until quite a lot of time has passed, but plenty of them will be released directly to deviantART free of charge.
In addition to this, I hope to budget out the cash to buy multiple minicomics, that show other stories set in the world of Death Valet, some of which may be adaptations of the text stories...these comics however will remain Patreon exclusives for the foreseeable future.

The most important thing I plan to have available on Patreon however, will also be very easy to get. This being to read the B&W pages of Death Valet as they're finished, bare in mind I don't plan to officially release the series until next year, once I have a considerable buffer erected, so the Patreon is essentially a way to have early access to the comic as it's developed. See the pages before and after coloring and shading...and of course, after this process has taken place.
Now bare in mind these are only beginning plans, I still haven't figured out what all the tiers are. Some tiers will be unveiled later once I have a suitable reward available.

In addition, I'm planning to develop some new skills and other ways to produce content for the Patreon, so I may have even more to offer in the future. I'm also considering attempting to make narrations of text stories available.

On one final note, due to present financial issues and the fact I need to hoard more money up for Death Valet, I'll have to somewhat cut down on my budget for art purchases, I still plan to buy plenty of art, don't worry...just not as much as before.

Hope you all have a pleasant day, and enjoy my new Discord server. :) and if you have questions to ask about any of these topics here, feel free to ask.
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Well friends and watchers, 2017 is in its last moments.

Within forty-five minutes, a year of mixed feelings for just about everyone in the country is going to be over.

Myself I set multiple goals for this year, several of which I failed to accomplish, but some I was actually able to pull off handily, in other senses I was actually able to figure out resolution to some problems I've had in the past. Things that've been bugging me for a long time, and with these problems dealt with I feel freer than I've been in the past.

The fact that now I'm very close to getting Death Valet, the comic I've been preparing for four years, drawn out and released.

However, I'll still need to carefully plan out how I get this accomplished next year. And I have some ideas on how to accomplish this, which is why next year I shall be putting together the steps required to make a Patreon. All the proceeds from said Patreon will be utilized to both fund the creation of Death Valet and also to commission more art for you all to enjoy, mostly the latter though.
Still working out just what the rewards will be for this, but I'm sure I'll be able to come up with something very good. I wouldn't mind suggestions though.

Currently, I have two prospective artists in mind for Death Valet, though I won't identify them here until I have confirmation of their involvement in getting this made.

In addition, I have plenty of other plans for 2018, including more content made by myself...story projects pertaining to both Death Valet and some others, including an old but epic fanfiction by a friend of mine that I'd like to finish in his stead.
Some other content I hope to produce may not be released next year, albeit due to still needing to learn how to use it...but I didn't spend hours downloading that Source Filmmaker for nothing.

Anyways, I would like to say thanks to all my watchers. I truly do appreciate giving me said watches, and will look forward to 2018 greatly. I hope you are as well.

To my friends, I hope all of you are having a great New Year's Eve, and may the next year be wonderful for you all.

Myself, I am quite happy to have overcame some particularly infuriating issues, and to be closer to having my goals fulfilled.


Good night everyone. I'll see you in 2018.
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Folks, today I've been rereading the webcomic Lackadaisy Cats :) great series. I love it...and upon rereading it and some of the extra strips on its website, I've came up with a theory regarding the character of "Rocky" Rickaby.
Now hopefully this'll make sense to anyone who

As most the readers of the webcomic have clearly read by this point, Rocky has deep feelings for his boss Mitzi May. Now I can't really blame him at all, considering how hot she is but I digress.

Everyone who knows of this tends to subscribe to the idea these feelings he has are romantic in nature, which it likely could be. But upon the reread I've came up with a different interpretation, some people probably have thought this up, and it may be disproven somewhere down the line.

I however, do not care...I'd just like to tell you a theory I came up with. I don't mind if I'm right or wrong, now with that out of the way...

Part of it has to do with this comic… when Rocky's talking about his family, and when his trademark cheerfulness is gone, his own loneliness becomes more apparent, then there's his unfortunate track record in keeping jobs… and in another strip (I forgot where it is) he refers to Mitzi as having "Done so much for him", nothing in particular was specified.

In essence, it dawned on me that while his interest in Mitzi could be seen as attraction, it's also very possible to be interpreted as a familial love.

I suspect that despite the amount of trouble he's caused them, Rocky himself sees the Lackadaisy speakeasy as the closest thing he has to an actual family.

His affection to Mitzi being because he sees her as his mother, not purely because she's the one in charge, I'm fairly certain she's the reason he has a job at the speakeasy to begin with.
Maybe she actually offered him the job, perhaps because she felt sorry for him, perhaps she was looking for a fiddler, or maybe she was just kind enough to him in the past that he grew to see her in more maternal terms. As a result, despite the massive danger his job poses (which insanity and foolishness aside, he as to be aware of at this point) he'll stick around anyways because of his devotion to Mitzi, which works in either familial or romantic feelings.
Either one could still explain why he has a massive dislike of Wick, with one interpretation he sees him as a rival for Mitzi's affections, but in the other he's basically disapproving of 'mother' dating...maybe that latter explanation doesn't work too good, maybe it does.

Of course, given how loopy Rocky tends to be it's entirely possible his interest is based on both a romantic interest...and viewing her as his new mother.
I mean that sort of Oedipal-twist is just crazy enough, y'know?

At the very least, he really doesn't want to get replaced, and with the amount of rejections he's experienced throughout his life, the one thing for certain is that he doesn't want to be replaced or ousted from Lackadaisy. Despite all his lunacy, weirdness and poetry, he's still a lonely man who lives out of his car. And he may just want to belong somewhere, being cast out from multiple employers, not to mention his own family, would take a toll on someone.

Anyhoo, these are just some thoughts of mine. So I shall post them so that you, the reader, may see these and come to your own conclusions. Is Rocky just trying to win the heart of his boss? Is he just trying to make 'momma' proud of him?...Or maybe he's doing both?

All I know for sure is this...I can see absolutely no problem whatever with his logic… and I'm being very serious right now, nope, no way whatsoever it's any kind of joke.
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I've been reading up on the life of Patty Hearst, the granddaughter of William Randolph Hearst, who was kidnapped by the Sybionese Liberation Army and allegedly joined them, for a little project.

Upon looking through this, I've noticed something I'm curious about.

Was she actually brainwashed? Or did she ultimately join the group willingly? (Coerced at first I'll admit, Stockholm Syndrome had to be a factor regardless anyways).

What do you think?
Yep, I got tagged, in this instance by my friend :icondrangelu:never done one of these before but there's a first time for anything...

1. What's your favorite part about DA?

The art mostly, my friends and the fact they hang out here is too. The possibilities it allows me as far as expansion and preparations to get my comic made are concerned? Most definitely a plus.

2. What's your least favorite Part about DA?

The fact there be plenty of trolls, granted I've never had to deal with any of them yet and I'd like it to stay that way.

3. What type of art do you do?

Writing, and plenty of it. I cannot draw...I do however commission a lot of art.

4. Who do you look up to in the art world?

In the writing world to be specific, in my case it'd be Alan Moore, Grant Morrison, and many other great writers.

5. How did you stumble upon DA?

I have no's too far back for me to remember. I think someone might have told me about it.

6. Who/What inspired you to begin art?

Alan Moore's The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen.

7. If you could do anything for a day, what would it be?

You know...I'm not really sure just what I'd do. I suppose it'd be whatever I felt like doing, maybe I'd want to try and visit places that'd be difficult for me to see normally. I certainly don't mind the idea.

8. If you won the lottery tomorrow, how would you spend the money?

By investing it in my writing for starters, then begin to figure out how to invest it in things I could most certainly use. Such as a car for instance.

9. Are you an animal lover? If so,what kind?

Yes, I love various animals a lot...most especially alligators and dogs. Rabbits are pretty nice too.

10. What are three fun facts about yourself?

I greatly enjoy writing to a massive degree.
I quite enjoy pizza.
I'm also very interested in history.

11. Do you put cereal in first or milk?

I never put milk in my cereal.

12. Did you notice I skipped 11?


13. (Gottcha) What kind of music you like?

Whatever I like to hear...I love a lot of different music types.

Alright folks, it's tagging time! I choose...


For those who wish to do this, here's a blank sheet all for you to fill out.


1. What's your favorite part about DA?

2. What's your least favorite Part about DA?

3. What type of art do you do?

4. Who do you look up to in the art world?

5. How did you stumble upon DA?

6. Who/What inspired you to begin art?

7. If you could do anything for a day, what would it be?

8. If you won the lottery tomorrow, how would you spend the money?

9. Are you an animal lover? If so,what kind?

10. What are three fun facts about yourself?

11. Do you put cereal in first or milk?

12. Did you notice I skipped 11?

13. (Gottcha) What kind of music you like?
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Hello, hello, hello folks. I am proud to announce that my best friend :iconitalianblackcat: has reopened writing commissions, and that they will be used to help out a couple of artists who could really use money, these being :iconralphbear: and… who also could use commissions and/or donations themselves.

Here's the details:…

He's a very skilled writer too, and he won't disappoint if you commission him. And remember, the money's being raised to help out a couple artists who sorely need money.
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I've been recently getting into this great new internet reviewer series, which I've been enjoying immensely, and they could use some help, but don't just hear it from me, come and check out their channel!…

The creator is in a bit of a financial pickle at the moment, and production of some pretty funny reviews (one of which I've purchased as a commission, this being of the comic series Dreamkeepers) has slowed down a lot. He could use your help, and whatever you can give will be well appreciated by him and me :)
Here's something that'll give the details

For those interested, here's his DA account :iconralphbear:

On another note, he's not the only artist in need of whatever financial help you can offer, :iconwitchdoctorshaman: and… are in need of aid too, and whatever you have will be helpful.

Thanks for reading this :) These three creators have some good potential, and they could use the money.

Hope you all have a pleasant day :)
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Hi there, folks, as numerous watchers know, I've been hoping to create a comic series of my own, called Death Valet.

Unfortunately, the artist and colorist who previously were going to draw it for me (because I can't draw worth a damn :( unfortunately) ended up having to drop out due to time constraints.

While some effort was given (mostly by the artist who had to drop out of it) to try and find a new artist, I haven't yet started to scour forums because I want to get the first chapter's script ready to draw, and posted for any interested parties who might want the job. However, in recent weeks, a thought occurred to me that could broaden the scope of searchers to find an artist.

I'm considering holding a sort of contest for all my watchers, essentially I'd like to ask those who watch to help me find a new artist and colorist (possibly someone to handle/assist inks), just go out and find them, preferably through forums on deviantART.

However, you may ask what the prize is, after all, what is a contest without a prize? Surely I must have a carrot in mind.

And a carrot I do have.

My idea for the prize of finding me a new artist who will help me make Death Valet will be...a full color commission from this guy!… with up to two characters in it. If you'd prefer money though, then I'll give you money equal to a one character, full color commission.
That will be the prize.

The prize for finding the colorist I dunno, the other one had to cancel a bit unexpectedly, I'm still trying to figure out the commission/cash equivalency this prize would be, currently I'm thinking of using this guy :iconblumoontoons: for it, but nothing's certain yet.

I have posted this journal, because I want to know, what do you, my friends, watchers, and anyone who reads you like this contest idea? Would you like to try this out?

Do give me your opinion please, the prizes I'm considering above are very real, and if you'd like free art or some moolah, give me your thoughts, because I'll be more than happy to get you the art/money if you can find someone to draw for me.

If y'all feel comfortable with it, then I'll make sure I get the rules and guidelines for potential artists and colorists fleshed out so you can know what to look for.
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Hi everyone, watchers and viewers alike, I'd like some advice if you can figure some out.

For my comic project Death Valet's universe, I'd like to devise a fictional premium cable station in the vein of such like HBO. I'm planning to go as far as designing a (somewhat) fleshed out history of past programs the station has aired, I have several ideas, and a friend of mine has helped me with advise...however, I'm having a bit of trouble coming up with enough ideas.

So I'm open to suggestions, anyone who has ideas for possible shows such a station (or a parody of HBO) please tell me what you can think of. Both for original plots or stuff the station could have adapted.
Not all of it'd need to be too 'Game of Thrones' or such, even just shows that only lasted a season or two before they got cancelled. There could even be animated shows in the vein of Spawn: The Animated Series.

Bare in mind that special effects budgets would be a bit higher than the real world, seeing as a huge amount of mythical and fictional creatures are all real  and magic is openly practiced alongside modern day (and sometimes more advanced) technology in Death Valet's world.

So, anyone with suggestions, please post them in the comments, I'll be most interested in what you have to offer.
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Alright people, I don't know if you have any money to spare, but someone needs it, and here she is, take a look at this status and help however you can. Money, signal boosting, whatever, just help her please.

Earlier today I found out my pet goose Goosezilla is body was found, but me and my dad found a lot of feathers, a coyote or fox likely killed the poor guy :( I'm going to really miss him...I hope whatever coyote, fox, whatever the hell did this, I hope it pisses off a bear or a redneck.
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Today I have an announcement for y'all, I’m deciding to do something I should have done a while ago…I’m opening up commissions!

Writing commissions admittedly, but commissions nonetheless.

Now what I want to do is make some money, but I also want to produce the best storywriting I can grant you. So here’s the prices I have in mind for you.

1-10 pages: $5 US dollars a page.
Anything past 10: $7 US dollars a page.
Payments are to be sent only via Paypal.
Payment is to be sent after the story is completed.

Now for the rules.

I can only write in English.
Writing will be done in both clean and mature subjects, however I have standards, and reserve the right to refuse any commission if the subject is something I’m either highly uncomfortable with, or refuse to write.

Now stuff I’m willing to write include both original fiction (with your OCs, other peoples OCs (with permission of course) or with characters made just for it, fanfiction, or stuff that even involves some of the characters I’ve made. I’m willing to write a variety of stories, including macro stuff (which I’ve never tried but would be willing to do if requested as a commission).

Specialties of mine include sci-fi, comedy, fantasy, sci-fi fantasy comedy, fanfics (provided I make myself aware of whatever you want me to write), among some others. But I’m sure I can do quite well with most of anything, and will give the best quality I can to whatever I’m commissioned on.
Prose writing I can do well, but I’m also quite good at writing scripts, especially comic scripts, so if you want either, just let me know, I’ll do my best with whatever I take.

Now then, on a final note, I will start with this by opening up five slots, and ONLY five. I’m just getting used to this kind of thing, so I don’t want to overdo it. And here they are.

1- :iconvanillabeam:

2- :iconitalianschizoidboy:

3- Some dude from another site.

4- :iconvanillabeam:


And there’s the slots.

Anyways, thank you for (hopefully) reading this, and hope you’ll have need of a story, for I’m ready to write them out, so rev up your imagination, because I’m ready to help you out.
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HOLY SHIT!...That's really all I have to say on the matter, I mean I actually knew it was going to happen (some of my friends can vouch for this, especially these two italianschizoidboy.deviantart.……), but good grief...I DIDN'T EXPECT IT TO BE NOW!

If anyone reading this does not know what the hell I'm talking about, I refuse to spoil it, nope, I'd prefer any comic fan who doesn't to drop their jaw as hard I did when I learned this. So either look it up yourself and be amazed, or better yet, buy or otherwise obtain DC Rebirth #1 and have your jaw bust through your floor...and then realize you have to replace it, like fast.

Seriously though, look it up, I refuse to spoil something this rich, you just gotta find this out for yourself, it's that good of a twist...which has probably already been spoiled out the yin-yang already but hey! That's the breaks with this sort of stuff, not unlike "He was talking about his childhood sled", "he was a split personality/imaginary friend", "The con man was the mastermind the whole time", "He was dead all along" or "The bird statue was a fake." They're too good a twist to keep a secret.

Also, hope y'all enjoy Memorial Day :) even if you don't celebrate it in your own countries, I still hope you had fun.
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Testing, testing, one two three! Testing!...Alright, the journal system works, let's get down to business :)

Now I've posted a lot of cool art (plus stories, character bios and the like but more on that later) in the past several months, but right now I'd like to raise your awareness of an expansion to the universe of the graphic novel series Dreamkeepers, if you have no clue what Dreamkeepers is and why you should be in awe of it, BEHOLD!…

With that out of the way, I am a humongous fan of the series, and wish to try and publish my in development graphic novel/series Death Valet via Vivid Publishing (which the authors own), and I'd like to share with you the Kickstarter to the first addition to the Dreamkeepers world NOT made by the creators, a novel named The Wayward Astronomer which looks really cool (in fact it may be as good as what Dreamkeepers' talented creators can produce), check it out.…

Now you can see it for yourself! I really hope you can enjoy this as much as I will, which is a lot...hell I'm not sure how much of a lot we're talking about here, like the Titanic maybe?

Either way, check it out, buy a copy and please tell your friends about this :) thank you for your time.

And I'm out!
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Well...Easter was good, almost good.
Sadly though, I couldn't truly enjoy it, because in the morning, just before we could go to Church...our pet goose, Goosezilla was hit by a van.
She has two open wounds, one on her back (though her wings usually cover it up) one of which is on her right foot (which my Dad says is broken) and she seems to have pulled a muscle in her right wing, but aside from that she's alive, which is also thanks to me and Dad doing what we could with the first aid kit, applied antibiotics and gauze to it, and also cleaned out her wound as best we could.
However, we don't know whether or not she'll make it, there's still some risk of infection :( we couldn't make sure all the dirt was out unless we opened her foot up more, and none of us know how to preform surgery on a goose, we also can't afford to bring her to a Dad says we can't really pay for one.
There still is a chance we can heal her, but to be honest I don't know how big a chance it really is...we'll just have to wait and see just how this turns out.
For the time being, we've put her up on the front porch, beneath some old blankets, with some hay, food and water next to her. I hope she'll get better...she hasn't honked too much, I can hear her honk a few times but I wish she would more.
This one of my family's favorite pets, very dear to us, and I'm afraid she might not make it...I mean, I hope that she does survive, but I'm still very's a tragic accident it is.
If you can, please pray for Goosezilla's safety, I'd really appreciate it.
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Hey folks, it's been a while since I've posted a journal, but right now I'd like to talk to you about a project I just learned that a friend of mine is having.
His name is :iconstrayokatoknight: and he's in charge of :iconnnp-devgroup: the group I'm affiliated with, and the man who's helping me with getting Death Valet made into a comic.
Now, I'm bringing this up because I recently friended him on Facebook (overdue for doing so too), and I have found this on his profile.
It's a fundraiser for a comic of his own he wants to make, and has wanted to make for quite some time too, the synopsis being as follows.

"The world of Neko Ninja stars Mimi and her group of friends all of which are OCs donated for the comic. The world is populated by many different races of people ranging from human, kemonomimi, and furry to others such as androids,elves, and other types. There a supers, ninja, mages, and many more.

This has been a large dream of mine and I'm ready to get this going, so let me know. Looking forward to seeing you all and many best wishes."

Now, as many of you already know, I myself am looking into making another comic called Death Valet...and you'll probably like his work too if you like mine, they pretty much inhabit the same world too.
Stray's my friend, and while I'm currently producing a sizable amount of material for Death Valet, but I also want to help him with his dream as well. So if anyone's interested, please check out the link and see if you can donate anything to him, and also please spread the word about this as well please :)
I would also like to thank my watchers and those who've faved my profiles and pictures so far, and for their continued support. I'd also like to thank those who participated in the poll and that Death Valet seems to have made it to the top at six votes...out of eight.

Anyways, see ya!

UPDATE: Just tried to donate myself and noticed that there seems to be some problems with Stray's account...anyone else try to donate yet? If so, please inform me so I know who to inform when this problem is resolved.
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People...there's an artist in trouble, and I'd very much appreciate it if you spread the word about this young woman's situation and help her out however you can.
Here's the scoop, as copypasted from my best friend Italianschizoidboy.

"Alright guys, I'll just get to the point and copy and paste the latest news from my friend

I’m sorry to say that this blog post has nothing to do with art or stories, but for me, it is even more important to post.

My dear friend hathound  has had some health issues for the last year. In July she had a seizure and a complete blackout when she was home, luckily with her family around. This was when a cavernous malformation (cavernoma) that had bled inside the front right ventricle her brain was discovered by MRI as the cause of the seizure. Intraventricular cavernomas are dangerous and account for approximately 2% of all cases of cavernous malformations, so it was decided that Miranda has to undergo surgery to remove it.

She lives in America, so sadly the medical costs are mounting for her and her family. So I made this in hopes that people would be able to help out, either by spreading it around, or give a little to the fund.

It does not matter how much it is, even a single dollar is appreciated greatly.

Miranda's Medical fund

You can find more details around her case in the fundme link.

Over the past two years she has become one of my best friends, which is why I’m spreading this around as much as I can.

I’m sorry to post this on a blog that should be dedicated to stories and art; but please help me to spread this around.

She will be undergoing her brain surgery this Thursday.

So yeah, if you have some money to spare please consider a donation, if you don't you can at least try to spread the word and show that you care.

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