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We don't need no stinking string! by A-Fox-Of-Fiction We don't need no stinking string! by A-Fox-Of-Fiction
Here's a picture I've been waiting to have drawn, a commission from :iconphobos-romulus: that shows Alistair Garth about to fight a totally formidable monster...that's about to get royally smashed.


Alistair Garth was hired by the CIA to head to Greece, his job was to arrest some rich asshole who was believed to kidnap tourists and feed them to a monstrous beast beneath his mansion.

Due to his keen detective skills, figuring out this was true was easy, but when he broke into the house to catch him, he found he hadn't been as careful with concealing his presence as he should have, and found himself stuck in a trapdoor...that lead to some bizarre, cyberpunk maze beneath the house.

Down there, armed with just a shotgun and a submachine gun he wandered through, just wondering what he was up against, until he actually met the stomping monster.

Which happened to be a much, much larger cybernetically augmented, psychotic minotaur named Karl.

Alistair was disappointed to say the least, he was kinda hoping it'd be bigger. The way it was, he'd actually been paid too much for this.

The fight that ensued ended incredibly much in Alistair's favor, much to the shock of both the now disassembled Karl and his master. Both of whom ended up arrested shortly afterwards.

When Alistair got back to the USA, he thanked the officer who hired him for the work but still gave him back some of the money anyways, because he didn't feel like overcharging him.

Karl was a reeeeal letdown.


Alistair Garth belongs to me...and so does Karl the cyborg minotaur.
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Thanks :)
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