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Waterfall Brawl by A-Fox-Of-Fiction Waterfall Brawl by A-Fox-Of-Fiction
Hello there again folks, I got a new commission for you tonight, this one involving Alistair Garth as he takes on a new target in a downright bizarre choice of fighting grounds, drawn by :iconpaladin095:
Good thing there's a lot of logs in that river.


There are those hunters who are deterred from their prey by pretty much nothing, and when Alistair Garth has you in his sights, it's difficult to escape for most crooks.

Including this jackass bull, a ninja assassin who'd successfully iced three board members of a multi-national corporation on behalf of another board member who wanted to replace their spots with toadies.
Now Alistair had successfully figured out who hired this gunsel, but had yet to actually catch said goon. So he proceeded to track him down to some African jungle he was hiding in.

With his guns at the ready, the gator and the bull proceeded to have it out, originally when the bull ambushed him, but soon the fight was on, and the two of them proceeded to tear up that jungle all the way around. Shooting down trees, lopping up bushes, it was like a Samurai Jack episode.

Hell, I might want to have that drawn out now that I think of it.

But during this epic fight, something went wrong and they wound up in a river...that was flowing right by an adjacent waterfall.
Luckily enough, there were a lot of logs flowing down the water for some reason, and even if they did end up going down the waterfall, both of them had great balance, reflexes...and leg strength.

In other words, those falling logs pretty much became ledges.

And after some more heated fighting, this big 'ol bull had finally been all tired out...he was also lucky the annoyed Alistair didn't have a branding iron.

But as he dragged him off to the closest authorities able to buy his bounty, he wondered why it was rodeos were so appealing.

...Then again, the wild bulls in rodeos weren't anthros, or ninjas for that matter, kind of a moot point.


Alistair Garth and the bull belong to me.
NeroUrsus Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2018  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You've gotta be pretty happy with this one. 
A-Fox-Of-Fiction Featured By Owner Mar 3, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Extremely so my friend.

Also, out of curiosity, I might be finally getting off my ass and making Black and White again.
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