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Water cooler talk by A-Fox-Of-Fiction Water cooler talk by A-Fox-Of-Fiction
Good news everyone, a long awaited commission idea has seen life in an astonishingly good way. From the talented drawing of :iconiadm: here's a comic where true badassery is put on the forefront, with Alistair and Aurelia chatting over the events of one of their favorite TV shows.
All dialogue is by me :)


Now for some context, some of which may be apparent from the dialogue, Bioshock is, nor ever has been adapted into a TV series.
In Death Valet's universe however things went a little differently.

See in our world the idea of a good videogame based movie is a mere fantasy. Which nobody has ever successfully done or made, due to a multitude of factors including that dickhead Uwe Boll, creator of the accursed 'Uwebolla' disease.

But in 2004, Death Valet's world accomplished what hasn't been done so far in our realm, when a visionary Hetelville movie director received critical acclaim nobody saw coming with his adaption of Deus Ex, creating a new market for videogame based movies.
And TV shows too.

In 2008, Ken Levine's Bioshock was adapted into a TV show by Hetelville based premium cable network SBC (or, the SideBoob Channel) who needed a new 'flagship' series, adapting not a straightforward adaption but a longer story about both people living within the underwater city of Rapture and people who wound up stranded there prior to all hell breaking loose, and a long running storyline leading to an even bigger conflict with another 'fucked-up-would-be-utopia'...which was also Columbia from the later game Bioshock Infinite.
Which wound up released in 2012 incidentally.

The show, among the many shows produced by the magnificent programming SBC has released (which we'll go over later), has been immensely well received, much like Game of Thrones was for HBO. Alistair and Aurelia also liked the show a lot.

They'd watched the season 6 finale (Alistair with his girlfriend Anala and her son Gagnesh, while Aurelia ended up watching it with Rod Garth and his friend Chieko) the day before they went over to the hideout currently used by Hetelville gangster The Apache and his anacronistically attired gang 'The Apaches' to try and bust that asshole before he tried to sell a stolen nuclear bomb on the black market.

This posed little problem to them, so it's not like they couldn't just geek out over the finale while they kicked ass, right?

Though admittedly, Alistair never heard of Bryan K. Vaughn, so the new 'flagship' the SBC hoped to adapt the following year was kind of a mystery for him. Not so much for Aurelia, who was looking forward to the first episode of a show about two non-white leads, featuring TV-head robot sex, a woman giving birth, a galaxy-wide civil war way more fucked up than Star Wars, and all that jazz.

...She was not optimistic however, about TNT's plans for a Sonic the Hedgehog series. Especially with Michael Bay expressing interest as a producer, and their intention to feature "Sexy, dramatic action."
She really, really hoped that petition she signed to end it really helped for once.

I'll give you one guess how well that worked out for everyone involved.


Alistair Garth, Aurelia Lupei and the Apache belong to me...and to a point, so do all these other schmucks.
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DJcroc2016 Featured By Owner May 30, 2018
the tiny crocodile floats in the last few panels?
A-Fox-Of-Fiction Featured By Owner May 30, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Nah, he just keeps jumping.
IgusZilla Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2017  Student Artist
This came out really great. A lot of details with the enemies, and your Oc's can really throw a punch.
A-Fox-Of-Fiction Featured By Owner Sep 23, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Thanks :D:D totally loved crafting this one out...can't wait to try this again in a month or two, I totally have to buy some more from this artist
Hehheh, that's the benefit of getting warmed up.
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