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This is your costume on drugs by A-Fox-Of-Fiction This is your costume on drugs by A-Fox-Of-Fiction
Welcome dear viewers, today I have a special message for you all...HAPPY HALLOWEEN! This was a commission from :icongamecreature: who has Mark Vericon and Ralph Reilly as they prepare to go to a Halloween party and also discuss last Halloween.


In the Halloween of 2013 (about four months prior to the events of Death Valet, for those interested, Gagnesh Mritue and his friends went to the costume party of Bianca Coolidge, a female nymph who went to their school and was part of a family of wealthy nymphs and nature spirits, though spoiled she was still quite sweet, and every year she'd invite pretty much everyone from her schools to the Halloween parties she'd hold at her parents' place.

Naturally Gagnesh and his friends went there, and though they had a variety of outfits, those would be focused on later, since this tale more applies to Mark Vericon, the perverted Sasquatch delinquent and his best friend Ralph Reilly, the aspiring, nerdy monster hunter who was a bit timid yet level headed and brave.

Mark Vericon, being a huge pervert who loves the idea of getting laid (even if it happens extremely rarely due to being a huge perv and has a huge bunch of fetishes that are plain odd), and has wanted to bang Bianca for a long time, attempted to get his groove on to try and get her interested in rubber hose foreplay, so he dressed up as Kanye West.

Ralph (who dressed as Otacon from the Metal Gear series) called him to make sure he was ready and called him to remind him of the halloween party, and reminded him also to not let a repeat of last year happened.

At Bianca's 2012 Halloween party, Mark took a bunch of peyote, and in the King Kong costume he'd worn that year, he hallucinated that he was in fact King Kong and stormed out of the party to 'rampage' with Gagnesh and his friends heading out to try and find him.

Ralph (who was dressed as Mario) succeeded in finding him, and found Mark had in fact found a little sentient biplane girl who was trick or treating as a witch with her big brother, and seeing the barbie doll the girl was holding, he thought it was Ann Darrow, so he yanked it out of her hands and climbed up the "Empire State Building" which happened to be a lamp post and started roaring.

The biplane's brother was quite pissed, and due to his natural instincts, he flew up in the air to use the machine gun he'd bought for protection to shoot down what he thought was a crazy gorilla, but Ralph got on scene and talked the older biplane down, and then used his experiences with Mark, and all he knew about the past times he had to talk to Mark when the guy was high, to convince him that he'd already been shot and to let down "Ann Darrow."

The biplanes went on their way, and so did Ralph, the biplanes with the doll and Ralph dragging off a knocked out Mark.

Needless to say, that was a messed up Halloween party, so Ralph hoped this year Mark wouldn't try anything like that, and this year he really didn't.

Of course his attempt to seduce Bianca (who coincidentally had gone as Kim Kardashian) was foiled before it even started by some other guy (a gillman...or given how he's a teenager, a gillboy) who'd dressed up as Elton John who then interrupted Mark (though said he might let him finish anyways) and then seduced the nymph instead, so as they went off to Bianca's bedroom, the pissed off Mark vowed to get even with that guy for cockblocking him, and attempted to debate this with Ralph, which quickly turned into a discussion about the Transformers movies and how Micheal Bay needs to pay for his disrespect to the franchise.

Then Mark found out from his friend Shiril the Shenigami that Micheal Bay was in fact in town, and Mark decided they would go to get even with that motherfucker, even with Ralph's personal preference to avoid jail, but he, Mark, Shirl and their other friend Flo the slime girl would do something epic that Halloween, one fishy teen might have gotten laid that evening...but these four would preform the most daring prank against Micheal Bay in history...for that year.


Mark Vericon and Ralph Reilly belong to me.

The biplane girl and her protective older brother also belong to me.
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