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The widow mourns by A-Fox-Of-Fiction The widow mourns by A-Fox-Of-Fiction
Hello there friends, gaze upon Morgana Nightflower, as she revisits the grave of her long deceased husband. Drawn for me as a commission by :iconr-redbob: whose work with this I certainly enjoyed.


Morgana Nightflower had two very important men in her life, both of them having died a long time ago. One was a man she met during the American Civil War, a confederate soldier who was helping her make her way back to Hetelville. She fell in love with him, but he ended up giving his life to save her from a Norwegan warlock.

But no man was more important to her than her husband John Holly.

She met him at a party in 1924, him a twenty-two year old werewolf and her a one hundred and forty year old vampire. A friend of her's was holding this party at one of the bars to celebrate Hetelville being granted exemption from the Volstead Act, said friend happened to be an abbey lubber, so her excitement driving her to attempt a party so large she stood the possibility of financial ruin just to celebrate her glee.

She noticed the werewolf first, he'd shot some glances at her throughout the party. Not of the potentially creepy variety, he was attracted to her, but he was having trouble figuring out what to say.

But he did, and introduced himself to her, he was a college student at the time, who was hoping to get a job as an archetect, he'd never actually gone to Theodore Roosevelt High School, so this was the first time he’d seen her. The beautiful vampire caught his eye indeed, he was of alright confidence but when it came to women he was attracted to, he was all jittery.

Despite his bashfulness, Morgana took interest in the young man; he was nice looking though she’d met much more physically attractive men before. But while he himself had plenty of inner strength, he was still a very nice, thoughtful man. So they chatted, had some drinks, and though they went home that night, it wasn’t with each other. They did however agree to go on a date later that week.

Morgana and Jonathan went on more dates after that, and they fell deeply in love. They dated for about two years until they finally tied the knot.

The two of them both very much wanted to raise a family of their own, but they decided at first to wait. Jonathan was having some difficulty in getting a job, and Morgana’s teaching salary, while nice, wasn’t as good as either one would have liked. So they waited for about three more years, trying to prepare themselves a nice home to bring and raise young werewolf/vampire children into…unfortunately, right around the time they were about ready to. The stock market crash showed up, and not even Hetelville, werewolves, vampires, or any creature was able to escape it.

Having great difficulty keeping each other supported, the couple waited even longer to start a family, it lay as a dream both of them had. Something they looked forward to night after night. No matter how downtrodden they could get, they always had that, and thus they were content.

They waited, and waited for twelve years, then Pearl Harbor was attacked in the December of 1941, America entered that bloody conflict and before long, Jonathan wound up drafted.

The couple had already realized their mistake in waiting, and he vowed to his love that regardless of the finances, the minute he got back they would finally have kids, something they’d longed for very much. And he wrote her every week.

Sadly…he would never return.

In 1944, he and his platoon wound up being ambushed by Nazi soldiers, and though they fought valiantly, they died. Jonathan was the last to perish, the Nazis didn’t see it at first, but when it dawned on them they were dealing with a werewolf, well…their commandant kept silver bullets just in case.

The US army found the bodies two days later, and a day after that Morgana learned what happened.

She wept for days, and didn’t stop crying through Jonathan’s funeral. She found herself wishing she and him had done more, had children, and spent the rest of their lives in that cozy little home.

But that was a future she’d never have, not in this reality.

Every year, on the day she learned her beloved husband died, Morgana would go at dusk (which was his favorite time of day) and leave flowers on his grave. The vampire still misses her husband…but remembered something she’d read of his. A note he’d left in the event he passed on, that if he didn’t make it through the war, that she move on when she found the right man. He didn’t ask to get thrown into that hellish conflict, but he did believe in doing his part to keep the Nazis away from America. Not purely out of patriotism, but because he loved Morgana enough that he didn’t want her to suffer from those maniacs.

 She’s wanted to find love again for a long time, but the right man has just never came along. She’s found solace in the arms of numerous others, but hopes eventually someone who truly captures her heart will show up.

But even after that, she will still honor the memory of Jonathan Holly, for the memory of the deceased is something that will stay with her for a while yet.


Morgana Nightflower belongs to me.
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I know, right.

Poor Morgana.
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