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The Stepskipper by A-Fox-Of-Fiction The Stepskipper by A-Fox-Of-Fiction
Hello there folks, been looking forward to having this drawn for a while, this is a fanart commission I bought from :iconagentc-24: depicting Duckman from Duckman and Ultron as portrayed in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, in reference to a scene from Seinfeld, this one to be exact…


What's worse than a homicidal AI who wants to wipe out humanity?

An alcoholic one, and even Ultron knew it, so when he somehow survived his attempt to turn Sokovia into a meteor and gained a taste for drink, he knew he had to do something about it. So he joined Alcoholics Anonymous...which for whatever reason never turned him.

What's even weirder, that when he decided to find employment to feed his intersts, somehow he got a job at Baskin-Robbins...and now you know how they find out everything.

But unfortunately for him, when you accost waterfowl who happen to be perverted detectives, you better hope they don't catch onto the fact you're in AA, or are on Step Nine for that matter. Otherwise they won't rest until you give them a meaningful apology. Even if it wasn't your fault you didn't want to lend him money, or that his car just HAPPENED to be where you landed.

Odds are, this kind of harassment might lead him to go right back on the bottle.


Duckman belongs to the USA Network.

Ultron belongs to Marvel Comics and Disney.
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June 30, 2017
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