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The Isabel Gomez sledge-o-matic 3000 by A-Fox-Of-Fiction The Isabel Gomez sledge-o-matic 3000 by A-Fox-Of-Fiction
Hey there, here's the first commission (hopefully of many to come) from :iconp-lizardman: who depicted a little problem Isabel Gomez is having with a soda machine, and Lucy Katt showing her skills at diplomacy.


It's generally not advised to hire a lawyer with rage issues...except Isabel Gomez, because her immense rage is compensated by her sheer skill in the court.

But everyone/thing else would be kinda scared, like a soda machine that keeps eating her money one minute, and refusing to vend the next.

Needless to say, any form of anger management hadn't prepared her for this, she and her friend Lucy Katt were going to hang out, and Isabel really, REALLY wanted a FUCKING SPRITE.

Now she could have got a building manager to try and fix this, but she remembered some routines by the comedian Gallagher and came up with a better solution.

Lucy finding out that her best friend had decided to take matters into her own ha(mmer)nds, she began to try and keep her from the fine she'd predictably rack up from even more rage-induced vandalism.

She's having mixed results.

Will Lucy finally talk her into getting a sprite through a much more convenient, and legal way? Or will Isabel experience the fantasy most people who've been in this situation have DREAMED of?

But the better question is...what if both happened?


Lucy Katt and Isabel Gomez belong to me.
Drangelu Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
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September 9, 2017
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