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Strange Bedfellows by A-Fox-Of-Fiction Strange Bedfellows by A-Fox-Of-Fiction
Hi there folks, welcome to a brand new commission I bought, where Rod ends up with the kind of luck most men only wish they have. What comes of it not entirely known. Drawn for me as a commission well bought from :icongranitoons:


Road trips are not exclusive to movies, and they happen frequently in real life...I'd know, I've been on plenty.

On one particular universe, three separate roadtrips resulted in a strange meeting. On one end, there was the aptly nicknamed nightclub owner Hot Dog, who was on the road because she wanted to see the sights…on the way to find a new act for her club.

One thing though, no dog can drive forever, and when it dawned on her she was too tuckered out to continue, she checked in at a hotel.

But vaguely similar to a certain old book, there was almost no room at the hotel, leading for Hot Dog to share a room, with a cat named Ashlyn, a lieutenant in the space patrol, who happened to be traveling through the area on her way to relatives, neither one were too willing to share a room, but any port in a storm I suppose.

However, the third party in this story happened to be Rod Garth, who had traveled to that universe with Chieko (who was sound asleep on the sofa, with heavy earplugs in case Rod ‘brought a guest in’) to help thwart a plan concocted by ninja mummies to steal nuclear bombs from a less familiar world so they could build engines for their plan to turn pyramids into impromptu rockets to hold Africa hostage. This job would be more Alistair’s speed had he not been directly hunting the mummies down.
Now the girls would have known about him and Chieko’s presence had it not been for the fact that they just ran off for the room after paying, really needing some shut eye.

Hot Dog and Ashlyn were so tired when they got inside, they just quickly brought in their essentials, just some clothing and purses, Hot Dog got into a nightgown, while Ashlyn just stripped down to her skivvies.

However, in their haste to go to sleep, somehow they completely disregarded the fact the bed had a large lump (Rod) in it and just laid right down. It took them several minutes, and a quip from Rod after it dawned on him two pretty women just laid down next to him, for the women to predictably wake up and realize they had company.

After a long day’s fighting though, Rod was kinda wiped out himself, and he assured the women they could rest easy, he just wanted a good night’s sleep for once, Hot Dog and Ashlyn agreed, and they went back to dreamland.

And the following morning they realized their suitcases were placed on top of Chieko.

They had breakfast together, and Chieko had a few choice words to say to the people who happened to be responsible for the cramped back she had this morning. But aside from that, things went along swimmingly.

Ashlyn had to hit the road, and so did Hot Dog, though the latter took quite a shining to Rod, handed him her number, said she’d like to see him again in a more intimate meeting.

Of course, on the next stop Rod made on his present job, he found Hot Dog (having found her new act) at the same hotel he was staying in.

And they definitely got more acquainted…


Rod Garth belongs to me

Hot Dog and Lt. Ashlyn belong to :icongranitoons:
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April 28, 2017
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