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Selfie Time! by A-Fox-Of-Fiction Selfie Time! by A-Fox-Of-Fiction
Howdy folks, here we have a new pic, this one from :iconjacksonmunch: who has drawn for me a picture of Gagnesh Mritue and his best friend/crush Kira (who returns his which they are mutually oblivious), as they take a selfie in a very ironic place...


Gagnesh Mritue and Kira Fukui are best friends...who also happen to have crushes on each other.

To which they are completely oblivious, I mean I made the characters and I'M surprised neither one picked up on this yet.

I mean they could save me a lot of time...wait a minute, this is a backstory I'm writing, not a monalogue, I mean I'm not Anthony Hopkins.

Anyways, awareness of love aside, they enjoy spending time together an awful lot, so about a year back, when they went on a class trip to Japan, an interesting bit of irony showed up.

As most tourists, the two and their friends went sightseeing, and among the sights they happened to see...was a love shrine.

Now the two liked the atheistic, and Gagnesh felt like taking a picture...he had no idea what they were actually in front of, mostly because he can't read kanji or speak Japanese.

Kira on the other hand, most certainly did both, so she was bashful about this to say the least, wasn't quite sure how to point this out to Gagnesh though.

Gagnesh decided to make a little memento of their visit, so he decided on a maybe taking a selfie with her...Kira certainly didn't mind.

Now they both have new wallpaper for their phones.


Gagnesh Mritue and Kira Fukui belong to me.
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May 2, 2017
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