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Second day on the job by A-Fox-Of-Fiction Second day on the job by A-Fox-Of-Fiction
Here we are folks a new commission, this one from :iconpaladin095: starring Alistair Garth and Winston Pike, set the day after Winston got his job. Looks nerve wracking doesn't it?


The day after Winston's danger fueled job interview was no less perilous...well slightly less actually.

Pretty paranoia fraught though.

At first Alistair just wanted him to go run some errands, which involved a trip to a book store to look for some atlases, and to check a local gunsmith to see if his machine-cannon was cleaned.
Winston was very glad that hydra-handyman was there to heft that heavy motherfucker into the trunk...made getting back harder though.

It wasn't intended to be too busy of a day...until Alistair heard about an abandoned hospital in the area, which itself wasn't that unnatural aside from the fact a couple of teenaged fauns shooting what could have been a mere viral video, only to end up catching the ghost of a chimera-demon hybrid who had a $10,000 bounty on his head for eating pygmies, rednecks and anthro deer.

So naturally they had to go over to shoot the hell out of the guy. Winston would have stayed with the car had it not been agreed that it would be best not to split up, lest Winston risk becoming a snack for this creepy motherfucker.

Now I won't lie, it was very tense...for Winston, this wasn't even the hundredth creepiest place Alistair had been in. But Winston felt like he was in Silent Hill. Those eyes drawn in blood certainly showed him.
The fact the ghost had so thoroughly ingrained himself inside the hospital he could use anything within it as a weapon it could throw at them, including the doors and window glass, yeah that made things much worse.

But when they finally got to the bastard, the ghost proved to have a very unexpected weakness.


Of course the fact Alistair had crammed the shells full of ectoplasm beforehand probably helped, but it's still humiliating for an arrested ghost to have to be dragged off to the police with a wound in your side.

Who'd have thought ghosts could bleed?


Alistair Garth and Winston Pike belong to me.
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November 20, 2017
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