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Rod's ready for his money shot miss Chieko by A-Fox-Of-Fiction Rod's ready for his money shot miss Chieko by A-Fox-Of-Fiction
Drawn by :icontopperhay: here's a story of an alligator and his best friend, as they try to lure out some asshole with a bit of a 'Dirty Harriet' manuver...well, Rod's no 'Harriet' but he makes a pretty good ho doesn't he?


Well, it seems any beating just left that damn bush, Rod and Chieko's dynamic may have just been laid bare.

When going into another city after being hired to go after a local mob boss named Damien Mire, the duo of Rod and Chieko learn that apparently a lot of his business has to do with prostitution.

The solution to get close to him so they can beat the shit out of him was obvious.

After all, when you get an 'up and cumming' gigolo walking around, naturally a pervy mob boss might want to get a chunk of that action.

Not the action Rod's getting, I mean his money.

Of course, letting Rod get within arms reach of him was the biggest mistake Mister Mire ever made...though this did leave Rod and Chieko wondering just what to do with all the money gained from Rod's 'clients'.


Rod Garth, Chieko and the feline prostitute belong to me.
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