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Rod Garth meets Auntie Vixen by A-Fox-Of-Fiction Rod Garth meets Auntie Vixen by A-Fox-Of-Fiction
This here's a sort of picture I've wanted for so, so long, here's a commission I bought from this guy depicting Rod meeting Auntie Vixen, one of :iconchochi:'s best OCs, who I myself am a fan of, though this isn't the canon Auntie, just the version native to Rod's reality. Either way, let's see how this came about...


About two years ago, Rod and Chieko went to a surprisingly anachronistic town in Texas, having been hired to hunt down a group of bandits and rustlers ran by an especially vicious jackalope and chupacabra duo who fancied themselves "The dual terrors of the Pecos" their biggest mistake was in fact going to a small part of Texas that for whatever reason, was still stuck in the wild west, or at least a psuedo-wild west environment. Because there lived nearby a cattle rancher with a lot of money, and tasty was after several cows ended up becoming baby back ribs that the rancher used the internet to contact and enlist the services of Rod and Chieko to avenge his fallen beef and capture these bandits.

After the duo changed their wardrobes for something more fitting the setting, in hopes of preventing their cover from being blown, they headed over there to try and protect the rancher's remaining cows, and to hopefully track down a group of men who'd been terrorizing Texas in general for weeks (which unbeknownst to our two, had also drawn Alistair Garth's attention as well, and he was in the middle of closing in on them as well).

While amazed at how the residents were very much like the extras from a cowboy film, Chieko and Rod both found different things that occupied their minds when taking breaks from their jobs, while both enjoyed the saloon, and the opportunities to try out western style weapons, Chieko herself also enjoyed studying the townsfolk and how they acted...Rod however, as you could guess, was quite interested in drinking, arm wrestling and women.

One particular day, he happened to notice a beautiful, matronly vixen, and after mistaking her for a particular vixen treasure hunter he'd admired (and frequently had sexual fantasies about)  as a teenager, he approached her to try and talk to her, genuinely interested in meeting a woman he held in high esteem.

However, it was much to his surprise when he realized that even though the resemblance was uncanny, this was not in fact the vixen he thought she was, instead being the much alluded to "Auntie Vixen" a rarity among vixens, in the sense that she was a huge prude (though whether or not she's always been one was up for debate), and mistaking him for one of the perverts who continually hit on her (which wasn't too far off the mark, but Rod had mistaken her for someone else), she proceeded to give him an earful, even after Rod clarified that it was a mistake...however, her disapproval of indecency, and the fact she overheard him having sex with a local nympho and her college going daughter earlier in his visit caused her to drag out an argument/conversation, one that lasted quite a while too, but a victor would eventually emerge from this verbal sparring match...


Rod Garth belongs to me

Auntie Vixen belongs to :iconchochi:
NeroUrsus Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2016  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Has Rod been blue balled?
A-Fox-Of-Fiction Featured By Owner Sep 10, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Wait and see ;)
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