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Retro Night Out by A-Fox-Of-Fiction Retro Night Out by A-Fox-Of-Fiction
Whubba-lubba-dub-dub everyone. It's Easter, and regardless of religious beliefs I hope you have a good day today.
This was drawn by :iconagentc-24: from whom I bought this lovely picture of Lucy Katt and Isabel Gomez, and for once neither one of them are being icy or angry, just dancing.
Kinda hard not to do that when you're listening to the Big Bopper himself.


Yeah, cats and dogs get along much better than stereotypes make them out as.

Same story with cats and rabbits, not surprising since their species are supposed to be very similar.

Lucy Katt and Isabel Gomez are best friends, have been ever since the cat first transferred over to her school. And one day after a hard day of work at their respective jobs they decided they really needed to take a break. So they went on out on the town the following day.

First stop was to slip into the house of Isabel's sister Emilia, and put itching powder in her spa mud while she was out (in the duo's defense, Emilia is an enormous bitch), and then they went on to a movie, and other activities.

They made the best of their day off, fully aware that the following day was likely to wield as much frustration as the previous one.

Isabel being stuck with a set of unusually dim and obnoxious interns certainly would lead to a lady rabbit being angered beyond rational thought.

Later in the day, they went to a retro themed diner for dinner. And while eating their respective dinners, someone put on the jukebox. And out came the Big Bopper singing this…

They hear that song, and even though neither had heard much of his music...dancing ensued.

The Big Bopper has that effect ;)


Lucy Katt and Isabel Gomez belong to me.


Tips are greatly appreciated
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