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Reference Sheet: Perrimous Morgan by A-Fox-Of-Fiction Reference Sheet: Perrimous Morgan by A-Fox-Of-Fiction
Hello there folks, I have another character for Death Valet's world, drawn by :iconphobos-romulus: here's another character who contributes to the lore of this world. Perrimous Morgan, president and CEO of the Morgan Media Syndicate.

Born in 1894, this kappa was born the child of two immigrant kappas, and though he grew up poor, he ultimately made it big in the newspaper business, before ultimately branching out into more businesses, including movies and television.
Today, he's among the richest men in the world, owning such assets as Howler Monkey Studios, the Perrimous Morgan Broadcasting Company, premium cable station the SideBoob Channel, and of course, the Hetelville based newspaper The Daily AUUUGH!

However, on top of this he is extremely eccentric, among other things he has a religious obsession with buttocks (male and female) to the point he believes butts can tell the future if you stare at them long enough (a feat he's actually pulled off about three or four times...out of several thousand), uses outrageous double entendres without the slightest awareness, has generally bizarre (but effective) logic, loves visiting deserts (despite the risk the heat poses to kappa in general), has a massive ongoing feud with Rupert Murdoch and William Randolph Hearst (the latter was briefly interrupted by Hearst's death...and resumed immediately in 2009 when Hearst came back to life), and sounds like JK Simmons on top of everything else.

All things considered, he's still a pretty nice guy, and quite generous.
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