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Reference Sheet: Cyberbeard by A-Fox-Of-Fiction Reference Sheet: Cyberbeard by A-Fox-Of-Fiction
From the pen of :iconphobos-romulus: here's a new character. The kind of villain you rarely ever see, you've seen literal pirate parrots before...but NOT one like this. How many pirates do you know who have cybernetic beards?

His real name is Henry Draper, and leads a Hetelville street gang called the Slashloaders, which operate under the theme of 'pirate' and 'cyberpunk' think street gangs in The Warriors and Saints Row were weird? Hetelville gangs are even weirder.
Cyberbeard started out as a ruthlessly greedy music bootlegger back in high school, the kind willing to actually kill people who interfered with his profits (by selling the illegally gained goods much cheaper than record stores), this also resulted in being sent to prison at age 19.
He left prison about five years later, and due to a following he'd gained in the prison, started up his distinctive gang in a section of Hetelville that wouldn't look out of place in Neuromancer. He lost his right arm in a brawl with another gang...which ultimately lead to him having a lot more enhancements placed into his body, which made him much, much more dangerous than he'd ever been before. He even went so far as to have his hollow bones filled in and his spine reinforced. His peg-leg's rocket being what allows him to fly now.
Still fanatic and ruthless about acquiring profits, Cyberbeard has proven to be a true terror. Despite having gone through a couple more stints in prison, he has been able to extend his gang's reach outside of Hetelville. The gear it's equipped with are quite dangerous.
Cyberbeard has gone as far as to develop small scale operations in Earth's orbit. Owns a submarine, and even equipped with a variety of vehicles for his gang, especially their distinctive 'flying gunboats.'
Vicious and brutal, the Slashloaders make most their money through armed robbery, burglary in general, ransom, mercenary work...and bootlegging, lots of bootlegging.
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November 14, 2017
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