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Photobombing by A-Fox-Of-Fiction Photobombing by A-Fox-Of-Fiction
Featuring one of the first of new art starring Guy O'Reilly, here's a commission from :icongamecreature: starring him as he attempts to do what he does best.


Why Guy O'Reilly, the craziest motherfucking leprechaun in existence, wanted to bomb this guy few people know, the most likely reason was he just happened to see the Ohio penthouse belonging to the CEO of Pennypincher industries and thought it'd look good in flames.

So after donning a surprisingly flimsy disguise, and making a mortar disguised as a camera, he went to the CEO's front door and claimed to be working for "Penthouse Balconies Monthly", he got the man to stand out on said balcony so he could try to take his picture...after all, this guy does remember every single bombing he does.

However, Alistair Garth had been trailing Guy O'Reilly, and after finding the hideout he was using that time, realized what he was planning and called Mr. Pennypincher to warn him, something that wasn't taken seriously until he heard the insane laughter on the other side of the street.

While Pennypincher barely managed to avoid being blown up (he's surprisingly fast for a portly fellow), his penthouse wasn't so lucky. Guy attempted to finish off the rest of the building after flattening that floor, but luckily for the other tenants, Alistair got there in time to pretty much kick his ass before he blew up too much.


Guy O'Reilly belongs to me.

The businessman can go to :icongamecreature: I got no use for the guy anyways.
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August 18, 2016
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