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Open mouth, insert really big foot by A-Fox-Of-Fiction Open mouth, insert really big foot by A-Fox-Of-Fiction
Here we've got a rather belated upload I got from :iconkillb94: that depicts a fanart crossover of my character Mark Vericon attempting to hit on Summer from Rick & Morty in the hopes of getting laid...and royally failing in it.


Summer's decision to accompany her grandfather and brother (in spite of Rick attempting to freeze time in her room for a few hours so she wouldn't find out he was heading out) on yet another of their odd adventures, this time to another universe outside of their own multiverse (which confused the hell out of Rick) proved to ultimately lead to a very awkward encounter with a local teen who happened to be a perverted, teenage sasquatch.

While seperate from her relatives and attempting to explore this bizarre world herself, she ended up in a suburban area where Mark was again attempting to find girls interested in sex, and though predictably he struck out (because not everyone's aroused at the prospect of fucking with a flypaper condom while the man involved is wearing a rubber duck costume) he noticed Summer who looked pretty hot to him, even if the people of her multiverse where apparently a bit shorter there, but he didn't care.

As you can see though, while he attempted to chat her up he only succeeded in causing her WTF senses to go all kinds of bonkers, which ultimately lead to her getting the hell out of there and trying to see where Rick and Morty went to.

All in all, she was going to find discussions about Sasquatches quite awkward for the duration of the near future...


Mark Vericon belongs to me.

Summer belongs to the creators of Rick & Morty, and Adult Swim as well.
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Submitted on
March 22, 2016
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