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One upping the baconator by A-Fox-Of-Fiction One upping the baconator by A-Fox-Of-Fiction
Come forth folks, and see this commission from witchdoctorshaman.deviantart.c… which depicts another talent of Rod's...


Believe it or not, but Rod Garth has one other talent he's pretty good at that isn't related to adventuring or getting laid.

This is, yes, the act of cooking.

It's not quite as big of a surprise, Rod being an alligator, a species well known for its love of food, but considering how Rod is kind of an idiot, it comes as a surprise to some that this guy actually can prepare food well.

Of course, he tends to specialize in meat dishes, but really, that's not a surprise.

What Rod Garth is presenting right now, though it's best described as some kind of giant burger, but is effectively a display of 'alligator cuisine' a particular field of cooking pioneered by alligators.
It generally tends to entail large amounts of meat, and most recipes from this cooking style resemble something outta Epic Meal Time. It's generally not advised humans don't consume these type of foods on a regular basis, alligators however not only eat more than humans do, but happen to need a higher calorie intake. While there's still risks of gaining weight, plenty of alligators, including Rod, tend to exercise a lot, so if anything they can stay in great shape.

Chieko might enjoy having some of his cooking now and then, but she's not too sure if she's up to eating the whole thing.


Rod Garth and Chieko Masaki belong to me.
italianblackcat Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2017
A-Fox-Of-Fiction Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Not yet epic enough...wait until you see the fries...
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