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Need Reception, Will Squabble by A-Fox-Of-Fiction Need Reception, Will Squabble by A-Fox-Of-Fiction
Hey again, I'm back and now with a new commission, this one by :iconlaptopgeek92: who has done a pretty nice job of illlustrating a common struggle in the fight against assholes.


Alistair Garth had spent two weeks tracking five jackasses to some shack out in the middle of Kansas.
Not quite the middle of nowhere, but it was close enough. At best the only purple thing here wouldn't be a dog, it'd be the Cocaine Cowboy's fucking clothes.

So anyways, when you have two escaped supervillains on the loose, robbing people with the help of a trio of goombahs, naturally a monster hunter can really toss people in the clink. And all Alistair needed to do was find where one of them had gone to eat and then smuggle himself into their hideout by hiding in the trunk.

But after making it to their hideout, and a climactic battle that destroyed the aforementioned car, it turned out Alistair had suffered an awkward embarrassment.
There was absolutely no cell phone reception in the area.

...So much for calling a cab.


Alistair Garth, the Cocaine Cowboy and Pierre Vomir belong to me...technically these other mooks do too.
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December 4, 2017
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