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Lackadaisy Firefight by A-Fox-Of-Fiction Lackadaisy Firefight by A-Fox-Of-Fiction
Aheheh, here you go folks :) here's some epic, John Woo type stuff for you, drawn by :iconphobos-romulus: here's Alistair Garth in a gunfight with one of the few felines capable of matching him, Mordecai Heller from Lackadaisy Cats.


It happened a few years ago for Alistair, for Mordy here it was the year 192X on some alternate reality where the sole sentient species happened to be cats.

Yeah I know, weird isn't it?

But that aside, there was a time when Mordecai Heller's boss wasn't Asa Sweet, instead some skinny punk who took advantage of the recently discovered multiverse and stole some very interesting tech from Death Valet's world, supposed to make producing hooch much easier and cheaper.

Unfortunately the triple homicide his lackies did resulted in a large bounty being placed on their heads, they didn't know about this until when Alistair Garth came in town to collect.

Alistair had came to collect the bounty, but experienced setbacks at first, for starters there was some weird, skinny guy with crazy eyes who was convinced Alistair was the king of all bootleggers, and the maple syrup he was drinking out of the bottle didn't help his credibility. His directions however, barring his attempt to convince Alistair that the Marigold Mob was ran by some booze loving ponce named Sedgewick, were surprisingly reliable, and Alistair wound up finding the speakeasy easily enough.

At first the bouncer refused to let Alistair in on the grounds that 'they didn't serve his kind there', and he did in fact mean Alistair just kicked the door in and started beating up mobsters...and then got to shooting them once they realized dealing with him wouldn't be as easy as they thought.

While Alistair started going through mobsters like a theater fantatic with popcorn, Mordy's boss had fled the building, and got to a different speakeasy, with noticably more Marigold employees defending him, including the Savoys.

Unfortunately, Alistair had a better nose than they did, so...yeah he found him again.

Now again, he proceeded to deal with mobsters again, he got a noticably better fight with the Savoys, who attacked him close enough that he didn't bother shooting them...whooping their asses yes, but shooting now.

And then Mordecai showed up.

The sociopathic neat freak proved to be the only real competition Alistair had to deal with, a professional killer Alistair kept getting matched by in an intense fight, bullets flew, blows were thrown, and neither one of these foes dared to give up or quit anytime soon.

Fighting, fighting with their might...even after Emilia Gomez snuck in and kidnapped Mordy's boss, then turned him in for the reward.

In fact it wasn't until the next day Alistair and Mordy realized what happened.

It was then they mutually agreed to get even with Emilia.

But even though Alistair had to talk the hitman out of killing her, they still managed to get even with her by tricking the rabbit into drinking poorly made prohibition hooch, and she wound up projectile vomiting over a guy she wanted to bang.
Then it became a viral video.

Regardless, Alistair and Mordecai saw each other as being true enemies, and they were indeed foes, ones who could be pretty formidable fighters.
Alistair didn't truly hate Mordy...the cat however did dispise this alligator for various reasons, one of the biggest was his refusal to wear shoes.

I mean don't you think that'd spread too much dirt around?


Alistair Garth belongs to me.

Mordecai Heller, Serafine and Nico Savoy and Wes belong to :icontracyjb:
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Drangelu Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
ShoobaQueen Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
A-Fox-Of-Fiction Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Isn't it?

Phobos Romulus was exactly the guy for this job.

And when the goal is depicting a badass, reptilian bounty hunter fight on even terms with the John Wick of Lackadaisy, he can definitely go above and beyond.
Ari-Dynamic Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2018  Professional Digital Artist
This came out fantastic! :)
A-Fox-Of-Fiction Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2018  Hobbyist Writer
Aheheh, impressive isn't it? Phobos did an excellent depiction of these Lackadaisy cats. and in showing a fight between the great hunter and the formidable hitman.
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