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Hit 'em with a rock! by A-Fox-Of-Fiction Hit 'em with a rock! by A-Fox-Of-Fiction
Happy Easter folks :) hope you're enjoying it. Today we have a new picture from :iconpaladin095: this time starring Rod Garth doing something I really need to have him drawn doing more often...kicking ass.
That orc doesn't know what's about to hit him...well technically he does, but clearly he's facing a guy with much bigger grapefruits.


There exist worlds where man is still stuck in the middle ages, but in more fantastic settings, where elves and dwarves hate each other, short little guys who live sleepy lives in little communities, and orcs are seen as a threat to anything of value.

Then they discover alternate universes, and with cultural exchanges come interesting advances in technology.

Or situations where a dark wizard and his army of orc mercs get their hands on a bunch of nuclear armed mechas and extremely high powered machine guns.

Yeah at this point you might willingly put up with Sauron and Mordor.

But as it happened, Rod's arch-nemesis (whose identity shall be revealed later) was involved, and through his involvement, the kingdoms learned of Rod and Chieko, who they then hired to kick Orc ass.

After being brought over to this other world, they proceeded to journey over towards the sorcerer's underground lair (and along the way Rod naturally got laid multiple times, but you could already assume that), and shortly after getting there, Rod wasted no time and started punching asshole mercs right in the face.

Currently, he's showing a good way to deal with motherfuckers who carry miniguns...if you have strength way beyond something just about any normal man could have.

Just slam into them with your improvised shield.

Those mechs won't stand much of a chance by the time he gets to them...


Rod Garth and the orc belong to me.
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