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Gypsy Danger by A-Fox-Of-Fiction Gypsy Danger by A-Fox-Of-Fiction
Hi there folks, I've been meaning to buy more action scene commissions lately, so I hope you enjoy this new acquisition from :iconphobos-romulus: starring my OC Aurelia Lupei as she beats the shit out of a drug trafficker's goons.


Aurelia Lupei, one of Alistair Garth's two best friends, is a very extensive hunter of bounties herself, though she ultimately prefers mysteries over doesn't mean she won't mix it up when she has to.

Actually she's pretty good at mixing it up herself, like these schmucks are finding out.

She'd gone to looking for the cause of a Los Angles based drug trafficking ring, after a substantial bounty was placed on finding who ran the ring, regardless of who it was, simply because of how much trouble it was proving to the police to track down.

The fact the police chief refused to get out of his chair even to eat probably had something to do with this, but Aurelia doubted he was taking bribes, he wouldn't even leave the chair if you dropped a $100 on the floor.

She'd personally tested it out, twice...he gave up when he found he couldn't stretch that far.

So she kept looking on and on, trying to find clues (which weren't too hard) and possible culprits (which was harder), but her being clever, it soon dawned on her that a surprisingly wealthy mattress businessman was exporting outrageously large amounts of cocaine into L.A. Under the cover of his recently erected business of importing and exporting latex trousers.

This was where massive amounts of confusion set in, as Aurelia was pretty sure the 'specific' trousers had more to do with the drug lord's  fetishes than any believable cover.

But, she was sure she had the right guy, and he knew it, so when the new shipment of cocaine sent in alongside the %25 gimp suits arrived, he hired resurrected assassin Alexander Solonik, and Burner, a notorious mercenary/arsonist...who happens to be a treeperson, to go with his guards to make sure the 'snooping gypsy' breathes her last.

However, as you can see, they're finding quite quickly that the only person in danger wasn't the gypsy, but them.

Burner certainly agreed, even if he came the closest to beating her that night.

Unfortunately for the mattress kingpin, his scheme was exposed, but his attempt to escape using mattress trampolines was foiled not only by Aurelia, but the police...the ones he wasn't paying anyways. Even the chief was there.

Granted he had several officers carry him in a litter, but it's the thought that counts.


Aurelia Lupei and Burner, plus these miscellaneous goons sorta do too.

Alexander Solonik however does not, due to the fact he was a real (albeit deceased for about twenty years) person.
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King2099 Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2017
Though Florida's the Atlantic Rim.
A-Fox-Of-Fiction Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
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We need-a those limbs even less.
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