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Gordian's Milk Jugs by A-Fox-Of-Fiction Gordian's Milk Jugs by A-Fox-Of-Fiction
Valentine's Day was like, four days ago, and I don't really care about the holiday, but I know plenty of others do enjoy it, so for those who do I give you this, drawn by :iconagentc-24: here's Alistair Garth and his girlfriend Anala Mritue on a little outing.


Anyone who's ever been at a carnival might be able to testify that yes, those carney games are probably rigged though.
Not me though, mostly because I literally only played one like, one time.

Of course, when you're on a date with your tigress girlfriend and you'd like to win her a prize, carneys can certainly be reasoned with.
Most especially if they didn't care too much about their jobs anyways.

Turns out those particular milk bottles actually were filled with concrete, and even with his trusty pistol, it wasn't too easy to deal with.

But all in all, they got the stuffed bear, Anala was happy, as was Alistair, and even the carney...he didn't even think those jugs could budge.


Alistair Garth and Anala Mritue belong to me.
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