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Gator vs. Ghost by A-Fox-Of-Fiction Gator vs. Ghost by A-Fox-Of-Fiction
Hello again fellows, here's a new commission I'd purchased from :iconpaladin095: this one starring Alistair Garth as he prepares to face off against a badass ghost...Lewis to be exact.
Seems their communication could use some work.


When a spooky thing starts going through your neighborhood, perhaps following a van full of mystery solvers all the way from their home universe, and shows off ambiguously menacing traits, who you gonna call?

Alistair Garth of course...unless you want someone else.

Regardless, Lewis was in Death Valet's universe, and due to multiple run ins with various people and how these kept giving the wrong impression to too many people, he wound up with a bounty on his head.

Of course the fact he was trying to strangle his former best friend may have had something to do with it, even if it wasn't Arthur's fault he got possessed by some creepy force and shoved Lewis off a cliff and onto some spikes.

But due to Lewis' poor communication skills, it was his fault that Alistair Garth came to claim the bounty, complete with weapons designed to hurt the ghost.

It was game on, and Lewis himself, well and truly frustrated over another failed attempt to kill Arthur, decided he wasn't gonna bother correcting the alligator, aside from avenging his own death he wasn't really too bloodthirsty a guy, but he had some definite limits.

So they assumed their battle positions and charged forward in the confines of Lewis' new haunted house headquarters.

And at the end of the long damn fight, Lewis discovered something he hated more than failing to kill Arthur.

Having an Anubis blessed baseball bat smacking against his skull.

Luckily though, they ultimately worked something out...


Alistair Garth belongs to me.

Lewis belongs to MysteryBen…


Tips are greatly appreciated
Drangelu Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
and Alitair!!!!!!

Amazing!!!!! :love::love::love:

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