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Forever Fight as one by A-Fox-Of-Fiction Forever Fight as one by A-Fox-Of-Fiction
Hey there gang, here's a commission I've been really waiting to show off, here's a picture from :iconphobos-romulus: which shows some Death Valet characters in a homage to a signature scene of Avengers: Age of Ultron. Their opponent? Nazis...I don't mean HYDRA either, I mean they don't actually exist in their world. They're about to kick a lot of Nazi ass here.


Unfortunately for everyone, when many historical figures were resurected back in 2009, Adolph Hitler and some members of Nazi high command were not among those who 'returned'.
This had to do with them faking their demises, fleeing to South America and starting a terrorist organization.

Having staved off death and old age through unspecified means, the severely weakened maniacs tried to terrorize the world with the overall goal of world domination.

However, by present time the thing was more or less just a drug cartel posing as a terrorist organization. Hitler himself was pretty much just a cocaine addicted puppet king most people assume is the real leader of the group. With Martin Bormann the actual head of the organization, and responsible for the change.

Unfortunately, his smokescreen isn't quite as transparent as it would be had, because Alistair Garth and Aurelia Lupei were well aware of this fact.

One day in late 2013, the champion monster hunter learned of a hot tip in the fact Bormann and the high command were hiding out in a northern European stronghold. Now that's a tip definitely worth going on, especially with the sizable bounties on the whole inferstructure.

So he assembled a team composed of his best friends Aurelia and Oglethwhip, his girlfriend Anala, Aurelia and Anala's friend Julia, his brother Rod and Rod's best friend/sister-figure Chieko. Why? Because when it comes to killing/beating-the-hell outta Nazis, you don't wanna leave too many people out of the fun.

And thus, Martin Bormann found himself in a very awkward position when he found the single worst piece of news he'd ever heard in his life. That seven highly qualified badasses came to their lair in the name of sending them to Hell.

Correctly assuming Hitler's arrogant bragging that this attack would fail based on the races/species/genders of those involved was just a cocaine induced round of stupidity (and the fact their beliefs were horseshit), Bormann discreetly insisted that Hitler go ahead of them in the leerjet while they proceeded to distract the hunters (in truth they were going to escape in a tunnel while leaving Hitler for the hunters to capture).

Unfortunately for them, the hunters knew about the tunnel and while beating up Nazis, broke right into the escape tunnel.

This almost resulted in Hitler escaping...let's just say that there's a good reason you don't let a coked up maniac fly a supersonic plane.

While he unfortunately survived the crash, he'd somehow flown the plane right into Israel.

Right outside Mossad headquarters.

They plan to execute him after he's fully recovered from the beating...and the beating after he's fully healed...and the next beating...and the one after that...then the one next Thursday...then the seven beatings after that...and after everyone on the "Kick Hitler's ass" waiting list gets through...then after they let him writhe from withdrawn symptoms some more. But after all that, it's EXECUTIN' TIME!


Alistair Garth, Aurelia Lupei, Anala Mritue, Oglethwhip zim Hobbersnatchers, Chieko Masaki, Julia Freud and Rod Garth belongs to me. The soon to be dead/asskicked Nazis in snowsuits kinda do too.
Drangelu Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist

It is so very wesome!!!

Loved the perspective and characters, it has a lot of movement and dinamism. Colours are really great! Like a cover from a comic!
A-Fox-Of-Fiction Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Thank you Lu :) yeah, this is the kind of commission I really need to buy more of soon. It's so frigging cool...yep, I really need to buy a lot more.

This much movement is great, and seeing as I greatly loved watching Age of Ultron I most certainly approve.
IgusZilla Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2017  Student Artist
It looks really great.
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