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Every Minute: Part 1 by A-Fox-Of-Fiction Every Minute: Part 1 by A-Fox-Of-Fiction
Here's the first half of a two part comic commission made for me by :icondutchmouse: depicting his character Lyle meeting Chieko Masaki and about to prove a famous quote attributed to PT Barnum very, very true...


While Rod was regularly in the middle of banging a koala named Matilda at some town in Texas, Chieko went sightseeing in the same area.

Before long however, she got to a bar, and decided that while she waited for Rod to get done, she might as well go in and shoot a game of pool.

She played by herself, as she usually did when Rod wasn't around, she joined a few other games, but easily won them, and before long it became apparently nobody could defeat the mathematical genius when she was playing this very game.

But while she played what just had to be her favorite game, some blond, redneck cat named Lyle showed up and joined the game, she didn't mind as much at first...until he started hitting on her.

She had apparently caught his eye, and he wanted to get laid, believing himself to be the more clever of the two...even though Chieko kept beating him in the game, and his come-ons kept doing little more than agitating her, making her wish she'd instead went skeet shooting.

Lyle, hoping to figure out some way of getting laid after all, attempted to claim he was a champion skeet shooter...Chieko, being far smarter than he (even after she pointed out she had a boyfriend from Spain...Lyle assumed she was playing hard to get and lied), and knowing he was horny, figured out he was lying after all.

As his mouth continued to run, she realized a very good way to put him in his place, so she decided to make a bet with him, one that would allow her to get even...and produce gas money in the process.


Chieko Masaki belongs to me.

Lyle belongs to :icondutchmouse:
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October 12, 2016
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