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To start off, an image would be rather nice, but, of course, this is purely optional.

TEAM NAME: Self explanatory. Use 'RWBY' style spelling . And you better make sure you follow Monty's rules, or I swear, I'm going to rip your skull out, and beat you to death with it! I don't care if it doesn't seem physically possible. For those of you unfamiliar with Monty's rules, check here and OBEY!

REFERENCE: Self explanatory. Is the team name referencing a color? Animal? Plant? It'd also be nice if you included the real world spelling of your team name here, to help with pronunciation. (EX: RWBY and Ruby).

Leader: Simply put his or her name, and maybe strategies that this particular leader likes to do.

Members: List out the remaining members of the team, in the order that their names appear in the team name.

Type: Here is were you sum up the background of your team. Are they Beacon students? Disgruntled members of the white fang? Just some dudes who met each other? Figure it out, then write it out!

Strategies and Fighting Style: What should go here is overall team strategies. For example, does one team use their weapons at a range to pick of enemies, then moves in to mop it up? Or do the use close combat only? Or a mix of both? This is the place to describe this in detail.

It also might be important if you point out each team members specific role in combat, like if one is the designated sniper or tank. Also, you should highlight how each members' fighting style compliments one another. For example, if member A's fighting style serves to put enemies off balance, Member B disarms them, while Member's C and D are providing cover from a distance with ranged weapons. Stuff like this could be important.

Associates: Is your team associated with Beacon Academy? The White Fang? Moe's Taco Stand? This is where you tell us!

History: Nothing fancy here, just a rather brief  bit on how your team was formed, how they operate, where they are located, stuff like that.

Team Theme: Complete with cheese! Just a little fun for you to have, and it's totally optional. Go nuts!
Now, I know plenty of you are trying to create RWBY OC teams, so here it is, the team bio! Hope you find it useful, and keep in mind, this template is subject to updates, so be sure to check back often!

Made in collaboration with :icongumby1011:
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AY9905 Featured By Owner Nov 20, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Team name: SHDW

Reference: Shadow, also refers to their dark, shadowy past.

Leader: Shaun Wilson (male, human), a serious type of person that doesn't want to see any innocents get hurt but will take drastic measures if anyone is involve in crime, murder, etc. and is the vigilante of Vale.

Members: Hayden Adel (male, human), Dante Diablo (male, human), Werzelya (female, cat-faunus/demon)

Type: Each troubled-life older teens who, in their group, prefers to work on their own instead of helping other team members (and are also street level characters).

Strategies and fighting style:
Shaun Wilson is a huntsman who is skilled at hand to hand combat and has great dodging skills. He wears a pair of gauntlets that appears to have 8-inch harpoons which he can use to shoot at enemies or use it to get to tall buildings without climbing it up. He also carries a pair of explosive knives that is made out of "shadow dust", billy clubs that is like daredevil's, and smoke bombs that he uses to disappear. He wears an all black outfit (black coat, black pants, black armor, black boots, black mask, and black hat) so that his enemies can't see him or to get scared by him only at night and uses his long, black coat to glide across the area. His semblance is that he can forecast any danger that is going to happen to his teammates including himself.

Hayden Adel is a huntsman, retired member of Junior's guards, and is believed to be the long lost brother of Coco Adel. He carries a weapon that is the hybrid of a shotgun, sniper rifle, and a sword.  He also carries a pistol, some bullets, and a knife that he can throw to his enemies which it can bounce around to other enemies and can come back to him. He prefers to fight with knife attacks, shoot from long range, and will use his sword to cut any incoming attacks. The blade of the weapon, the bullets, and a knife are also made out of "shadow dust". Similar to Coco, he wears a brown, long coat and black pants but he also wears black armor for his torso, black shin armor, and a futuristic sunglasses. His semblance is unknown. Hayden himself doesn't know if he even had a semblance.

Dante Diablo is a huntsman who prefers not to call himself a huntsman, bot rather a "Dark Sorcerer". He uses various types of magic that he can use against his enemies by using fire, electricity, ice, telekinesis, etc. and he can control other people's mind as well. He also can disable other user's semblance so that they won't be able to use it. For example: If Ruby Rose were to use the semblance of speed to dodge his attack's, then Dante will use this power to turn off her speed and Ruby won't be able to use her power during the battle. Dante's shadow can move freely without having himself moving around. He uses this to strip away other people's shadow's, taking away their souls. He wears a normal black clothing and wears a black cloak around him. Within his cloak hides a monstrous entity. He uses his cloak to trick someone into wearing it or holding it so that the entity would have a good meal after being trap in this cloak for the longest time. His semblance is that he can transform into a demonic, phantom-like creature to fly at high speeds and kills every enemies that tries to get in their way.

Werezelya is a mysterious huntress who is the only person to be a half-faunus and is the first member to be a demon. She is the most troubled-life person than anyone in this team and is the only character that cusses. She uses her magic energy that can form blade-type weapons like a sword, hand axe, spear, etc. When she uses the spear, she can charge it to high power, throw it at someone, and will explode when in contact. She also has the ability of levitation that she can use to fly or to jump to get to taller buildings. her fingers can turn into claws that she uses to scratch her enemies. People often mistaken her for Blake Belladonna Because of her appearance. But her black hair and her black cat ears is bushier instead of her nice wiggly hair. She has a demon tail which she can use it to stab her enemies with from behind. Werzelya's outfit is similar to Blake's outfit except it has a black and yellow design on it and has a hoodie and her back part of the clothing is long instead of short. she wears black gloves that covers her whole arm and shoulder. She wears black leggings and high heel boots. During in battle, her armor would appear out of nowhere to give herself more protection. Werzelya's semblance is unlimited. She uses the power of invulnerability so that she doesn't flinch from enemy attacks and will not leave a single scratch on her. When she uses it, her horns will appear from her head and her eyes will change to a demonic look.

Shaun use to be the student at Beacon, but left after his mother was brutally found in the streets of vale.
Hayden is the retired member of Junior's guards and an assassinator who was sent to prison for a year. After that, he was done being part of Junior's group.
Dante is part of the group of sorcerers where they live in a mythical place that couldn't be located after he gets into a car accident which crashes into the water and failed to save his younger sister's life.
Werzelya lives in a hidden city where all the other demon people can live in peace. The city is located in Menagerie where most of the faunus populate. Werzelya left the city hoping that there won't be anymore hiding, hoping she would let the human and the faunus know they are not dangerous. Turns out she was wrong.

History: After the incident at Vale (this type of event happens at the end of Vol. 2 of RWBY), citizens of Vale began to spread rumors whether both huntsman and huntress should be trusted as heroes or dangerous to the public. The dark vigilante, the assassinator, the sorcerer, and the demon now must group together to protect the city of Vale while the henchmen and the white fang are secretly plotting to destroy the heroes by using the shadow dust: a very rare material that can be use to obliterate their aura and kill both huntsman and huntress for good. Team SHDW will also be fighting the supernatural that spreads fear within Vale. Its not the Grimm they are fighting. They are fighting something completely different.

Team Theme:<- What the heck does that mean? XD

About the story: This story is going to have a mixture of action and horror comparing to the original RWBY. When you watch the series, you see that it has so much humor that it can be enjoyable to all ages. But in my storyline, its going to have a dark and serious tone that would be enjoyable to other people who are older. In other words its going to have some brutal violence and others. Its like how Fox right now is beginning to make R rated superheroes movies such as Deadpool and Logan.

Character crossovers: Unfortunately, you won't be able to see team SHDW cross into team RWBY, team JNPR, team SSSN, or other known team members that you know of in the series. However, there is one character that's going to appear in this storyline and it will be mentioned down below.

Selena Van Drake:
Selena Van Drake is a female vampire who is Shaun's ex girlfriend. She seeks out for vengeance after the leader of the vampires makes her turn into an unkillable monster and takes away her heart for eternity. As years go by, she was mysteriously revived from her grave and now hunts down every vampires in remnant one by one in search for the leader. She wears a usual western outfit and she carries a hybrid weapon of a rifle and a sword. She also carries a revolver and some bullets made from shadow dust. If an enemy attempts to shoot her or struck her with a blade (even if someone stabs her through the chest), she will not die. She will be having her own storyline that would be a spinoff of SHDW.

VenatorX82F Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2017
Nice RvB reference there
ShadowZone24 Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2017
 Team Name: SFIR
Reference: Sapphire the gemstone

Leader:Ser Keep(human)- calm collected, the sands of time are ever changing we must leave or mark to stay(dual khopesh/deagle)("Gatekeeper's Judgement"semblance-stops enemy movement for short time)

Members:Fen Bliz (wolf Faunus - obstacles are a challenge he enjoys, if it's in my way i tear it to shreds, (Claymore/Shield/Axe/Large Caliber Rifle) ("Consume"semblance-can consume matter(bullets, dust, energy)transfers into his own but if it's too much he losses his sanity and goes crazy
Ira Nevermore(human)-, split personality between calm and shy to chaotic and blood thirsty, if all else fails rely on the people around you(Backpack/Wings/Throwing Knives)("Psylocke"semblance ability to manipulate certain objects that she marks however decays over time if overused
River Glyph(lynx Faunus)- continually sharpens her thieving skill when ever she can, the unseen blade is the deadliest(Gauntlets/knives/pistol/claws)("Reactor"semblance increase her brains reaction time to the point where she can change her attack mid swing and see bullets as slow moving objects

Type: Rag tag group of fighters recruited by Ser

Strategies: Fen is the vanguard who is the brawler he uses his sword and shield to block and attack while consuming any projectiles he can't intercept and once enough power is consumed he can expel it through his axe which creates a blast of his energy every time it makes contact with and object or through his rifle which is inside his shield and discharges with a short range blast. Fen fights dirty and doesn't care what people say, if they get in his way he breaks right through.

River is the assassin who dips in and out of combat and deals well with mid to long range attackers due to her gap closing and semblance and her knives give he great close combat skills and will use environment to fight and the pistols to poke her enemies then deal a decisive blow, she is fast but lacks armor and shielding, but every defense has a weak point.

Ira is the middle to long range support who keeps the team from ambush and flanks and deals well with long range combatants and her split personality determines how she fights the calmer more peaceful is more long range relying on her feathers(the feathers on her wings are knives) while the more chaotic focusses of close combat using the wings as blades and shields. he changing style and nature make her a tricky opponent to deal with.

Ser is the shot caller and gives direction and engages with fen and they have a good synergy together, he always keeps a level head and his emotions don't phase him and personal attacks to anger him of scare him don't effect him and he has an almost ruthless systematic brutality no matter the opponent, and you best not be on the end of his wrath. 

Ser is an ex merchant baron from Mistral and has had run ins with atlas
Fen is broke out of an atlas prison and was a big supporter of the white fang before it was taken over by adam
Ira was kicked out of atlas academy for her refusal to fight for atlas military and became a mercenary
River is a thief that was living in vale before it was destroyed and left due to Ser's interest in her skills

History: Ser was once the son of a merchant baron that was quite powerful but they were betrayed and he lost everything so he sought out people to help him get his revenge and found river after she tried to steal from her and convinced her to join him for a split of the prophets, the two had a run in with a group of mercenaries and met Ira and she joined them to get revenge against atlas and she knew about fen because he was a student at atlas's academy and he broke the rules and was imprisoned, but when they went to get him out he did it himself and after a fierce battle with Ser he joined them. Currently based in Mistral

Team theme: 2 rules, 1 if you can kill it kill it. 2, if you can't live to fight another day and come back to finish what you started.
ShadowZone24 Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2017
if you have suggestions i would love to hear them
EnderblazeAnimations Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Anyone have a team name color for SJRL, the best I could do was S(J?)oRmcLoud
The 'S' has to be first, the rest can be jumbled, here are all combinations:
SJRL - SJoRmcLoud for Grey
SLJR - SoLJeR or Soldier for Army green
EnderblazeAnimations Featured By Owner Jul 7, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I've chosen Team Soldier because it has all the sounds of the letters, the theme can be 'We are Soldiers'
IcysisDee Featured By Owner Jan 24, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I know this is late but will ISIS work for team name?
a-flyer Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
What color would that refer to, to get specific? 
EnderblazeAnimations Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Finna turn ISIS into WASWAS
Minticore Featured By Owner Edited Jan 22, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Team Name: ??? Need help in this area. OAKS? OASK? OKSA? OKAS? OSAK? OSKA?

Reference: ???? ^^^^

Leader: Oliver Black - a master of theft and stealth, he uses tactics that involve surprise, trickery, and efficiency. He highyl emphasizes the use of semblance and dust, and encourages his team to think beyond what they know they're capable of.

Members: (not in order, as I don't have a team name)
- Oliver Black ("Oliver = Olive" "Black") (Double daggers/Rapier/Fork) ("Roots" Semblance - forces two objects together)
- Kalta Tenshi ("Kalt" is the beginning of the word "Kaltetod" which roughly translates to "Hypothermia" in German, which is like, blue) (Large Syringe/Shield/Bat) ("Harden" Semblance - stiffens objects or people upon contact)
- Ariel Segen (Ariel = Mermaid, Blue/Green bcs ocean yaknow)(Dust trident/Dust Flail/Dust Grappling Hook) ("Evaporate" Semblance - temporarily becomes non-corporeal)
- Xavier Taupe (Taupe is a shade of Grey) (Two Floating Electronic Blades/Shields/Guns) ("Empathy" Semblance - inflicts the target/s with a specific emotion)

Type: Second Year students at Haven Academy

Strategies and Fighting Style: In a tournament-style battle, Oliver and Kalta would act as close-combat offense, while Xavier would act as Range and Support, and Ariel would act as Defense.

Oliver steals the weapons of his enemies and uses them against them. He will usually do this by catching their blade or weapon in his forked dagger and yanking it out of their hands. He is weak against ranged enemies and enemies who wear their weapons (like Mercury or Yang). When he defeats an enemy, he'll give them back their weapon (if they're in an official fight or the battle is against a respected opponent). When fighting creatures of Grimm, he'll usually find ways to use them against each other or their environment against them.

Kalta can wear her weapon on her arm or carry it like a sword. She'll attempt to touch her enemy to stiffen them so they can't move, and then inject them with a poison from her syringe. She struggles against enemies with high defense or a lot of aura, as she needs to fully deplete their aura in order to poison them, and thus will often use her semblance to hit them for as long as possible. She carries antidotes with her.

Ariel does the best area damage and is the most agile of the group. She'll attack an enemy from all angles by using her semblance (which makes it so she can move through objects) and using dust in her strikes to further hinder them. In a scenario where she's surrounded by enemies, she'll swing her flail in circles around her. She's weak against larger or faster enemies, as if she de-activates her semblance while within an object, it would very easily harm or kill her.

Xavier has two electronic blades, which he controls using the gloves on his hands (similar to Penny's weapons, only minus the string and plus the shield ability). He uses this to make platforms for his teammates and defend them, or to provide needed range (as this team does not have much) and attack enemies from various angles. He's weak against agile and fast enemies who can get past his defense and attack him directly. His semblance only works on creatures or sentient Grimm (anything that can feel emotions).

Against one enemy, Kalta will attack directly using her shield and bat. Xavier will use his two blades in shield mode as platforms for Ariel and Oliver, who will fly in at the same time. Ariel will use Dust to freeze the enemy, while Oliver will steal his or her weapon and use it against them. As soon as their Aura is depleted, Kalta will poison them.

When faced against a ranged enemy, Kalta will use her shield while Xavier will shield his teammates with his two blades. Against ranged or particularly fast enemies, Xavier will use his semblance to weaken them, as the team as a whole is weak against ranged or fast opponents.

Associates: Oliver is from Mistral, and is a student at Haven. Kalta is from Atlas, and is a student at Haven. Ariel is from Mistral, and is a student at Haven. Xavier is from Mistral, and is a student at Haven.

History: Oliver originally lived in Vale, but was recruited into a group that planned to start a new kingdom in Anima and eventually overthrow Mistral. Xavier was a high-ranking member of this group when Oliver joined, but is actually a spy from Atlas with the mission to disband the group before they launched their attack on Mistral. They are both attending Haven to learn information about the inner workings of Mistral.

Kalta is a prodigal doctor in Atlas, who is one of the top assassins within the Atlesian Army. She is at Haven with the task of assassinating the Headmaster.

Ariel is a sailor from Mistral who is studying at Haven to qualify for a license to protect ships overseas.
KreepyGrim Featured By Owner Mar 30, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
You should have the team name as OAKS, like as in a Oak Tree...?
mv39 Featured By Owner Edited Dec 29, 2016
Team Name: SAFR

Reference: Named after the gem stone Sapphire.

Leader: Sora Toro, he quickly analyzes the situation and comes up with a quick and effective strategy with a few contingency plans just in case.

Members: Sora Toro, Alain Xeo, Fredrik Leon, Robin Defora.

Type: Beacon Students who've know each other for a few months.

Strategies/Fighting Style: Sora is a spear/bowman, Alain is the the ninja with his sword/flamethrower, Fredrik the tank with his axe/machine gun, Robin is the dust meister who mostly uses wind with her fans/hand guns. Their usual strategy is Sora taking a over watch position on a cliff, building or tree with his bow while Alain and Robin lure in their target until Fredrik is in position to give a powerful attack and if that doesn't work then Sora will join with his spear and Robin lifts their target with wind dust while Fredrik and Alain lead with the finishing blow.

Associates: They are friends with Team RWBY, Team JNPR, Team SSSN.

History: When they first met it was a rough start they disagreed on everything until they were attacked by a pack of Beowolves and quickly put aside their differences and made quick work of them.
U-R-Ahzum Featured By Owner Edited Dec 8, 2016  Professional Writer
Team Name: DNMC
Reference: Dynamic, meaning energetic, represented by the color red
Leader: D'Arg Forrest, likes using team attacks that use himself as ammunition
Members: D'Arg Forrest, Nara-Jay Andes, Makani "Mac" Jeshile, Cyena Atlantica
Type: Atlas students who just met each other
Strategies/Fighting Style: D'Arg is the swordsman, Nara is the tank, Mac is the Dust meister, Cyena is the sniper. They all tend to do their own thing, but they switch between their opponents from time to time. D'Arg and Nara go in for some close combat action while Mac and Cyena are long-range. D'Arg attacks, Nara defends, Mac gives cover, and Cyena snipes away. Also, their Semblances perfectly balance each other out as they control fire, earth, wind, and water respectively. If any one of them is in danger, they will gladly take the hit if they have to. When they use team attacks, they either combine their weapons or Semblances or even both for the most outrageous attacks anyone has ever seen.
Associates: Team RWBY, Team JNPR, Team GKPD, Team SSSN, Team PYSO, Team VYNL
History: Upon enrollment into Atlas, these four were grouped together through the hands of fate as they went through initiation. From that day forward, they became inseparable.
EoinMcVelociraptorMC Featured By Owner Oct 18, 2016  Hobbyist Filmographer
I've got a few.

1- Team Name: HRLA
Reference: Harlequin Green
Leader: Ian Animus (Cyan) (Nicknamed Headset)
Members: Ricky Baker (Brown Bread), Lima Citril, Azzy Scartrice (Azure Chartreuse)
Type: Beacon students who were kicked out because they blew up the Port Fort
Strategies and fighting style: Headset lets the others distract the enemies as he goes behind lines and gets meatshots with his shotgun. Ricky usually walks straight into the centre of things and shoots like there's no tomorrow with his Tommygun. Ricky is very good at dodging, and he usually does so. Lima stays out of the fight, and uses SMGs from a far. If an enemy strays from the fight, she can take it out with a kunai. Azzy usually stays in the middle grounds, planting her turret in a tactical position. If not, she just takes out her scythe and takes a defensive strategy.
Associates: Team CYAN, Team FLCS, Team FERN (All of which actually graduated. Embarrassing.)
History: Formed at Beacon, made it to the semi finals in the 398th Vytal festival Tournament. Blew up the Port Fort, got kicked out, set up base in the Emerald Forest. We see first years sometimes. If a first year asks for tips, we tell them not to blow up the Port Fort. 
Team Theme: Toby Fox - ASGORE

2- Team Name: FLCS
Reference: Latin word for "luck", and the team has gold and green areas on their armour.
Leader: Felicis Lock
Members: Lament Sage, Celia Cobalt, Scarlet Siris
Type: Freelance Huntsmen and Huntresses
Strategies and fighting style: Very improvised on Lament and Scarlet's part. Celia usually finds her way back and uses pistols, and Felix goes up front with a knife and a rifle. This team is based on luck.
Associates: Team HRLA, Team FERN
History: Formed at Atlas. Met with Team HRLA and Team FERN at the 398th Annual Vytal Festival. Won the 398th Vytal Festival. Went freelance. That's all we're telling you.
Team Theme: Agent Texas

3- Team Name: UCLA
Reference: UCLA can refer to two colours, Blue and Gold.
Leader: Navi Union
Members: Ceril Gold (Cerulean is a type of blue), Laurel Lavender, Auburn Ash
Type: Vacuo Students in Year 4
Strategies: UCLA is a very sporty team. Navi uses a basketball as a weapon, which creates sonic waves on impact with the ground. These don't do major damage, but can knock a foe down, and can be a serious nuisance. The team is equipped with copper boots to negate the effect. Ceril uses a Bronze Bat and a Steel Ball, nothing all too complicated. Laurel is a speedy one, and he often runs straight into the fight with his Javelin. Auburn uses a torch, with a lighter inside to light itself whenever needed.
Associates: W.I.P.
History: W.I.P.
Team Theme: TF2- The Art of War
pomhumangirl Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
Team: CMNN- Cinnamon= A redy orange spice: Redy orange
Cynder Rose - Cynder= cinder from a flame, fiery (red, orange sometimes yellow) Rose- a flower (Commonly Red): Fiery Red
Mynt Sweet- Mynt= Mint (Green, red or wight): Light green
Night-Penny- Night= Night sky and the stars in it (Indigo= silver/wight) Penny- A copper coin(Copper): Silver Copper
Navajo Ivory- Navajo= A variation of wight (Peachy wight) Ivory= a shade of wight (Yellowish wight):Tinted wight 
Will link when done
Samulady Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
I like the team name, pretty cute.
However, honestly I'd avoid using the sames names as canon (it's the meaning that counts after all), because they come off as unoriginal and lackluster.

I use this website a lot to find color related names. Try browsing around a little to see if there's anything to your liking!
If your OC's have any inspirations (fairy tales, myths, cultures), it should make the search easier as well.
pomhumangirl Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
Sorry I tottaly forgot about Cinder at first, by the time I remembered I was quite far in. I'll think about it but want to keep CMNN. I'll change it when I find a good name for her
Samulady Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Well it is still possible to find a 'c' name to replace Cynder, keeping CMNN. Replacing Penny and Rose should also not be so hard given they're last names.

Using the site I linked I can find Cam (orange fruit) and Cienna (alt of Sienna, meaning orange red) for example.
pomhumangirl Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
Thank you. I like Cienna (alt of Sienna, meaning orange red). Any other ideas for them?
pomhumangirl Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
I'm thinking Phoenix instead of Rose. It was mainly Penny because I was a bit upset that they did what they did. I can find a nother last name for her. I like Cienna (alt of Sienna, meaning orange red), so I will probably use that. Thanks you.
Do you have any other ideas that might advance them?
Samulady Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Well do they have any themes or inspirations? Like I already said, they can help tons with finding last names.
pomhumangirl Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
Night- bad a22 mad Hatter, slight Ironman tossed in
Mynt- MLP
Cienna- rich girl, book worm
Navajo- none
VinceOnAStick Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2016  Student General Artist

REFERENCE: The team name resembles Gamma rays.

Leader: Garreen Ascaida

Members: Azuli Macintosh, Maroo Anderson, Aprina Gannett.

Type: Team GAMA members met at the right places at the right times with mixed backgrounds. The tribalist Garreen, the mechanical assistant Azuli, the cheer captain Maroo, and the spoiled, scientific Aprina.

Strategies and Fighting Style: Garreen put a lot of thought into this.

His own fighting style can easily back up Azuli's exoskeletal armor as though he were a drone. His claws can be used to support teammates simultaneously. Aprina's dust elemental staff can be used at all ranges, and can back up Azuli's laser cannon, changing what type of laser is fired. Maroo's lance is also large, serving as a battering ram as well. She and Garreen have an edge in slashing combat.

Garreen has a hack and slash combat style using bracers with retractable claws. Azuli's exoskeletal armor and particle cannon make him the biggest tank (despite his dwarfism) on the team, Maroo is highly motivational and very perceptive, and Aprina is best at a distance, like a sniper.

Associates: Team GAMA serve as hobos (traveling workers), using their skills to get work done, especially in combat.

History: Garreen lost his tribe to the Atlesian military, just escaping with his life. Over time, he met Maroo. They spoke and agreed to travel together. They sought shelter, and found themselves at the doorstep of Aprina's grand home. Aprina saw her chance to get out, taking only her most practical dress and robes, and her dust staff. And finally, after years of traveling, they found Azuli beaten to a pulp near his home. They were informed his mother did this, and got the message across. His sister brought his wagon out, and he joined them after he recovered.

Team Theme: Nothing to add here. :\


Garreen and Azuli: These two are polar opposites in combat style, but respect each other's mediums and admire one another. Garreen treats his tiny comrade like a man, and for this, Azuli is grateful. For instance, Garreen doesn't believe in guns, and hates fire. Azuli worries that Garreen's fighting style will get him killed.

Garreen and Maroo: Garreen is never in a bad mood with Maroo around. Maroo looks up to Garreen's leadership. Enough said.

Garreen and Aprina: These two butt heads seldomly. He doesn't appreciate her arrogance and self righteousness.

Azuli and Maroo: This is a pair that will last a good time. Azuli's charisma and Maroo's cheerfulness are a perfect duo to cheer someone up. They get along normally.

Azuli and Aprina: Azuli and Aprina are constantly at each other's throats. Azuli sees Aprina as a black hearted brat, Aprina thinks Azuli is an annoying little kid. These two locked in a room together is like pairing up a badger and a cobra.

Maroo and Aprina: Maroo is always exited and having a party to herself. And Aprina is a party pooper. Though, these two are both girls that like their hair too much.
Happy516 Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2016  Student General Artist
Wow, that's a very good idea. :) I have a RWBY OC team but it's kind of a slight crossover, is that alright?
a-flyer Featured By Owner Sep 20, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
How is it a crossover, if I may ask?
Pokebreeder25 Featured By Owner Jun 24, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
the link to monty's rule is broken on my end can you explain them to me please i might know them but i would like to make sure
a-flyer Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2016  Hobbyist Writer…
This link should have the rules!
VinceOnAStick Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2016  Student General Artist
The rule is that OCs MUST reference a certain color by their name meaning, or sounding like a certain color. For instance, Ruby is a shade of red. Weiss is German for white. Blake is translated to Black, and Yang is Chinese for "light sun", and our sun is a yellow star.
OnyxOtaku Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2016
Could you maybe help me? I'm struggling to come up with a team name including the letter 'X', as the only colour I know of that uses 'X's Xanadu, but that's the characters name and I couldn't think of a way to abbreviate Xanadu if I were to use it, like with RWBY-Ruby? I'd really appreciate any ideas, if you had any.
a-flyer Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
A fun little trick I learned is that lettering don't always have to correspond 100% to the team name, as you observe with RWBY. I pull some similar pronunciation judo with one of my teams, DIJN, pronounced 'Dune'. The lucky thing is, in English, X is one of the most malleable words in terms of pronunciation. Many Chinese words, when transcribed to English, has many fascinating pronunciations all using the letter x. English xs have many different pronunciations as well, from 'xylophone' to 'exacerbate.' I'd advise playing around with the pronunciation of several team names before deciding on one. 
LadyNightwraith Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2016
I'd love some help brainstorming a team name for four of my OC's, if anyone's still alive o: I'm not sure what to make out of F, I, D, and T. Although, the OC's I have don't really follow Monty's rules of being based off color or a common theme I think, aside from D, for Dusty, I'd really like to use them together as a a different story I'm cooking up .-. One of my other character's names, Tatania, could also be A since that's her nickname, but I'm not sure if it should be T or A...

I've thought up some name combos, but I'm not sure what kind of word they might spell out:

FIDT (Maybe Fated? Not sure o.o)
FAID (Fade could work, but I don't wanna pick that name just yet o.o)
FDAI (Food and Drug Administration International? xP)
That's all I can think of :/
a-flyer Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
I'd suggest a whole bunch of research to figure this out. My original OC team had a base around flowers, with characters being named Sage, Gentian, Zinnia, and Hyacinth, all different types of flowers. I wanted to work them into a team, and I wanted Gentian to be the leader, but, well, no easy things to come up with, you know? I spent a long while researching, but I found something: Giesorhiza, or GSHZ, a type of African flower. I know long story, but the point is if you research, odds are there is something out there that follows the color rule and can serve as a basis for your team name. I'd suggest looking for team influences first. Good luck!
Aggy-Maggy Featured By Owner Feb 29, 2016  Student General Artist

Zelda Silver (Silver Physiology)
Woz Saint-Clair (Faery Physiology)
Duncan Tawny (Earth Manipulation)
Royal Blue Saphir  (Memory Manipulation and Projection)

Shadow17Lord Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2016
WZRD (Wizard)
Aggy-Maggy Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2016  Student General Artist
Oh, nice.  Thanks :)
StarburstDaPony Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2016
I read and understand Monty's naming rules, but what do Jaune, Nora, and Ren have to do with colors???
a-flyer Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
It's a bit more tricky, but it shows how much research can help in developing diversity of character name. "Jaune" is a French word for yellow. "Nora" means light in a several different languages, but in fact shares the name with Nora Baralow Columbine, a type of pink flower. "Ren" is Japanse kanji for Lotus, a type of flower. All of those are slightly more obscure than one would expect for names, but they all follow the naming rule, and frankly there names are more unique because of their relative obscurity. Hope this helps!
AkazilliaDeNaro Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2016
Jaune is french for yellow.
Nora is the name of a pink flower.
As for Ren, well, I don't know.
VinceOnAStick Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2016  Student General Artist
Actually, Ren is similar to Nora. His name is jpapnese for a green shade, and Chinese for "lotus."
StarburstDaPony Featured By Owner Jan 10, 2016
Good enough for me. Thanks, man.
watcher567 Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2016
Lie Ren's name means "lotus" or something similar
Acheron94 Featured By Owner Edited Dec 3, 2015
Can you (or anyone in the comments) help me with the pronunciation of my OC Team's name?


Now before you (or anyone else) "rips off my skull and beats me to death with it" (LMFAO), here are some explanations about my team, listed below.

1: Why I've decided to have the letters in this order?
The A is self explanatory. As for M, R and F: I wanted to do something similar that Monty Oum did with Team RWBY.
During the initiation of the first-year student, Ozpin told the students that the first person they make eye contact with would be their partner for their four school years at Beacon, forming a pair. If that pair retrieves a relic identical to another pair's relic during the initiation, then both pairs are formed into a team.
Ruby and Weiss became partners (R & W) as did Blake and Yang (B & Y).
R & W + B & Y = RWBY  
See where I'm going with this?

2: Why do I have A partnered with M and R partnered with F?
The answer to that is simple; Character Development as well as some plot points.
(This is basically the start of a FanFiction I'm working on)

3: Who are they references of?
All of the team members are based on (and named after) the four main characters in an anime I saw when I was younger. I've also read the manga. Fortunately, in both the anime and manga, the four of them are already based (very loosely) on fairytale/play characters (which saves me the trouble, LOL). 
A = Odette (Swan Lake)
M = Siegfried (Swan Lake)
R = Odile (Swan Lake)
F = The Prince (The Nutcracker)
(basically, this team is based on plays, or ballet depending on how you look at it)

In closing; since this is in early development, I won't disclose any more information. At least not right now. I'm waiting for Volume 3 of RWBY to end (for more information of Remnants Lore, as well as additional information of the key characters backgrounds). I also need to find and an artist who can draw these characters.

If by some miracle you’ve reached the end of this, any help pronouncing my team’s name would be most appreciated.
Shattered-Valor Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
You could try "Amorpha." I realize that it doesn't have the letter "f," but "ph" tends to make the "f" sound. The word itself refers to a genus of pea plants and a genus of moths.
Acheron94 Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2015
Sounds good.

Thanks for the help, I appreciate it.
Shattered-Valor Featured By Owner Dec 17, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
No problem, I like helping out where and when I can.
What do you think of this?
Team BRAU (pronounced as brown)
Baron Cimitiere
Reid Abrams
Aubrey Casterwill
Undine Oceanus
a-flyer Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2016  Hobbyist Writer
Should work just fine!
hammurabiok Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2015
Hi! I have my team members all set up, but I'm having trouble picking out a team name and pronunciation (especially pronunciation). Team leader is H, with other members being A, C, and B.

Are all the possible combinations. I can't see where any would make a word. What do you think? Thank you!
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