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I've redone my commissioning process, hopefully this one will be easier. Many thanks to Karneval-Lune for helping me with this

Below is a list of commission styles that I can do and prices. 
Feel free to fill out the form at the bottom. also if you have any questions send me a note :)

Notes before getting started
 •All Commissions will be done digitally.
 •Commissions can only be paid through Paypal($USD)
 •If I choose to do your commission I will let you know through a message, be sure to add your Contact Info.
 •Finished commissions will be posted publicly on my art pages I.E DeviantArt/Instagram/tumblr
 •If you are Commissioning an OC that does not belong to you, please provide some form of consent from the owner.
 •If requested, I can contact you when I have a phase of the commission completed(Sketch, Line art, Colors/Shade).

 • Bust: $5
Sketch by A-Fistful-Of-Kittens

 • Half-Body: $7
F:art- Mercy (sketch) by A-Fistful-Of-Kittens

 • Full-Body: $10
Moana by A-Fistful-Of-Kittens

Sketch w/ Color
 • Bust: $10
Grillmaster 76 (sketch) by A-Fistful-Of-Kittens

 • Half-Body: $15
F:art- Corrin (sketch) by A-Fistful-Of-Kittens

 • Full-Body: $20
F:art- 2b Sketch by A-Fistful-Of-Kittens

Full Color
 • Bust: $20
Comm: Q by A-Fistful-Of-Kittens

 • Half-Body: $25
F:art - Cindy Aurum by A-Fistful-Of-Kittens

 • Full-Body: $30
Deviant Art Mash up: Elsa by A-Fistful-Of-Kittens


OCs, Humans, Fan art, Soft core (tasteful nudes), Gajinka

NSFW/hentai extreme fetishes

Maybe... I'm not very good at these
Machines(Robots, Gundams, etc.),  furries

• Additional characters are 40% Extra of base price
• Backgrounds are 30% of base price
• If no specified background is given a simple color background will be used

• Type of Commission: (e.g. Flat Color Bust)
• Character reference: (e.g. Flat colors/Color Pallet, what is and isn't madatory, ect.)
• Pose reference:
• Extra's
• Email:
streaming again today,  my deviant art mash up challenge...
gotta finish this cover!!! lots of coloring over here
drawing Hanzo for a few more hours!!
Drawing the Sanchez sisters today :) drop on by if you'd like
lets finish this YEA!
link ->
ill be working on some more cellphone ideas, along with a Riju picture this weekend. so ill be streaming for about 70 percent of the time. do plan to see Kong as some point so ill be taking a break to see that, hopefully its good. hopes are high its got tom hiddleston and john goodman.

got a some projects to work on.

come on by say hi, listen to cool music, its up to you. I don't bite :)
gonna be streaming for most of the day today, got a big project to work on.

come on by say hi, listen to cool music, its up to you.  I don't bite :)
I've finally done it I'm opening up commissions!
I'm still working out kinks at the moment, trying to find the best way to do this. for the time being I've created a form that everyone can fill out.
I hope its adequate this is my first time doing this so I would enjoy feedback let me know if the form isn't working, are my prices to high? think I could do something better? let me know!

here's a link to the form…
working a lot of personal projects over here, art wise. I think I mentioned the redraws I want to do but I'm also working on making my social media more presentable and personal to me. trying to branch out to other things like tumblr and Instagram.
I'm working on making some mascots, or artist representations for my self. I drew some up today hopefully I can run over them with the computer in the coming days, probably Tuesday.
I still want to make a new icon for myself since my comiket one doesn't fit in DAs box, but I haven't decided what that should be yet
and most importantly I will be setting up commissions soon, still working out some kinks but hopefully by the end of the month that will be set up for any that would like.
in the end I'm trying to get my self out there have a fan base and enjoy drawing. hopefully you all can enjoy this journey with me. I look forward to all the things to come, and than you all for the support that you've given me
I'm live streaming over at Picarto for the next few hours.
stop by listen to good music, chat or watch me work
think I'm gonna go pull some art from my old profile and re draw it with my current style, you know to show some progression in the last 4-5 years. there's even some from early this year that I'm thinking to doing. but we'll see.
I'm live streaming over at Picarto for the next few hours.
stop by listen to good music, chat or watch me work
the folks over at Santa's Workshop have opened up they're mailbox again for those would like to send a request to one of Santa's elf's for a picture you can sent a letter to him via their page at…
finally got the tablet set up so we can get back to live streaming and drawing. brother in law is here too so might be crossing streams with him
well It looks like were packing up to move again. so I will be out of contact for a while as our stuff travels from japan to the US.
its been fun japan I will miss you,

we will be back soon
we recently adopted a wacom cintiq and its so fun to draw with. if i can up my game just a little i will probably start doing live streams.
so ive decided that i am going to continue the name of a fistful of kittens over my old account. mainly due to there being no activity over there and i don't like my old art. i will starting a new page in my DA life wish me luck everyone

hello everyone dessan here

seeing as zyhe has moved back to her own page again i feel i should also go back to like to say that we will still run a fist full of kittens as a group name, and our Facebook will still be updated with each others work. but as a DA page we will be leaving it as is unless we do some kind of colab. if we could change it to a group we would but its a lot of work to repost our work and create the group so this page will stay as is.
in the mean time if you like our page for my art you can come check me out at my own page here > i will be posting work over there soon

thanks for all the support see you in the future