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Legion by A-Fistful-Of-Kittens Legion by A-Fistful-Of-Kittens
My secret Christmas gift to djwagLmuffin her Overwatch OC that shes been developing a comic for. shes about three pages in, but i know shes got more than that :)

this is my interpretation of her ULT since i think i only saw one ittsy tinny sketch of it once. pretty much she summons a flank of legionaries to attack the rest of the opposing team, if you get caught by them you take a penalty. she wanted them to induce some kind of fear.
i wanted to do something along those lines. i knew it was channeling some inspiration of the Hanzo Ult so i tried to so something along those lines. originally they were going to be more decrepit like zombies, or you could see their skeletons but i decided against it mostly cuz i was already struggling to build this.
i always pictured it similar to Byakuyas bankai from bleach so you can kinda see i was inspired by that here. i always imagined her dropping the sword into the ground to summon them, like Hanzos arrow.

go check out her comic, she updates frequently and would love the followership.…
her links

this picture is also a test for myself, im intending to make it as a play mat for my MTG. if it comes out good ill try and do more at these ratios so i can use them later. along with a stretch of my own personal skills

Tools of the trade:
Wacom cintiq 24"
Paint Tool SAI, Photoshop
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djwagLmuffin Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2017  Professional General Artist
THIIISSS makes me happy. 

So much love and it looks even better when I can zoom in on it.

And yeah, the Roman soldiers were not, like, zombies but that would make a great Halloween skin idea xD
A-Fistful-Of-Kittens Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Glad I could brighten your day even the slightest :)

Yeaaa! Holloween skin and then for Christmas we can give them all santa hats and candy canes.
Damn it Hanzos sky noodles need hats!
Jblask Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2017  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Looks amazing! as soon as I saw her I thought her armor looked interesting because ti was obviously roman inspired but still looked modern in design. the ULT idea is always interesting and neatly executed.
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December 26, 2017
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