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.:UTAU:. Further details about my current poll

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 27, 2014, 3:30 AM
A Whisper from the heart

A scream from the soul

For the poll here you go:…

Some more notes for those wondering those UTAU's I added in:

- Aika Heion
  • One of my main UTAUloids
  • She has other Extra / Append Banks but I showcased only her latest, which was her Default Tri-pitch CV Bank
  • I know she has 'many' designs but it's up to what you want her to design to be to be honest...

- Kitty Kokone
  • One of my other main UTAUloids
  • Main theme: Hello Kitty
  • She has only 1-type of Voicebank but her forever WIP Gentle Bank will be probably be released...who knows...
    (She also has an upcoming CV+Partially VCV Bank coming)

- Claus Cross
  • One of my main UTAUloids
  • Probably will be my only male UTAUloid for the time being
    (Not counting genderbents)
  • He also has an Extra / Append Banks but I more commonly use his Dual-Pitch VCV Bank

- Suki Wakahisa
  • She's not one of my main UTAUloids but I do like to keep her around
    (Due to the fact her voice is a little differently made)
  • Only has one bank released but has one that's updated but the only bit I have oto'd was her CV Bank
    (NOTE: This was recorded maybe early or mid last year)
  • Main theme: Apple

- Orion (Black + White)
  • One of my main (to-be) UTAUoids
  • This one doesn't have a gender nor design
    (Just a white + Black blob face or character with a paper mask on their face)
  • It's Voicebank is the only one I am currently fighting about distribution
    (For now only 1 person has it's Voicebank)

- MUTE (Myu-To)
  • One of the more unknown UTAUloids of mine
  • Voice collaboration with my sister
  • This too doesn't have an official gender but my sister and I thought it was more fit to be a male than female
  • It's voice is meant to be that 'alien' feel

- Puchine Twins (Karui + Yuji)
  • These two aren't really mine but belongs to be sister but I have to keep watch of them
  • The sample that was shown was recorded 2 years ago

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Submitted on
February 27, 2014