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PMDU app2 Team Thunderstorm



Names :Charm
Species :meowth
Age :13
Charm joined the explores in hopes to one day be a hero like her adopted mother. she learns most of her moves from being raised by electric types. she isn't very greedy unlike most meowths and tends to give money away than keep it for her self. tho strong willed she is rather naive when it comes to common scene using electric moves on ground types and thinking one day she will evolve in a pikachu like her mother and father did ( but she doesn't realize that shes adopted).

Names :Vlonlight Sparkleboy, Sparklebut, Goldilocks
Species :shinx
Age :6
Right after hatching Sparkleboy was already hated by his father for his unusual colours and his mother never relay paid much attention to him and his sibling usually find it amusing to make fun of him for it. making Goldilocks more and more distant and distrust full. one day he noticed that orian berry juice can be used to make himself blue the idea only half worked and now is siblings call him Sparklebut. but when met Charm some one who treated him with respect and kindness at first he distrusted her but eventually they became friends and he gained a name that he can happy call himself Voltlight

Names :Hope
Species :Hoppip
Age :17
Hope is a strong flyer for a hoppip she can takeoff on her own without the aid of a gust of wind when the statue attacked her home her family were scattered all over the place with the help of the team she found her mother and father however her brother is still missing but she won't give up so she decided to join team Thunderstorm in hopes to one day see her brother again

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