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''Ice cream'' Emote Pinkie - WTF? plz

How many more scoops?

Blockyblob's avatar

i'll help u clean it off

perfesser-bear's avatar

Oh, dear! How will she ever get that ice cream out of her fur?

Bravefox21's avatar
Do you need a Handkerchief?
CaseyDecker's avatar

This summer-themed picture you've done of such a furry character looks quite sexy and lovely for sure! :D

Nurijan's avatar

ACK!! Mi... corazon!! =>.O=!!! Demasiado hermosa!!!!

*Es muy efectivo, Nurijan se desmaya*


Co-lord44's avatar

So cute, so lovely How I wish I could draw like that.

Fuego-fantasmal's avatar

She looks very cute, sexy and gorgeous; amazing work. :love:

So are we going to ignore the ice cream that dripped onto her chest.
MrAMP's avatar

I love the beach pose.

suffering23's avatar

she's so gorgeously sexy and beautiful <3

GlitchSamo21's avatar

Fancy artwork. Like Pimsan said, that's quite a nice swimsuit!

Pimsan0's avatar

Oh my, that is quite a nice swimsuit.

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