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Kenrou Horo :-wheaten tail:

By A-231
Kenrou Horo from "Spice and Wolf" series.
[link] <- "at 1st i wanna do it in cell shading... but, i just can't. :iconorzplz: "
quite cute for a pagan GOD :rofl:
download for full size. :)
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That looks awesome :)
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Always thought she looked more like a fox than a wolf.
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I've been loving this piece since you put it up!

It really is one of the best depictions of Holo that I have seen.

After waiting and waiting, I finally had to create an account (in part so I could thank you for this piece).

Holo doesn't get as much love as she deserves!
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I like horo very much, because i see me in her^^
 Beautifull pic, you are a great talent.
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Awesome.... the tail is so detailed! I love this horo!!!
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I don't have words... This pic is amazing! :O

As for Holo... One of the best-writen characters in modern fiction, in my humble opinion. ^^
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Best Horo painting EVER! 0.0
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It's beautiful :iconawwwplz:
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Awsome work, what did you use?
I must say this Is beautiful...stunningly so.
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It's beautiful Horo *.*
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. . . THAT
. . .I
THAT . .
. .
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I loooooooooove it :iconthemaskplz:

and i love Horo :D
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This is beautiful! Love the tail!
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wow.... that's crazy good. i just wanna pet her tail... it looks so FLUFFY!
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Amazing! The detail of the hair is stunning.
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Epic work. I love it
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It's perfekt, looove!!!
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