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Creative Challenges by team, journal

Sharing art you love just got easier. If you embed a gallery of multiple images within a journal, status update, or comment, you can now paste a deviation URL into the search box to add that deviation to the gallery. Previously, if you had deviations you wanted to add to a gallery, you needed to search for them via keyword or select them from your favorites. Share a gallery of art of your favorite animal in the comments to try it out!

Honing Your Skills by team, journal

Drawtober 2023: Draw every day in October! by team, journal

Adoptable Creator Showcase - September 2023 by team, journal

Feature: Shading, Color Theory, and More by team, journal

Support by team, journal

Share your community projects! by team, journal

Become a Beta Tester on DeviantArt! by team, journal

A New Look for New Groups by team, journal

A Salty, Sailor's Warning by DerangedDiligence, literature

Memories by the Lake by MaggotsX, literature

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