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Bananas Are Good

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My entry for :icondoctorwhoclub: Banana Contest. =P

Banana skin - old, but effective trick. =)

Bananas are good for you! =D
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Ohh, now I would have loved to have seen the Tenth Doctor at some point meet and beat an enemy who had a fatal weakness to bananas like the Cybermen to gold! X)
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But would this work on Daleks?
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Lol so funny. 

David Tennant was brilliant in this episode. He was so sweet. When he Winked, it's so cute and I am almost fall and lost consciousness... Lol, fangirling... Sorry...
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Thank you.

And it's alright, do not worry. =)
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Theyre full of potassium! ^^

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hahaha awesome!

great style!
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Buaha, humans may not be "upgraded" enough to be stronger than emotions, etc or w/e, but NO ONE, not even super-tech "oh-so-powerful-becuz-we're heartless" androids, can escape the inevitable collapse over a collision with an improperly-disposed-of slippery snack package! :D
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mwahaha, i love bananas! xD
simple, yet effective ... ;]
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'Well, I did say bananas are good for you...well, unless you're a Cyberman, you know. Sorry.'

I cacked myself laughing upon seeing this!
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see why didnt i think of that before....i better carry a banana with me now just in case the cybermen decide to invade
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Bananas are good for you! =D
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How To Dispatch a Cyberman:

1. Eat a banana.
2. Casually drop banana peel on the ground.
3. Laugh and point when Cyberman/men slip on afore mentioned peel and fall on the ground.
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