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The Green Sahara

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Only about 5,000 years ago, the Sahara desert had a wet and humid climate. Large lakes dotted across the land, along with huge grasslands and rainforests. Sadly, the Sahara transformed into a desert like it is today.

You can use this, as long as you credit me.
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I   B L E S S  T H E  R A I N S  D O W N  I N  A F R I C A ! ! !
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Interesting layout of those bodies of water:  Seas of the Sahara by YNot1989
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How did those massive lakes dry up? Just from climate change?
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I guess. but, I found out that the map I was using was fictional, meaning that all of those lakes besides the big one in the center were fake. But, I am working on an updated version.
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nvrm they are real
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Ah, no worries lol, I was simply surprised since some of those dwarf Lake Victoria, which left me quite confused as to how such massive bodies of water could disappear in only 5,000 years. But you say the big center one was still real? That's fascinating...

For all those extremely desert-adapted animals like the fennec fox to gain all those traits in only 5000 years...maybe evolution is a faster process than we think? Sorry about the rant, I just find the green Sahara really, really interesting.
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Yeah. I hope one day we can restore it.
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I wonder what effect it would have on global ecosystems. I mean, I know the Amazon and the Mata Atlantica and most other South/Central American rainforests get sand blown across from the Atlantic, which helps their soil for some reason. I wonder how different they'd be?
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