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Gallimimus redesign

A redesign of the Jurassic world Gallimimus.

UPDATE: I fixed some things, including:

- Lighting and textures are fixed and more realistic
- Legs are more like Ostriches than whatever JW's were
- Fixed the face, including giving it shading
- Fixed the neck coloration and texture
- Hand claws now have reflections
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Looks amazing. Really wish Jurassic World had updated all the designs to something more accurate like this. They had the chance with the park being open and new dinosaurs were being made. Sadly, the filmmakers blew it. You certainly didn't.

Flare-Rex's avatar
A lot easier on the eyes...
OtakuSauridae's avatar
God Jurassic World's dinosaurs are so ugly. Nice work.
Taliesaurus's avatar
I wouldn't say ugly, just different....
In my opinion they are both equally beautiful.

but can think of them what you like, and I can respect that...
after all... Beauty is in the eye of the beholder
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I think one could make a case for them being objectively unoriginal and bland looking, as far as scifi creatures go.
Taliesaurus's avatar
one could also make the case for them simply following consistency.
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I've always thought that Gallimimus would be extremely cool with a pattern of colors similar to those of the pheasant. This said you made an awesome job with this oversized prehistoric Ostrich (I'm not kidding, Ornithomimosaurids kinda look like giant ostriches). Well done ;)
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Looks really nicely done. Definitely an improvement.
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Wait what if micheal chriton did not nit pick facts. The first Jurassic park would have feathered dinosaurs  
Philoceratops's avatar
We didn't have any concrete evidence of feathered dinosaurs until after Jurassic Park was written and made into a movie.
Liopurodon4x's avatar
although micheal criton used a paleontologist description of dienonychus as a swift moving scary animal. But that same paleontologist said that deino had feathers.
Philoceratops's avatar
We still lacked the evidence, as it was merely speculation at the time.
Andromedian1's avatar
It would have been cool if the movies kept up with the changing understanding
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