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9mm stock 17

By 9mm-stock
another dead shot...

a bit sharper than the previous :) (Smile) tell me how do i manage to look so terrible in this kinda pics ?? :worried: LOL

anyway, if u use it, i'd be happy if i was informed at *suzi9mm thanks.
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wer hat ihr denn die hauchzarte Kehle aufgeschlitzt?
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Awesome stock image. Thanks.
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I might want to use this pic for something outside of deviantart, but I would also upload it here and if i use it I would link to you. If this is not ok tell me and I won't use it.
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It's Perfect.
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WOW! Great shot, pardon the pun.
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I love this image and i love how magikhatman manipped it
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wow impossible.great job:clap:
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I used this here: [link]
I hope you like it.
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oheghhhhhhhhhhhhhh...hiç midem kaldırmaz boole seyleri...yinde basarılı ama dur once bi kusayım :puke: :puke: :puke: :puke: :)
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I used your photo [link]"HERE thanks
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how did you get the blood look so realistic? its like AWSOME!!
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i used this stock photo here is my finished manipulation [link]
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is this your last photo ever taken?? :D
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It reminds me of the Hitch Cock film Psycho..................... I love the feel and look of it cool!!!!!!!.
Mind you in psycho you don't seen any blood apart from it going down the plug hole, and not for geting its in black and white lol.
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Me encantaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!
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this is great!
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