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9 Years Ago by 9CentsChange 9 Years Ago :icon9centschange:9CentsChange 134 25 Solene Doodle Dump by 9CentsChange Solene Doodle Dump :icon9centschange:9CentsChange 114 16 Cloud Hippie Mermaid by 9CentsChange Cloud Hippie Mermaid :icon9centschange:9CentsChange 123 8
Allyship - Part 3.5 (BATIM Fanfiction)
Hello everyone! Comin' back at you with another small part for Allyship! This time, with the group now safe once again after the river incident, we take a moment in the story to briefly shift focus. This small interlude goes to a very certain character who will be making his presence known very soon.
An old tune played softly, its notes flitting about the walls of the broken down studio. Deep within the confines of its walls lay a sanctuary, only accessible by those who play the correct tune. On the floor of the hideaway lay several candles, an old banjo, a smeared pentagram, and a crooked, broken mask, discarded and cast aside. The tune of the phonograph was all but drowned by the sound of hollow, grief-stricken sobs.
The figure of a man- or someone who was once a man- lay on his knees, his body bent and head lowered to the floor. His ink-coated body was racked with every sob that escaped him.
“Why… Why have you forsaken me…” His words came out
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Let's get this party started! by 9CentsChange Let's get this party started! :icon9centschange:9CentsChange 133 13 Quiet by 9CentsChange Quiet :icon9centschange:9CentsChange 169 14
Allyship - Part 3 (BATIM Fanfiction)
    Here it is folks! Part 3! A very big thanks to everyone who's been interested in this little story line and who's been patient for the next part! I hope you all enjoy! In this chapter, the group travels to the village of the Lost Ones, and end up finding some rather unexpected things during their journey. 
   Alice awoke to the sound of tapping on wood.
   "Hey," a female voice that she had grown all too familiar with spoke to her. “You want to come with us?"
   She blinked as she slowly pushed herself up into a sitting position. "Come with you? Where?"
   "On an errand, of course. I'm asking if you'd like to come."
   Her one eye squinted. This was rather unorthodox to say the least. What sort of errand required all four of them to travel together? A part of her was intrigued, almost curious, but another, much larger part of her was extremely skeptical
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9 Years Ago
"Hi dad, I'm Henry"

But wow I CANNOT believe I forgot to post this here!

This was a little mini comic thing I made for Luna's birthday on February 3rd, which shows a little flashback to the early morning day after Luna was born. After Bendy helped Alice and newborn Luna get settled, he made his way out to the phone in the studio and dialed Henry up to tell him the good news. 

Henry of course was immensely happy for him and quickly gathered up Linda so the two of them could come over and visit. It wasn't long before word got out after that, and just about everyone in the studio wanted to come and see the new baby. Overall, it was a very joyous occasion, there were quite a few chocolate cigars passed around that day and maybe a few exchanges of money but shhhhhh
Solene Doodle Dump
Comin' at cha one more time with some Solene related doodles! I really love this girl and I want to explore her personality more in the future! 

Going from top to bottom we have:

1. Wee babby Solly. 

2. Kai was definitely excited about being an older sibling, but he couldn't help but feel a little nervous too. What if the new baby didn't like him? What if he was a bad older brother? Luckily, Uncle Cagney is there to help ease his nerves. Cagney is a good friend of Hilda, and he volunteered to keep Kai company in the little waiting area while Cala was still in the process of actually having Solene. 

3. And then of course, the moment Kai gets to hold Solene for the first time, he's immediately hooked. He loves his baby sister and is gonna give her so many hugs. 

4. Young child Solene figuring out her cloud powers. 

5. I like to imagine Luna has visited Inkwell Isle at least once with her family, and that she and Solene quickly became friends after they met. Luna had never met a mermaid about her age before, and Solene is a little timid at first, but quickly warms up to her. The two spend the rest of Luna's visit exploring the isles and collecting various starfish and seashells on the ocean shore together. 

More drawings on Solene can be found here~:……
Capture by 9CentsChange

Guesssss what I've finally started writing more Allyship! I've been trying to block out little chunks of time to sit down and write out a rough draft of it. Once it's in writing I'll be able to go back and edit it. I'm excited to continue this little au/canon divergent story of BATIM, and it's made me super happy to know other people have been enjoying it as well! 

For anyone who'd like to read Allyship from the start:

Part 1:
Allyship - a BATIM Fanfiction    So after watching Chapter 5, I found myself lowkey wanting to explore an au/canon divergent storyline that had been bouncing around in my head. The premise is that Alice Angel, after being killed by Allison, happens to revive not far from the trio's safehouse. In a split-second decision, they opt to take her hostage. Please enjoy and let me know what you think!
   Henry heard the sounds before he saw it. A strangled, gurgling noise, like a half-drowned creature struggling for air. When he turned the corner in search of the source of the noise, he froze. A puddle of ink was bubbling, pulsating under a Bendy statue.
   And something was crawling out of it.
   A black hand burst out of the ink first, hitting the hardwood floor with a wet squelch as another hand followed suit. A head emerged next, coated with ink and dripping everywhere.
   The figure gasped, desperate for air as

Part 2:

Allyship- Part 2 (BATIM Fanfiction)    Part 2 of Allyship! Alice and Allison have a little conversation while Tom and Henry are out patrolling. 
    I'm just a lonely angel... Sittin' here on a shelf...
    Alice's eyes twitched as she slowly rose out of her rather shoddy attempt at sleep. Was that music she heard?
    At times it seemed, if I just dreamed... I'd not be by myself...
    She lifted her head as her consciousness began to return. It seemed she hadn't dreamed being clocked with a gent pipe and then thrown in here yesterday. Unfortunately. God her head still hurt. 
    I never gave up hoping... That you would come along...
    She pulled herself into a sitting position on her cot- uncomfortable didn't even begin to describe this thing- and craned her neck towards the small window in her cell. It took a long moment for her skull to stop throbbing long enough to
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It ain't Royal Academy, folks.
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4. Art Requests are CLOSED. I'm always open to suggestions, but that isn't a promise that I will draw it.

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Thank you for reading!

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Gee thanks. The idea Is, Is that after starting her relationship with Alison, "Alice" becomes self conscious about her face deformities.
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I like to imagine a scenario where a much younger Luna meeting Allison-Alice, Susie-Alice, and actual cartoon-Alice (her mom) in a room. Looking at all three of them. And asking does this mean she has three mom's.

Official how old is Luna?
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And yessss she loves her three moms so much
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You're right. We should count the monster Alice drawing we see in Joey's apartment and make it four moms. 

Though in reality they're not literally her moms, I just think the concept of Ink Alice and Allison lowkey adopting her is cute
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First off, I've sent the links to you, and I'm guessing you've clicked on them by now. You did look at them, right?

I'm planning to make a series called Captain Shoehorn's adventure.

Here's the plot: when Captain Shoehorn finds out his ship was stolen and his troops* were captured by a group of evil dark characters, he must go to extreme lengths to get them back, but he can't do it alone.

I was hoping you could co-write it with me, since you're a pretty good writer.

Oh, and also because Luna, Bendy and Alice** are gonna be in it as well!

*The Yohoholigans.
**The Bendice fanchild and the adult duo in your AU, not in the Ink-Verse.
9CentsChange Featured By Owner Edited Jan 5, 2019  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Heyo, I'm not gonna have time to co write anything. I’ve got my own projects to work on plus an illustration program that'll be starting for me next week, so I'm simply not gonna have any time, plus I'm not personally interested in the subject matter. You don't need to message me any further on it.
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