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Sleepover Fun [ITotP AU Crossover Fanfic]
based off of that drawing that ( 9CentsChange ) made of the two child beans together that made me really really, REALLY happy. this precious child named Luna belongs to her while my precious child named brittany belongs to me. enjoy the chaos and the fun that these two are bringing!
it was an nice calm mid afternoon as two Toons were seen walking to wherever, one was taller at around an average height of 5'3 with an black dark hoodie with an red hood, an badge that had the bendy head, an green patch on the sleeve and a blue patch on the hoodie, along with two stitches on the clothing, one near the elbow kinda and one near the shoulder, the Toon had an tail that acted similar to an cat and a dog as it flicked slightly, he had blue jeans were an purple like belt that held what seemed to be an revolver. half of the jeans on one side was stained with long since worn out ink, he had two stitches on his face one on the cheek and the other on his
:iconcrocodile-wolf-9000:crocodile-wolf-9000 2 2
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BATIM Neopets Paintbrush Meme
So I reblogged a small art thing on tumblr last week. It was an art meme where people could send a character plus a paintbrush from the online website, Neopets, and the artist would then draw said character with the theme of the paintbrush picked for them. I obviously had an absolute blast doing this with the BATIM crew, being an old Neopets fan myself, and I thought I'd share with everyone here on DA. 

Going from the top down, we have:

1. Luna + Blue Paintbrush

2. Bendy + Rainbow Paintbrush

3. Luna + Starry Paintbrush

4. Luna + Ghost Paintbrush

5. Alice Angel + Electric Paintbrush

6. Luna + Baby Paintbrush

7. Luna + Darigan Paintbrush

8. Alice Angel + Strawberry Paintbrush

Here's a link to the paintbrush meme if you'd like to check it out:…

Please don't send me any though, I'm all done for now :)

Let me know what you think of these! Do you have a favorite? If so, which one? All in all, please enjoy!
Don't eat paint, kids
"Centuries-old tempera and gesso don't agree with the stomach, as I learned not long after that..."

Some more shenanigans from little miss Luna herself! Toons and their tendency to take things literally can get them into some pretty sticky situations. Anything to get a laugh!

Old wood texture was used from here:…
Alice the Mechanic
Have y'all seen Alice's Rosie the Riveter outfit in Nightmare Run. Cause it is the cutest goshdarn thing I have laid my eyes on. Here's a link for anyone who wants to see:…

I am. so gay for her and her outfit. It is so cute. Bendy is also extremely shaken at how adorable his girlfriend/wife/whatever point in their relationship is and is about 3 seconds from passing out from cuteness exposure. 
- Shakespeare

So anyway, I was perusing through Instagram earlier today, just looking to see if I'd missed any reposted art of mine and report it, no biggie, no drama. And then I came across two of my pics here:

Instagram1 by 9CentsChange

It was this pic and it's companion piece with Bendy cuddling a pregnant Alice Angel. Two pics that I've posted on tumblr and on DA here:
Before Luna - Bendy x Alice by 9CentsChange

I was just about to go and just file a copyright infringement claim and be on my merry way when I noticed the post had 80 comments on it. 80. And that point, I knew I had to investigate. Just to be discrete, I've highlighted the OG reposter's username in pink. 

Instagram1.5 by 9CentsChange

So just to set the stage here, this is the same person I've had to go through and get a lot of my art removed from their account. Their page is literally all reposted BATIM art, and as you can see, they don't seem too worried about the fact that they don't know who the original artist is. Calling Alice "me" on my own art is just a delightful little topper on the cake. Note: Don't do this unless you know the artist is okay with it. A lot of artists find this disrespectful and some even downright rude.

Instagram2 by 9CentsChange
So we're already off to a great start here, seeing as this person's Bendy counterpart seem to like to roleplay as said characters on uncredited art, nice. And someone pretending to be their unborn child, also nice.

Instagram3 by 9CentsChange
I scroll down a little further and someone who I'm gonna call Miko takes a brave stand against this apparently "shit" art. Please notice the pretty aggressive response OP has here. Believe me when I say you're gonna be seeing more of this. If someone tries to start shit on my art I usually just politely but firmly correct them and then block them. They're never worth engaging with unless you've got extra brain cells you want to kill. 

Instagram4 by 9CentsChange
I've no comment for this one honestly I just wanted to feature it. 

Instagram5 by 9CentsChange

And now a new challenger appears by the name of Gold! They have seen one (1) piece of ship art and have decided that their interest and love for this indie game is now ruined. Truly a tragedy. And again, OP just has such an aggressive response. It's almost hilarious how defensive they're getting over art that they did not assist with making at all in the slightest. 

Instagram6 by 9CentsChange
Gold continues to fight for their cause and instead of just blocking them OP decides to tag them and all their haters out of spite. Always nice.

Instagram8 by 9CentsChange
Read that red text, kids. Now read it again. "as. an. artist". This person is not the artist of this work. All they did was copy and paste this onto Instagram. This is why reposting hurts artists. Repost their art and you sever the connection of the artist to their work. This person, along with God knows how many others, is under the impression that this reposter is the original artist. This sort of shit needs to stop.

Instagram9 by 9CentsChange

Another unrelated highlight here. Swoozy apparently made a less than kind comment. Their reason? Alice Angel has a fucking baby. I don't even have words for that, it's beautiful just the way it is.

Instagram10 by 9CentsChange

Annd one more highlight just because it cracked me up. I never knew so many people would say something with "fuck" in it to some SFW ship art. Honestly "what the fuck-but actually this is cute" is everything I've ever wanted in a critique for my art. It's the perfect combination of shock and d'awww. You're gonna be freaked the fuck out but darnit you can't deny it's cute.

So yeah that was my adventure in Instagram today. I think it beats out DA by a landslide for being so drama-filled over such trivial things. I left a comment expressing how impressed I was at how one little ship art could cause so much discourse, and I thanked the OP for giving me a chuckle before I go to have it taken down. I just wanted to preserve this little beauty before it gets removed. 

Also, I feel like I should say, don't go and send this person hate or anything. The reason why I blocked out their username was to prevent this from happening. I deal with reposters a lot, and they very rarely mean any legitimate harm. Most of the time they're not even aware what they're doing is wrong or hurtful. So please, I implore you, don't go and harass them. If you see any art of mine that you believe may be reposted, simply contact me and provide a link to the reposted art, and I'll take care of it from there. I don't want to spread hate or cause any unnecessary drama, that would be extremely irresponsible of me as an adult and an artist on the internet. 

Thank you for reading! Happy travels to you all, wherever you may be! 
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Great Googly Moogly!
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BATIM Roleplay Blog:

Name's 9CentsChange! Also known as dragon-cookies on I draw lots of stuff from video games and am huge, huge shipping trash.

Rules and Guidelines:
1. Be polite. Don't post spam on my deviations, don't be rude, and don't have long and irrelevant discussions. I really couldn't care less if you don't ship something/don't like the subject/don't agree with a headcanon, just don't click on it if you don't like it.

2. Do not repost, trace, or make bases with my art. If I can draw, so can you.

3. Do feel free to make fanart of my OCs! Please tag me in all the art you make so I can give it plenty of love! Comic dubs are more than welcome too! Please contact me for permission and feel free to link me when it's done!

4. Art Requests are CLOSED. I'm always open to suggestions, but that isn't a promise that I will draw it.

5. If you're interested in a commission, please let me know via comments or notes and I can give you my price info. Please note that I strongly prefer payment to be upfront and via PayPal.

6. I do not do roleplays on this account. This is a place where I post my art and fanfics only. If you're interested in rp'ing, please contact me on tumblr.

Thank you for reading!

Fandoms and things I like:
Cuphead (Press start!) - F2U by DullHugs 001 Bulbasaur Stamp by Kevfin Popplio stamp by pulsebomb Sylveon Stamp by FlNS Shiny Pokemon Stamp by Reitanna-Seishin Jareth + Sarah Ballroom Stamp by TwilightProwler Don't Starve Together Stamp by LadyGlitch Jack + Sally by JustYoungHeroes .:Smile Toothless:. by OxAmy Stardew Valley Stamp by GigasGhosts Discord Stamp by Cascayd Bendy And The Ink Machine [STAMP] by Moises87 Undertale Animated Stamp by Papikari Cheshire Cat Stamp by RogueLottie .: The Greatest Showman - Stamp :. by WateermelonKing Crimes Stamp by Grumpyfart The Phantom of the Opera (musical) stamp by Stuflox Slime Rancher Stamp by Dekpi
Hufflepuff Stamp by Autlaw

More stuff about me:
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