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Neon Space Rainmeter Skin 3.6 09/2020

By 99villages

Download by clicking the download button below the preview picture or download it from this link LINK

Then You Will Need  to download and install rainmeter LINK

-01/09/2020 update!
-Weather Feed Fixed! (moved from xwdata to
- mini beam visualzizer added and more!

V3.5 Features

- HD Resolutions  supported
- English, French, German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, Italian and Portuguese Languages Included
- Glow Skins included
- Spotify and other main audio players Support
- Many new skins
- Universal colors, Now you can set the color of the skin to whatever you like (Pro)
- 4 new audio visualizers
- All skins Updated 
- Now more resource-friendly,( ram usage reduced by 60% )
- bugs fixed
- Loads Faster
- Animations updated
- Gaming Mode
- Menu skin for easy setup
- Easy Launchers setup, no need editing skin files anymore
- Ability to change Fonts
- Easy weather setup
-Weather Skin
- And more, Be sure to update

IF you like the feel of texts scrolling on your screen, the feel of 3D and Glassy effects
 Then this skin is for you.



Read through to get everything working perfect Skin has been updated!!

IF you like the feel of texts scrolling on your screen, the feel of 3D and Glassy effects
 Then this skin is for you.

1- Need to get rainmeter app first
2- This skin is available for most screen resolutions
3- Wallpapers included
4- Displays many functions 
5- still developing this skin for better features.
6- There are other features of this skin which are not in the preview above
7- worked hard on this one hope you guys enjoy

8- The main wallpaper is from OGame a legendary online space game.


Jsmorley   for rain RGB
All rainmeter Forum Guys
All rainmeter plugin developers
and the rainmeter developers' team.

         Merci a tous........99villages
------thanks--and----have----a----nice----Day---99villsSweating a little... Sweating a little... 
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Beautiful and useful. How do you change the location of the blinking dot on "Map".?

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Looks like 99villages has gone out of business for the past month or so.Maybe he has a job?

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Hello Namho, i am still working on the skins, New update will be out before the end of this month. If you still have issues, please let me know by mail

I will respond faster through mail Thank you.

Gr3yKn1ght's avatar

Hi I just purchased the pro version of Neon Spaces and I have no idea how to edit or change the weather.

Love the Skin but yeah I'd like to know how to change it if possible still..thank you

NVM: Read the help thing on your setup page and figured it out thanks!!

99villages's avatar

Great, Thank you :)

99villages's avatar

Thank you, Glad you like

Please add more Payments methods

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Hey, Do you have any suggestions? Thank you

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Hi! I really like this skin pack. It's my favorite so far. I do have one problem, though. The visualizers are not working for me. I'm trying to use "Beam" but it's not doing anything other than spinning. I wasn't sure if there is any prerequisites for it to work. Thanks!

99villages's avatar

It should Work Automatically, Note that the visualizer responds to your audio player volume level and not to windows volume level. You could also increase the sensitivity through the Menu skin. Hope that helps.

CalebHawn's avatar
Okay, I eventually got it to work. It seems like I wasn't very sensitive, and it wasn't working with the app I was testing it on. Thanks!
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hello! where are you 99villages?

i don't see you for along time.

you are not answer my question

99villages's avatar

Hi! Namho2019

I thought the issue with the weather was solved already since it works fine for me when i checked.

Its better to send me a note for the more technical questions that requires a discussion

Thank you.

namho2019's avatar

Um I am not mentioning Neon Space but Glass Shards, it has a weather error and I hope you fix it! I feel you are no longer focusing on Glass Shards. I know you are tired, but fighting guys! You can do it!

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Hey Namho2019, I did check and everything still works fine, If you still have the issue, you should try re-installing your skin to see if the issue is fixed. If not, you can send me a screen shot at

namho2019's avatar

Hello! I think my Glass Shards Pro file is broken. Please give me a new copy! My Email:

99villages's avatar
99villages's avatar

I want pro version. Except from given method how can i pay you.

how can i use it i buy pro version i install it but i dont get it

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