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Glass Shards Rainmeter 1.1 2019

By 99villages

Download Link Above

First You Will Need  to download and install rainmeter LINK

02/19/2020 Update==>> Fixed the weather feed.

Updated, Now you can disable the flickering effect

-Use the menu skin that loads after installation to configure this suit.
-Get your weather code here, you type your city in the search bar and copy your code from the address bar, more instructions from my website.
-includes 4 skins + 6 natures sound effects
-Multiple screen resolutions support

Thanks for downloading Hug Hug 
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doesn't work :(

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Hello, What doesn't work?

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And for the sake of convenience, can you show me how I can fix the weather outage problem myself?

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Hello, namho2019

I saw the weather error you where talking about, you weren't specific so i didn't notice it affected only the square glass skin. I fixed it in this new update. Thank you.

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The weather stopped working. Please fix it.

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Fixed now Thanks

it says

Invalid package:


The Skin Packager tool must be used to create valid .rmskin packages

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Hello, please install the latest version of rainmeter and try again, it works fine for me.

yeah I did install the latest version but its displaying the same problem

Beautiful art!

A thanks but way over priced for what you give people. Nice work though.

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Updated, Weather fixed!

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Weather has stopped working, is there a new update yet?

I bought the Pro version of this Skin pack, can I get the Pro update when it launches? If possible send it to my email (this email I used to buy the Pro version before): ===>

Thank you very much!

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Good job, but the weather doesn't work anymore.

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Thanks for notifying me. I fixed it and you should receive it by e-mail.
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Hey, my Glass Shards PRO does not seem to be able to see the weather, an error has occurred (previously used normally).

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Thanks for the notification, I fix it and it should work properly now Thanks.
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is this skin still available? it's a very cool concept &, since i have a b&w desktop, would fit in very nicely.

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It is, Download link is above.

I can't seem to get the weather code from copying the URL after entering my city in the search bar and when I copy it in the settings skin and hit enter it disappears. Is this normal? Is there any other way to get the weather code?

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hey, sorry to hear that, you should send me an email using the email address you used to purchase and I will mail it to you thanks.
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