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Journal Entry: Tue Apr 20, 2010, 4:05 AM

Namaste - its been sometime since I posted/updated the journal entry -- and already a quarter of the year has passed -- been trying to update my site -- but can't quite get the right photos to post or even the right font to use -- but it will come -- as for the blog -- new photos will be posted in the week -- as for here -- there is much to be done -- for sure -- a reinvention of sorts -- reconnecting to the words and images that pass through these pages --

Hoping to travel again this year -- i need it -- with my brother this time -- maybe UK/Holland/Spain -&- France again -- or India & the Far East -- so want to see more deviants -- visit you -- and share the real world -- real photos -- real stories -- not to say the words shared here are not real -- but an imagination is limited -- when we don't speak --

anyways -- random thoughts -- random moments -- soon everything will change

Later Days

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