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Namaste -- it's been about 2 years since I last wrote a journal entry here -- but I am back -- almost a reboot -- of all the platforms ...

You can find me on these platforms .... 
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the site is soon to be revamped - so & is in need of a reboot as well 

Later days

It's been awhile - that's for sure -- but after getting lost in thought for almost a year -- its time to get back -- time and time again my mind was made up about the things I wished to pursue -- but I never made the time -- so -- once again its starts -- it creates -- it inspires -- it's time to move on -- to see more -&- capture

Recent Favourites

Batgurrl by pacman23 Dunny by pacman23
Cloud factory by kefirux Through the car window 1 by TheNightShrew Kintamani 5 by nrprtm
Dari - 1 by nrprtm
Low Wedding 2 by findthefallen
this life leaves its marks by LauraZalenga
Feather by SusanCoffey
Self by leipre
Forgotten (version a) by jane-beata satellite mind. by jessmarie Peony by FurtiveLungs
Moving on. by BrennaMichelle
Look at me... by hellwoman
U can get addicted to a certain kind of sadness... by light-from-Emirates

Later days


Journal Entry: Wed Jun 22, 2011, 6:18 AM
- Namaste -

- This is (after 6 months of not doing much) a beginning -  

Will start updating the photos -

Blog - Travelling Imagination

Go there now

Later days


Journal Entry: Tue Feb 1, 2011, 5:11 AM

- time to reset this moment -- my life -- my adventures --

later days

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-- i exist here --
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Journal Entry: Wed Jul 21, 2010, 10:54 PM

Namaste - The WorldCup has come and gone - every match that I've been to - just shows the spirit of a nation united -- and I hope that it remains like that for a while -- As you can see in the title -- I'll be leaving for London  - today actually - and will be there for about 2 weeks - friends & family - whatever - wherever I'll be -- capturing moments -- need more memory cards as well

So if you are following in the London area - give me a shout -- and we'll make a plan - will start posting many past moments -- when i come back -

Take Care
Later Days

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-- i exist here --
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-- The Future is Unexpected -- So Expect Everything --


Journal Entry: Tue Apr 20, 2010, 4:05 AM

Namaste - its been sometime since I posted/updated the journal entry -- and already a quarter of the year has passed -- been trying to update my site -- but can't quite get the right photos to post or even the right font to use -- but it will come -- as for the blog -- new photos will be posted in the week -- as for here -- there is much to be done -- for sure -- a reinvention of sorts -- reconnecting to the words and images that pass through these pages --

Hoping to travel again this year -- i need it -- with my brother this time -- maybe UK/Holland/Spain -&- France again -- or India & the Far East -- so want to see more deviants -- visit you -- and share the real world -- real photos -- real stories -- not to say the words shared here are not real -- but an imagination is limited -- when we don't speak --

anyways -- random thoughts -- random moments -- soon everything will change

Later Days

-- Recent Favourites --
Somewhere Inside the Mirror by AliceLidel Muse IV by fcfmanila:thumb139079057:
Red by borisvahed
Black dreams... by Michel-Lag-Chavarria
End Credits by KatyLouise Maps by dcamacho Chasing cars by annikenhannevik
:thumb143824075: Madness Is Genius 3 by hakanphotography
Madness Is Genius 3 by hakanphotography
Nerd IV by LoMiTa:thumb141897163:
Red Hot by spiritbreath
The last tear. by PisikeP2takas you said something by Eliara Dream Love Cure by FurtiveLungs
i gotta feeling by swestberg Fashion Issue XIV by Staged And Breathe... by JaimeIbarra
:thumb140041107: PS. I Love You by Amatorka:thumb140798592:
Soccer City by neeth1um Mumbai - a blast from the past by hesitation
canary VII by br3w0k
Witch of the forest II by xessencex
misty morning by greycamera:thumb145373085: ..G.. by memelsteak
fire. by CaitlinWorthington True colors by AndreeaRad
The Red Masque by slumberdoll:thumb145471035: Holly. by zemotion
Shivers by ennil

Aleksandra I by JuliaDunin
kiss of light by leipre
Look Inside by AnjaRoehrich:thumb120118296:
:thumb146179550: Submit a life by audeladesombres the christmas machine by prismes
100 percent by coxi
pour l'instant by theluckynine:thumb139819940::thumb145021803:
Desire For Flesh by hakanphotography
774 by LondonBreakfast
electro vortex by JuliaDunin joy division. by monochromatia detroit by simultaneousjoy
:thumb148450916::thumb147172587: Yakuza: Tattoo by BlackMageAlodia
Hello... by Michel-Lag-Chavarria
Happy New Year 2010... by Michel-Lag-Chavarria Ballerina Dance by girltripped:thumb148066366:
what's next by kieubaska impatience in all eloquence by JeanFan danCe by estellamestella
hell-o by cikciks
Girl with Chucks. by Staged:thumb149479589:
Alamela III by XxAkyl-2xX:thumb150255876:
Never bloom again by iNeedChemicalX Wind's Melody by nilgunkara Grauman's Chinese Theater by red5
STREET GIRL 1 by NeslihanBAZ medi by EbruSidarPortrait HOLD ME  THIGT by NeslihanBAZ
:thumb141284918::thumb152448157: Passion by Jojonel

Kumbh Mela by tanya-n
Lightshow by spiritbreath Saarkie - Rock Chick by PrometheanPenguin
Dancer in the Dark II by x-horizon az by SnjezanaJosipovic
from the moon by prismes:thumb154456577: Burning Zones I by ABXeye
Le toi du moi by iNeedChemicalX
walk on walls. by b2spiritcat Summer Sun by SusanCoffey Seanna.18. by HannahCombs
Africa by BlackHug
mask l by br3w0k Fake Glasses by slumberdoll
Karen Kolikov Design 1 by catlover
My Heart, Your Hands by ymefreak Alice by ybuzko


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-- i exist here --
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-- The Future is Unexpected -- So Expect Everything --


Journal Entry: Fri Dec 11, 2009, 5:03 AM

11 December 09

Its good to back - & - at the same time to find so many new artists / new creations / and beauty that is forever admired - i see what i hope to become -

anyway - in the new year -- i will post -- as much as i can -- but a little re-inventing needs to take place --

take care - and - enjoy the holidays

Later Days
18 November 09

Namaste - trying to get through over 3000 deviations is hard work and focus - but i'm down a few - each day more and more deviants are posting some amazing artwork - through an imagination anything is forever possible -- we must just be willing -- been posting to my personal blog more - please check Travelling Imagination -- trying to reinvent how i post my photos --

been experimenting with Processing - a graphical language similar to Java -- managed to create my November wallpaper -- check it out @ Wallpaper -- tell me what you think

and then -- in the process of redesigning my site -- well really sitting down and thinking of simplicity -- style -- navigation -- everything i teach my students --

please enjoy every favourite -- it show what beauty graces these pages and the amount of passion that flows through minds

Later Days
Jessel (99thbone)

-- Recent Favourites --
Retro Mary by dubtastic:thumb101515092: butterfly caught by last-trick
Into nothingness by pramit-dabadi
Joeline - Copper Princess by FuzzyYak Ina's Heart III by avivi:thumb116096066:
Louvre 1 - Paris by Alabastra
: The Ancient Age : by w4s4b1:thumb114214307:
lily in spring by prismes

sur la pointe des pieds by quadratiges
5746 by AndyGassner Thought of a Spring evening by Vic4U
fix me in 45 X by swestberg Zanya 002 by ClaSsyX
vspishki menya by Santina c.fp by SnjezanaJosipovic
Dee Rose 2 by br3w0k Elusive by TrixyPixie
About the Light XXIX ... by Michel-Lag-Chavarria
:thumb118034838: green ink by feanne twinkle, twinkle little star. by angelcurls
Angelique - 1c for a thought by FuzzyYak:thumb118403615: With The Tide.. by larafairie
:thumb118733768: space II by mercier _An end has a start. by josefinejonssonphoto
:thumb120653276: ..... by candas
Beauty in Breakdown by AnjaRoehrich
:thumb122091832: Circus by TheTragicTruth-Of-Me Rein - Pink by FuzzyYak
:thumb136290445::thumb135265195: Nice dream by dcamacho
Rein - Satin skin by FuzzyYak:thumb131624626: wait 2 by jaysu
Veimaa by kefirux
Gia by WarrenLouw:thumb123912478: Mariam II by WarrenLouw
Flat 420 by zerocomplex
Woods by Cruzore Field Of Dreams by littlemewhatever:thumb124570731:
Memories From The Room i by retrodiva88 Fran 4 by Akemisatya
Alice in the Midnight Game. II by zemotion:thumb124111985:
noname2 by kefirux
Pokhari Chautari by PrateekRajbhandari Reflect by TheLRD Three Doors :: Double Points by PrateekRajbhandari
el antes de volverse loco y by vachi-bumbernickle Virgin Bride by AliceLidel:thumb133976804:
:thumb135552832: live forever. by nrprtm water Baby 1 by dancingperfect
:thumb94565441: Sunset Sorrow by roxaralu:thumb138207085:
Vogue by ScorpionEntity
mater by Gonzale
Lucky You 2 by soulofautumn87:thumb135646493::thumb137550720:
Winda Fashion II by Nippalony On the road ... by julie-rc Gybzy 5 by Marciedip
Bailaora by JaimeIbarra Tongli, Suzhou by JeanFan:thumb128604184:
The Window by slumberdoll:thumb128279350: Throne by Laura-Ferreira
red i black i 4 by deshane
:thumb140119310: whoever by corollary
berlin by ingrid-fabiola S u n s e t by substar
:thumb128344447::thumb132363217: Encounter by Vanna-Noel
In the Light by Vanna-Noel Au naturel by beberni brooklyn again by SusanCoffey
:thumb132731727: Orak by urfreekingmeout

wild child by N-dy Beach Wedding by braticus
water-nymph by NadyaBird _04 by create-stock:thumb134248182:
Magic light by NadyaBird Nathan + Groomsmen by exoart:thumb134181502:
:thumb134410665: keep it cooool by martybell selfportret by NadyaBird
:thumb134426546: Alexander III bridge by vampynicole
Windstorm by CameraDude:thumb134780245:
:thumb134867523: .Galaxy.II. by Psychosomaticc
.me.myself.I. .2. by Psychosomaticc:thumb139296842::thumb115695519:
Laura IV by AnnetteSkye Yuki Queen by quietdream Laura VII by AnnetteSkye
Follow the sun by Sliding-Panda:thumb143043524: No worries by girltripped

Nandipha by borisvahed Lonesome Dove 4 by jaysu Breath . by D4D1
justine III by niimo
Last Request by Amatorka state of uncertainty by Nihal82
Ashley by BlackMageAlodia
Pottery Man by tanya-n
Made love to you by alodita the party girl II by Gonzale:thumb115346146:
Music Is A Feeling by anchica75
Dawn of a new day by Raz1n i just wanna see the light by jessmarie RICH SOIL by ekud
_winter breeze. by josefinejonssonphoto

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Journal Entry: Fri Oct 9, 2009, 4:56 AM

9 October 2009

So I've been back for sometime now - been catching up with Deviations mostly - will post much more next week

-- Later days

-- Recent Favourites --
-- coming soon --

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Journal Entry: Wed May 6, 2009, 3:27 AM

18 August 09

Hi there - its truly been a while - i'll be back soon - to take in the changes - and change myself - since being blocked by my campus - i've been here very little - currently i'm on twitter @jsookha - meet me there - more photos - more thoughts - more words - it will all come

later days
Jessel (99thbone)
06 May 09

this has truly been quite the number of weeks - i'm still recovering from a sickness - still trying to get back to work - the problem is the mind is just not as willing - but I know it must be done - so it is with that - that I give you my most recent favourites and some news --

i'm currently looking for a new(demo) car - my previous car was stolen a week after my birthday -- and then there is the website/blog that i need to update -- will see how far i can go during the weekend -- i was thinking of another holiday - maybe London -- but more of Europe -- or maybe the Far East -- singapore -- phillipines -- indoneasia -- who knows -- its just a thought at the moment

i see that SA had a few devmeets in various cities -- great news -- wish i could have been there -- i'll definately try for the next one --

i joined twitter -- quite the addiction actually -- posting tweets -- keeping in touch with people makes for interesting communication -- and finally -- change -- its something that needs to happen -- and i hope within these next few weeks -- i'll be able to institute the biggest change yet

-- Later days

-- Recent Favourites --
Sis by ClaSsyX Her Eyes by annikenhannevik
chasing butterflies by TheBigProblem
Veronique-PuntaCana-05 by milads2001 The way of insanity 04 by FaRfe
:thumb111564088: Meltem CUMBUL lll by Muratkivrak
Torpor by smoozy
Paradise City by glitterscene
Bucharest 2 by TheNightShrew
id by madamoiselleK
A Whisper by annikenhannevik
Silent Reflections by sasonian37 :: winter glow :: by w4s4b1
Movements between the silence by vampire-zombie
her pretty face. by nrprtm
:thumb111993223: Sleeping in Colours by P0RG
Black and Red i by retrodiva88 Image 3 by chewy14 G e M i n i by jaysu
Good Morning by slumberdoll Angie - Bright light by FuzzyYak Breaking by kirra-photography
Retro Mary by dubtastic:thumb114855088::thumb114868678:
Evening portrait of princes N by photoport
Paradise in me by audeladesombres
You and I... by Michel-Lag-Chavarria
GIfW editorial 1 by jaysu 28. by angelcurls
butterfly caught by last-trick:thumb114687829:
blue and green by andaRCHT:thumb104744508::thumb115178664:
:thumb116120781: her morning elegance by musicangel071
Joeline - Copper Princess by FuzzyYak:thumb116096066:
Louvre 1 - Paris by Alabastra Into nothingness by pramit-dabadi
:thumb119243495: get closer by mimolek:thumb114214307:
lily in spring by prismes
: The Ancient Age : by w4s4b1

Daughter of the Astronaut - 6 by jsmonzani
Cameras don't lie by JaxeNL
sur la pointe des pieds by quadratiges
Thought of a Spring evening by Vic4U
5746 by AndyGassner

May 2009 Desktop Calendar by kriegs

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Tweet This

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 17, 2009, 5:28 AM

Hi everybody -- quick update -- i joined twitter -- -- follow me and i'll follow you

better update on monday

later days

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Journal Entry: Tue Mar 10, 2009, 5:25 AM

Hi -- sorry for not updating this sooner -- well -- February has passed and so to my birthday -- turned 30 on the 24th and a week later this past Saturday -- my car got stolen -- imagine my luck -- now I have to look for another car and with that start doing some stuff with the photos I have --

will post a favourite feature in the week

later days

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Journal Entry: Fri Jan 30, 2009, 3:17 AM

30 Jan 09

Hi -- so a month is about to pass and another begins -- but its going to be a most interesting month -- i hope -- my birthday follows through at the end -- and with that I will be announcing something next week -- and please enjoy the new February Desktop Calendar -- Note that the dates are actually in Gujarati -- so it might look weird -- but its right -- at least you are now able to recognize the dates in another language's number system --

-- Later days

-- Recent Favourites --
Three Kingdoms - Da Qiao by Artgerm
take away the pain by peachjuice thia in naturalize 2 by jackimx
Unicorn Blooms by feanne Diogen by Mrava
Blade Warrior by widjita KOKORONO TOMO by IgNgRez
another Rain by widjita
Soul by kirra-photography inquizitive by TheTragicTruth-Of-Me:thumb107150139:
Post Productions - Sabrina 1 by milads2001
Roosa by FurtiveLungs allure by leipre:thumb107996218:
Shi by lloydhughes
...angel by oprisco
My Envious Heart by El-Nombre:thumb107471704: dace2 by greno89
Happy New Year 2009... by Michel-Lag-Chavarria Nothing and everything... by Michel-Lag-Chavarria Like a rock... by Michel-Lag-Chavarria
Existo porque anhelo. by vachi-bumbernickle sakura by peachjuice
Sur une soiree i by mikeizer44 RoundWorld by geckokid Chun Li by x-horizon
Rosenkreuz by feanne
My Skin by erebus-odora
Small Trianon by Teh-cHix0r
ESPN NEXT by precurser:thumb109152741:
january ID 2009 by jessmarie
:thumb107358871: fashion doll by MissHeroin
t e c h n i c o l o r by Charlie-Bowater:thumb109639788: Lost in translation 1 by kittykitt
:thumb110400150: Fluid Claw by IsiacDaGraca :: half :: by nathalia-cuink
G R A N D  O B S E S S I O N by BloodyVelca
personage by LimKis The King by pamukcuceveyediprens uncertain spring by doroloth
:thumb111001010: encontrarle sentido by vachi-bumbernickle Have U Ever? by LittleJean
-- yin: death dance -- by jadedice
i want to feel by jessmarie

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Journal Entry: Fri Jan 16, 2009, 5:39 AM

16 Jan 09

Hi -- since this is beginning to new adventures -- I was wondering if the deviants in SA would like to meet up to celebrate the Chinese New Year at the Buddhist Temple in Bronkhorspruit -- Its happening next week Sunday on the 25th from 10am to 3pm -- I will post more details on Monday, including the directions -- Just imagine the photo possibilities of the place -- I have been there last year and am definately going again -- you can view the photos from my last trip at my blog -- Buddhist Temple Feb 08

2009 is only the beginning -- come on -- let the adventures begin --

Later days
13 Jan 09

Hi everybody -- Compliments to the new year -- one hopefully filled with adventures --

As you will notice -- I have started creating desktop calendars (most recent post) -- I know I'm 12 days late for this month -- but its never too late to start -- so go on over to Wallpaper -- and start enjoying the days that pass through the month --

Later days

Hi -- so the end of the year is upon us -- and there is still so much to do -- but we all find a way of getting it done -- i seek an adventure -- and i know that in a few days -- this is going to be a reality --

next year i begin with my Masters degree in IT and hopefully I find her -- not sure who -- but i know -- anyway in the last few months i finished marking my students papers and i am proud to say that most of my students have passed -- (maybe 1 or 2 failures)

as some of you may know I have started posting some photos on my blog -- Travelling Imagination -- and since I will be off from the PC and on a short holiday I'll be posting more images up there -- and hopefully by next week --

i'll have my site up and running -- selling prints -- and a couple other things

and with that selling of prints -- i have decided to kick it off with a offer for you -- I will make it official next year in January -- but a little information does not hurt -- I was thinking of a print trade -- to start getting my work noticed -- if anyone is interested -- just drop me a note or email --

And with that -- i'll be saying thank you -- for a wonderful year -- something awakened inside of me -- and now its up to me to fulfill a dream --  

Later days -- and please enjoy the most recent favourites -- visit them -- comment

-- Recent Favourites --
..redstore.. by nathalia-cuink
these hands by corollary Aka by FaRfe
:thumb90544758: e..Motion.. by jhanz
taken away III by bassexcess:thumb88049470: inlackofbettertitle: gorgeous by suzi9mm
control by cryssy
trough the day by robinpika
high and lashes by JuliaDunin With You by annikenhannevik
S P O T L I G H T by onealz

me and teddy by peachjuice
Michele - Grace by FuzzyYak Forever and always by xMissTake:thumb101882483:
Lady Luminance by Quistography
Catching a glimpse by lucye82 Temple by arrheniusssthumb102263411:
Your imagination... by Michel-Lag-Chavarria Angel of the skies by ardcor .gorgeous error. by ingut
Selfreflect by he1z
:thumb104071272: ht. by SnjezanaJosipovic
:thumb102809344: _autumn sleep. by josefinejonssonphoto
Cry me a river... by Michel-Lag-Chavarria
gypsy by peachjuice:thumb100567099: wrap by peachjuice
Jamie Lisa by larafairie
Billingshurst by geckokid
SUN is life by ReDdiShBLack B u b b l e z by widjita:thumb103737641:
My Closeup by ivory Lucid Dreams by theadeleon
:thumb75128723: B.W by Katarinka:thumb104473164:
Chater House by zerocomplex erlend oye. by popalogic
If.... by IgNgRez
EXPERIMENT v.1 by cikciks

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Blog Entry

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 31, 2008, 5:29 AM

-- Update -- Tuesday & Wednesday was our Diwali and New Year -- i posted the photos and many more over at my blog -- Travelling Imagination

Thanking You

So its finally here -- my blog -- Travelling Imagination -- please tell me what you think -- comment on everything -- it will be the place where I would be posting random/family/etc. events -- stuff that would be too much to load here on deviantART --

Anyway please enjoy the current favourites -- go on -- comment them -- i'm sure the people would enjoy your words --

-- Recent Favourites --
Eclipse V. - The fire arch by realityDream
Anywhere is by annikenhannevik:thumb95999568:
Nothing's obvious... by Michel-Lag-Chavarria Monarch by EvilxElf . by Geijutsu-ka
her Fantasy.. by widjita
Gia by slumberdoll BackstagE by Geijutsu-ka
:thumb96273164: Arabian Fairy ll by Deeevilish:thumb96303924:
make a wish by peachjuice Jordan - Sleek by FuzzyYak
2-face by Jordee:thumb97473035: Tutto E Niente by Amatorka
I dream that I'm falling... by ToxicSquirrel
::: that Beautiful Night . ... by light-from-Emirates
:thumb83201771: dal vivo e' piu' bella by thesubliminalbeauty

Mature Content

Jordan - Wrapped up by FuzzyYak

:thumb99035770: Tell Her by annikenhannevik
Puhas by FurtiveLungs Memories through the window by xMissTake
Symphony by El-Nombre Reflection by littlemewhatever
machine gun by last-trick:thumb97840797:
Sun Light by foureyes Wagner 17 by findthefallen Women.... by ChristineAmat
:: Harmony :: by light-from-Emirates

:thumb76314664: green hills by widjita Conception by El-Nombre
Me by daria-zaytseva
w h y by tiago-xavier Joeline - Sheltered by FuzzyYak:thumb92747976:
TheKeeper by mercier:thumb100730649:
Sweet Escape by LittleJean

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Journal Entry: Wed Oct 1, 2008, 1:33 AM

have a look at this… -- its quite interesting how DA plays with the mind

Hi -- I have been back for quite some time now -- but did not get the chance to make a new journal -- much has happened -- and much has not -- everywhere around me -- things are changing -- people as passing through -- and stories evolve -- but one things for sure -- life is grand -- with a few minor upgrades that are needed --

Later Days

ISTANBUL by HuseyinKaRa in the kingdom by PukeChrist
Energetic by Mhir side in by ThreeLibras
Faire et defaire by audeladesombres in vivo II by prismes :thumb78567154:
north shore by niimo
:thumb78585664: nowhere for run away by EbruSidar
:thumb80242072: :thumb80316091: :thumb80318662:
:thumb54888615: :thumb43448480:
ferris wheel by crazycaps :thumb67351508:
Bathroom_06 by hellwoman
Ghost by Asilwen In Gold by Deeevilish
s m i l i n g  p r i n c e by fludish
:thumb84962561: Ad Infinitum by CrisVector
Like a summer breeze by Aoi-kochou _Twilight. by josefinejonssonphoto
Blackboard Scribbles by slumberdoll picnic in the by yayaaja :thumb85935876:
:thumb86115378: Getting Closer ii by retrodiva88
:thumb85471168: :thumb80914272:
Becca by jaysu :thumb86114572:
:thumb86302390: Woman in Red Dress by L2design
Dissolve in to you by jaysu
ID. by Slawa
Blue Eyed Bride by ShiviSchuey
:thumb78909234: Bridal Reflection by ShiviSchuey go this way, please by missaassiimii
:thumb69380655: I by LonelyPierot by SnjezanaJosipovic Release by homigl14 100 Yen sushi... by myseethroughmind

Mature Content

Let It Flow by deixavoce
tattoed and not by br3w0k Gangsta Paradise by pistonbroke
in the mood for love 4 by jaysu :thumb91285889: :thumb91582330:
Angela II by GirlishEvil
Kampo by audeladesombres The earth is bleeding... by Michel-Lag-Chavarria Q by SnjezanaJosipovic
Nobody Knows by annikenhannevik monica cruz II by Muratkivrak
music by feanne
innocence by EbruSidar
Bitch come back by FaRfe
diamonds XXX by swestberg
Huangshan - Heaven and Earth by superkev

-- DD Suggestion --
-- Approved --
Later days... by Michel-Lag-Chavarria
do you see? -- what i have seen?

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Blocked Again

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 6, 2008, 10:54 PM

Hi -- so i've been blocked again from dA -- i think -- on my campus -- i'm the only deviant Lecturer here -- and since i visit on a daily basis -- 'they' decided to block the site --

its happened twice before -- and both times it unblocked itself (don't know how) -- anyway i can still come here -- but the comments will have to wait awhile --

i will get to them -- i have 3183 deviations to still look at and by the time i post this -- there are going to be a few hundered more --

as for the thumbnails -- please be patient -- for the time being -- visit my favourites --

Later days

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New Year / New Beginnings

Journal Entry: Fri Feb 22, 2008, 4:06 AM

EDIT -- 22 / 02 / 08
Hi -- birthdays come and go -- and mine's is coming -- this Sunday -- i start a new year -- new beginnings -- new adventures --

hopefully in time to come -- maybe new career's -- or an update of the same one -- anyway -- the year that has passed was one filled will imagination -- friends -- connections -- it is one i choose never to forget -- and i hope that in the new year -- it becomes the same -- new adventures -- mean -- new imaginations -- new lives --

While I celebrate my birthday -- I also wish to celebrate nrprtm birthday -- born on the same day -- with a few years in between us -- please go over and send him some wonderful wishes -- and let him show you his world --

take care and later days

Yes the new year has already begun -- most of us are back into the normal swing of things -- work has started -- for me thats lectures -- students have already forgotten what they did last year -- so its already assignments and tests to get them going (yes i may seem t be bad doing this) --

Going to the Buddhist Temple on Sunday -- so hoping for some interesting captures -- i've seen a few images from other people -- its breathtaking --

anyone from SA -- specifically Jozi -- want to get together for a devmeet -- will speak more from the responses i get --

Happy New Year to the Chinese -- year of the rat --

Anyway -- please enjoy the favourites i placed here -- some intensify the mind -- others the imagination --

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