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Libra Sparkz by 98Sparkz Libra Sparkz :icon98sparkz:98Sparkz 15 6
Birthday Cow Day~ (Cow Girl TG/TF)
It was Justin’s 24th birthday as once again his good friend Joseph had a surprise for him that he’d knew he would enjoy. So, he headed over to Justin’s house to pick him up, wearing his usual orange shirt but a collared button up one this time, with nice dark blue jeans, and white socks and black sneakers. He combed his shaggy dyed orange hair while his hazel eyes blinked. He texted Justin who said he’d be out shortly while he sat back in his car waiting.
“I hope he likes this gift. Took me a bit to get these passes for us. He’ll be so stoked when he see’s we are heading to this new theme park that opened up, Moo Moo Land!” Joseph chuckled to himself.
Soon Justin appeared out of his home and walked to Joseph’s car. He wore a beige collared button up shirt, with black jeans, and dark socks with black sneakers. He brushed through his shaggy brown hair and adjusted his glasses as he got into the car.
“Yo Joseph, I’m ready!&
:icon98sparkz:98Sparkz 135 5
My True Love Gave To Me, Three Anthros Chatting~ by 98Sparkz My True Love Gave To Me, Three Anthros Chatting~ :icon98sparkz:98Sparkz 41 13 Lovlely Lazers~ by 98Sparkz Lovlely Lazers~ :icon98sparkz:98Sparkz 21 4 Wrapping Up Da Monkey! by 98Sparkz Wrapping Up Da Monkey! :icon98sparkz:98Sparkz 41 8
Splatting Into a New Life! (Inkling TG/TF)
It was a normal night for Josh who had just gotten his hands on a Nintendo switch and was playing it for hours on end being that he had picked up the game known as Splatoon. The console was cool and handy but what else would you expect from a Nintendo console. But nonetheless Josh continued to game and climb in the levels and rank of Splatoon.
“Hehehe take that inklings!” Josh yelled out happily as he focused on the 4 vs. 4 match he was in online.
Josh sat at an average height, and weight. He had fair skin, shaggy brown hair, hazel eyes, and wore a white t-shirt along with black basketball shorts and white socks. He swayed within his bed a bit following some of the motions from the game or well his console.
“This is so fun, and I am inking them up!” He laughed. “Looks like I’m not going to that boring ass college class tonight. Splatoon take me away!”
Josh continued playing as he disregarded all else around him and spent more hours playing the
:icon98sparkz:98Sparkz 93 11
A Hot Summers Day Swim (Anthro Otter TG/TF)
It was a hot summers day for Ricky as he had nothing to do in his home alone for the day. All his friends were busy, at their summer jobs, or off with family leaving him all alone. He normally wouldn’t mind it as he could focus on other things but with a two-week long heatwave happening in his town at that moment, he couldn’t. He paced back and forth constantly staring at the air conditioner meter in his house having it all the way down but still feeling like it wasn’t working at all. He sighed before placing his hand in front of a vent in the room he was in.
“Blast it…Still cool but not cool enough for me!” He spat out. “This really sucks, and it’s on the lowest setting too and I have all the lights off as well! Ugh, what am I going to do!” He wondered more, rubbing his head.  “I wish I had a pool in my backyard…”
Ricky left the room he was in and walked to his room. Opening the door and shutting it, he flopp
:icon98sparkz:98Sparkz 45 4
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Gonna give this a shot!

I am Opening Request!!!

That's right you heard it here first folks. I am opening up Request Stories for a short period of time. I'll do.... 5 Slots to kick off the new year!

The Stories Theme: New Year, New You TG/TF

Its the new year so why not kick it off with a brand new you~! ;)

So comment down below your ideas, and if you want a spot! (I will close this once I get all the ideas and such together.)

1. If chosen I'll add you to a list that to keep it organized I'll go by that list order.
2. You can leave it up to me for the change as it'll be a surprise. OR you can suggest a character to see for you to change into.
3. I don't do scat, guro, foot fetish, or any other extreme fetishes like that in my stories... No ifs', and's, or butts about it... I am serious...
4. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, don't note me for this. Lets try to keep it in the comments. If I need to note you, I will. ^_^
5. Have fun and lets kick this year off right.

So comment down below and good luck peeps! I'll "Close" This journal Once all the spots have been filled.

***UPDATE INFO HERE SINCE CLOSING***: Thank you all who applied and entered this short request opening from me. I've now chosen my 5 slots. Thanks for all the suggestions and applicants. :) Don't be discouraged if you didn't get picked. There is always a next time. As for those who commented on this. I MIGHT do a second wave for those who didn't get a slot the first time around. I shall now get to work on the current stories and have them posted when I can. Again, thank you all for applying. I really appreciate it. And lets kick this new year off right! 

Slots for 1st Wave:
1. :iconstiffy76:
2. :iconrecon1o6:
3. :iconhamcon:
4. :iconredmond17:
5. :iconrunningtoaster:

Slots For 2nd Wave: TBA (Be patient, I'll announce once the First wavers are out of the way)
  • Listening to: (Hopefully Fireworks) and Any Genre Of Music
  • Reading: Comments, Notes, Etc...
  • Watching: Little Witch Academia and Saint Seya: Lost Canvas
  • Playing: Fortnite and soon to be Smash
  • Eating: Fruits, and Junk Food. (Healthy/Junk)
  • Drinking: Alcohol Tonight (But I'm Not a Drinker! >.


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Hey All My Names Sparkz, and I am a writer, and wannabe artist (Finally!!!) , Videoographer, and Photographer! . I love TG/TF things and also Anthro's as well! Naturally I like, Anime, Manga, Video Games, and stuff like that so feel free to comment or chat with me if you feel like it. I love to receive feedback on all my crazy or interesting ideas so yup. I am always here!!! And will try to be from now on! :D


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hey :D i made you something again a month ago x3
Thanks for carrying my shopping Dale by LordOmegaZ

hope you like it ;D
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(=p no joke your form here makes my top 10 MILF characters, which is odd cos your not an official cartoon one like Francine Smith, Marge Simpson or Louis Griffin)
Crypt22 Featured By Owner Jan 26, 2019
Hey there, hope you're having a great day ^^ Also, just wanted to say that I really love your work :D
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Thank you so much Crypt! :D
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No prob :D
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Mhm I will this year. :)
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