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Road Rage part 3
                                               F.W.  Road Rage pt 3
"I accept," Rebel said.
"Good, this will be fun," the driver replied.
Rebel then ran to his car and got in.
He went through the menu on his glasses while looking for the other driver's car. He passed on his car and got the car’s name, but the driver's info was locked.
"I see you named your car Dark Fire," Rebel said, using his built in headset.
"Rebellion? Why are you a Rebel in a world of combat and What are you fighting against in a world of combat?" the driver of Dark Fire asked.
"Soon, you," Rebel said, a little upset.
"Easy, this is a friendly fight," the driver of Dark Fire replied.
"Will we be fighting here?" Rebel asked.
"How about Dragon Canyon? It’s not too far away," he said.
"Ok. I've been there before, so I've got a good idea of the land," Rebel said, feeling happier.
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Road Rage part 2
                             F.W. Road Rage part 2
  The next day at there hideout:
“Ware should we look for more crew 1st?” Rebel asked
“How about at that big club/arena.” Eagle asked
“Yah. it’s a hub for crews and the arena is a good place to see there skills.” Rat said
“Lets go!” Rebel yelled
They walked to the garage part of there hideout.
Rebel want to a pc by his car and hit something on the keyboard and 2 arm robots came down form the ceiling and green energy want in to the back side of the Charger.
“Micro bot bays recharged” the PC’s A.L. voice said
They dive out of there hideout and headed for the big arena in the middle of the city.
“Hare we are, The Resistance arena!” Rebel said
The arena was big. It had a makeshift look to it and had a dragon cut out at the front with the arena name under it.
They walked in side
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Road Rage part one
                             F.W. road rage
(now entering Red Rock Desert) a red Dodge Charger was speeding down the desert highway at over 100 KPH. It looked rusty and had gray metal parts on the font and sides and the windows replaced with grates. The diver was white and had a small Mohawk. His arms ware covered in red tattoos.
A voice came form his headset.
“Rebel! are you at the target yet?’
“Not yet, Rat. Are the boys in position?”
“Almost.” Rat said
“I see the prize” Rebel said
Down the road, a truck with a trailer came into view. The Charger boosted forward and the sides of the hood want up and reviled 2 guns. The back window moved back and 3 robotics arms with 3 rockets came out. “HA ha ha this is going to be fun!” Rebel flew passed the right side of the semi and did a drifting U turn  burning rubber. The back doors of the trailer opined an
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old dragon drawing by 98dragonshadow842 old dragon drawing :icon98dragonshadow842:98dragonshadow842 1 2


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The Dragon Ranch. Chapter 1: A Normal Day
The Dragon Ranch
Chapter 1: A normal Day
This is my first official story, so please cut me some slack. (P.S. I come from Germany, so excuse the grammar errors, I tried to limit the number of them)
It is a normal day..., it is always a normal day. Oh, maybe I should explain what a normal day means to me. I am Dion and I am an 17 year old Dragon. What, did you think this story would be about ponies? Well it isn't.
I should also explain how I look, I have crimson red scales, I am 4 meters high and 10 meters long, my horns are around 50 centimeters long, my chest plate is a slightly darker shade of red, my wings are webbed and the webbing has a slightly darker shade of red too, I have three clawed toes and one thumb on each of my four scaled legs. I am quadrupled, that means I walk on all fours, my muzzle is rounded and I have green, blue, brown eyes. But sadly I can't talk and that is how I have gotten into this mess of a life I am in right now.
Because I now live on a dragon ranch,
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i'm back, my pc is fixed. I will try to get back to my story soon
part one of my story is almast done, but it is not the story i was going to put on hare at the time i made a accout for hare. its more of a side story. i want to set up my story world. my oter story will before this one in the time line.


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i love to draw and i'm working on a story that i will put hare wan part 1 is done. i got a new print/scan so i can now put my new drawings on hare.


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