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born to live a life alone
loved and left
misspoken words misunderstood
common ground falls from beneath my feet
trying to hold on
but I'm letting go all over again
slipping into the emptiness
that haunts everything I do
your beauty still plagues my mind
my reason to hold on
the source of my strength
the swaying of this ocean
makes me seasick
I'm scared of drowning
but sick of sailing
and far too weak to swim
the years take me farther away
from what meant everything to me
still I am nothing
years of youthful dreams and optimism
all mean nothing
:icon98darkwolf94:98darkwolf94 1 0
Dark Room
My thoughts are fueled
by indecision and lack of strength
A paradox consumes me
Can you tell me what it's like
to feel alone with your best friends?
When the things that once gave you strength
don't make you feel anything?
I'm tired of being
sad and scared and insecure
of everything I am
and simply tired of being
Now the hole in my existence
is slowly being filled with acceptance
of what it is I'm meant to be
:icon98darkwolf94:98darkwolf94 0 0
I want to be
Somewhere Warm,
Somewhere Safe,
with someone who cares;
who sees more than just the chains
that held me back
for my whole life
that leave me incomplete,
:icon98darkwolf94:98darkwolf94 0 0
This cold room--
Same as the sky.
Quiet hauntings,
Slow throbbing pulse.
Drained of all emotion
but fear
as my mind tears itself away.
Everything I am is gone.
:icon98darkwolf94:98darkwolf94 0 0
You couldn't wait on me,
that I can understand.
I'm defeated and broken,
now I've fallen farther behind.
I remember the days when I stood for something.
Now I stand for nothing but a five foot pile of dirt.
Musing of leaving all my memories behind.
My heart is numb, my body tired, bones are aching.
I feel I'm out of time.
I give my heart to comfortless seclusion.
:icon98darkwolf94:98darkwolf94 0 1
A Day to Remember Fan Art by 98darkwolf94 A Day to Remember Fan Art :icon98darkwolf94:98darkwolf94 5 0
I've been growing older.
I've been feeling myself in ways I never have before.
The feeling of wanting to go back
to a place that never felt like home.
But I've come to learn
that in the eye of that storm
was everything that means
the most to me.
:icon98darkwolf94:98darkwolf94 1 0
The Slow Moving Sea
The Slow Moving Sea
Shining in the Sun
like a Shimmering Sapphire
:icon98darkwolf94:98darkwolf94 0 0
Gristle. - the band by 98darkwolf94 Gristle. - the band :icon98darkwolf94:98darkwolf94 0 0 New ID by 98darkwolf94 New ID :icon98darkwolf94:98darkwolf94 0 0 The-Omega-Wolf in Haven by 98darkwolf94 The-Omega-Wolf in Haven :icon98darkwolf94:98darkwolf94 0 3 Me again by 98darkwolf94 Me again :icon98darkwolf94:98darkwolf94 0 1
Home in Your Heart
In your great shadow
My darkest dreams fade away
I'm reaching for you
So high above me
Your touch will set my soul free
I beg you to stay
I am no longer
lost, lonely, dissatisfied
At last I am Home
:icon98darkwolf94:98darkwolf94 0 0
Where I Belong
Rays shining through trees
guide me through the darkened earth
to where I belong
:icon98darkwolf94:98darkwolf94 0 0
My Love is More than the Seas
Seas Cover the Earth
Vast and Deep are their Waters
Yet I Love You More
:icon98darkwolf94:98darkwolf94 0 5
Gristle. band logo by 98darkwolf94 Gristle. band logo :icon98darkwolf94:98darkwolf94 0 0


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There are times when I feel like tearing these pages apart,
Or perhaps, throwing this BLOODY song into the fire and watching it BURN!
Maybe I'll start plucking the keys from my keyboard,
Or simply swipe everything off the desk.
Each item shattering into a hundred pieces,
Much like the fragments of my dying inspiration.
:iconwordofchen:WordOfChen 84 25
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Joshua Alexander Khan
United States
My name is Josh, and I was born in 1994. My wonderful girlfriend is the most important person in my life, despite the fact that we have a slightly long distance relationship. I love talking to her and planning our future together. Check her out here! She's my angel and I love her very much! Other than that, music and car culture are important to me. I will listen to just about anything that sounds good, but mainly I'm into rock, hardcore, pop punk, post rock, and a little bit of indie. I play in a two man group with my friend Luis, who does pretty much 99% of the writing, and we play what I like to call Acoustic Indie Rock. I am also planning on starting a post rock band with probably just me. Enjoy my work(even though most of it sucks Lol)! And check out our band here! :)

:thumb129112590: .:: I HEART Wolves - Stamp ::. by KovoWolf
Hey guys, I've been in a really strange and dark state of mind recently.  It's very hard to describe.  It's like loneliness, except you actually want to be alone.  It's very confusing, and it feels like so much more than that, but that's the simplest and easiest way to describe it.  I have a poem I started on yesterday about it.  I'm in the process of organizing it now, expect it soon.  This will be one of my most raw and personal poems yet.


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