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Early Guns 4

Ive done some thinking and it appears its clear Ponies fighting in a war need Proper weapons. because of their lack of fingers ive thought about them using mostly lever action firearms. the "projectiles" are also different. the firing mechanism still follows the gas operation method as my options in firearms design are limited. ill make more designs of course. Ponies would grab a Lever action and with the circle hoofguard comes a rotating axle that allows the pony to comfortably fire the lever having no slips off the lever itself due to the hoof guard. hope that didnt sound complicated. my point is its tricky arming ponies when they cant grab onto things and are forced to use other methods. 
i also refused to take direct inspiration from the Fallout Equestria firearms- using the tongue to pull the trigger from a mouth hold position... a very unsanitary and inefficient use of designing. the recoil should also be considered...putting a gun in your mouth and firing it can possibly shatter the teeth. 

most firearms here come with a shoulder strap. it wont fall off. a pony though has to assume a position and run and gun isnt an option unless your a unicorn. but thats my REAL goal here. from FoE i learned Unicorns are way too...overpowered. so are pegasi which is nice but for earth's they really dont have to be the bottom line here. so my goal is to Balance all three type of ponies out.  griffons of course are fine. ill have a goat species of course and they will have their own firearms. 
i think for orthodox sake i should organise armies and units simply by species and type since its the only way i can maximize army/unit efficiency.

expect more guns along the way 
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