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BBC Instructions for Tom Baker 4th Doctor's Scarf

By 93FangShadow
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Download & Enjoy :thumbsup: ( :camera: If you do complete the scarf,:please:send a link :star: )

:earth:The knitting pattern for (Tom Baker) 4th Doctor Who's Scarf, instructions issued by the BBC :flaguk: 
[This scarf is the season 12 scarf, from the episodes Robot and The Sontaran Experiment which :iconromana12: Romana12 informed me of]

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       and another: ->…
One for a little Dalek!…
Yet another link! the-adventurer-0815.deviantart…

[My mom got them after her older brother's girl-friend (BACK IN THE '80s) wrote for them and had them sent to her. Then he had his mom (my grandmother:granny:,) make it for him. After making it once she told my mom that she would have to make it her-self to get one, and she's had them ever since.]
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Thank you for posting this!

I'm currently knitting the scarf, and about halfway done, so it's really getting about time I finally fav'd the instructions!

However, I didn't follow them too strictly and instead mixed in some of the ("original" scarf) instructions from ; they added +2 for most rows, and according to them there's also an additional piece of grey in there somewhere (14 grey between the 12 green and 8 mustard). They also claim that the scarf is 66 rows wide, while only the stunt version has 60 rows. But since I started out with 60 rows, there was no way(and no point) in going up to 66 afterwards. The thing's getting big enough as it is, anyway.
Found some lovely colors in a local store that match really well, too. Except for the purple, which I just couldn't find in the quality needed so I replaced it with a night blue instead. I'm not entirely happy about that, but at least there's not a whole lot of purple in there.

Really lovely piece of clothing by the way. I can see myself wearing it all winter :D
I'll return with a link to the finished thing once I'm done! ;)

Also, all the existing comments here really helped me to get started, too. Thanks guys!
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Well you are welcome. I don't have an idea of what it should look like exactly as you probably have gather from the comments as we just put it up as a way to help people so they could make the scarf as it is the BBC Instructions for it. I am glad that you read the other comments too since there is a lot of helpful info for making the scarf that has been gathered there as well. But mostly I would be happy to see the results of your hard work.
the-Adventurer-0815's avatar
Oh, I will! :D

Ah, maybe I should also mention -while i'm still commenting- that the page does not exist anymore.
I take my knitting advice from my mom, so I wouldn't know of a worthy replacement online - but maybe someone else has a good idea.
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Ah well that is good for other people to know at least. It is also aright if you just want to leave a comment for others to hopefully see so they may have some good advice. I do not mind people helping each other out at all so go for it if you want to.
the-Adventurer-0815's avatar
Here's the photo of my result, for those that seek to compare or to know what to expect. :)
The two main differences to other results are most likely that I used a night blue as a replacement for the purple bits,
and this scarf is "unblocked", so not stretched, length as-is after knitting.

The Scarf
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Aewsome, I also added the link in the description next to the other links.
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:D you are welcome.
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Thank you for this!  I'm making one for a friend for Christmas, and one for myself.
93FangShadow's avatar
:) Glad to hear you found it useful. 
JustAnotherMadOne's avatar
I know what I'm going to get my mum to make for my birthday! :P
93FangShadow's avatar
:XD: Sounds like that will be exciting!
I made the scarf using your pattern, very long but super fun to make!…
93FangShadow's avatar
That is how it is so-pose to be :aww: Glad to hear it was fun to make!
Thank you for a link to the photo too :D
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That scarf is fun to knit.
Takes ages, but the yarn and needles are thick enough for it to feel quick, it's thin enough so you don't have to wait for a Hoth-like winter, and the colour-switches are making knitting it almost addictive.
"Just five more rows, then I'm done with red. First line purple... Ah, it's just eight lines, I can do that quickly..."
93FangShadow's avatar
:D I do not knit myself, but I'm glad you are having fun while knitting it since ^^; it is a really long scarf. :) When you get it done I would like to see a photo of it.
Colonel-Azzameen's avatar
Did it a while ago, probably not exactly to these instructions, I used a PDF from doctorwhoscarf dot com.
Actually two, started with a later scarf version, season 15/16 or so, but used way too thick yarn. Stopped at about two thirds of the stripes, since I was already at twelve feet or so.
Knitted a new one with more accurate yarn last year, following the pattern for the season 12 scarf. But of course, the shop didn't have the right colours, so I improvised. But hey, twelve-foot scarf for twenty bucks.
Now that you mention it I don't think I've taken a picture yet...
93FangShadow's avatar
O_O Well you should at least take a photo for yourself. My mom got one knitted by her grandma but due to her moving she lost it and would of lest liked a photo of it. It would be sad if you lost yours after all that work and nothing to show you did it.
Colonel-Azzameen's avatar
Good point.
And I actually found a picture. Took it as a joke last year, when the scarf was still new.
I thought, "How many fandoms can I offend in one picture?", so I wore as many different things as I could.
The scarf was one of them.
Uploaded it to DeviantART just now.…
The scarf has stretched quite a bit since that picture.
Instead of just brushing the floor (plus tassels), there's now a good six inches flopping next to my feet on both sides. Wearing that thing is art.
93FangShadow's avatar
It at least looked good then, I bet even stretched out it still looks good as well. I can also easily imagine that it's hard to wear being so long :XD: good luck not tripping on it.
Colonel-Azzameen's avatar
It still looks the same, actually.
And I'm cheating a bit when I wear it.
When it's cold, and I need it around my neck, I wear it similar to a scene in Genesis of the Daleks, with the lower halves swung over my right shoulder.
When it's not cold, and I'm just wearing it because I want to, I wear it like in Destiny of the Daleks, slung low so the coil and ends are at the same height.
For now, that's around knee-height. Probably will stretch longer, but that only adds to the excentricity.
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:XD: Well it's good to hear, and yeah it'll probably stretch some more. At least you know how to wear it so you don't trip on in. 
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How long is this scarf please
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Depends on how tightly you knit it. It you have a really tight knit it can be about 10 feet long. I you have a lose knit it can be 18 feet long. So 10 to 18 feet long depending on your knit.
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