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What can I say in such small spa
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Old VS New Amy and the Beast


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Old VS New Amy and the Beast


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Mon'poke 06 - Bargaining


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The Wolf Gang Ch 10 Page 37

The Wolf Gang

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35. Hold my Hand

100 theme challenge

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Amy and the Beast Ep 3 page 3

Amy and the Beast

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King of the Fools

Random Crap

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Hand drawn stuff

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Natural Possession Ch2 WIP

David woke up after the best night's sleep he had had in weeks. He got out of bed and yawned loudly. Adam then walked into the room. "Good morning David. And how's my patient this morning?" Adam asked. "He's great." David said with a smile. "That's good to hear." Adam said smiling back. "So, How would you like a tour of the HATS institute?" "Well I've not got anything else on for today." David said. "Good. I think you'll like it here." Adam said opening the door for David who then walked out with Adam close behind him. The two walked down a long corridor similar to a hospital's. In fact, pretty much everything looked like a hospital. The

Natural Possession

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Dear Diary Part 2

"February 21st 2019. Dear Diary. We had our first supernatural come in today, although I do wonder how the supernaturals hear of us... Anyway. We rather interestingly got a vampire, it's interesting because they usually like to keep themselves to themselves. Me and Sam got to work with him which was a fantastic opportunity for us, to get that close to a vampire was just amazing. He was complaining of feeling sick recently which is a pretty poor excuse to come to us but never the mind we did some tests. Turned out to be a lot worse than a mere tummy bug. Turned out he had caught a disease which was new to any of us. We haven't come up with a n

Dear Diary

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Jayce Rose


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